ABBEY STREET 15/12/2013
My name is Ronald Sutton I am now 58yrs old and have two sisters Linda who is now 65yrs old and Edith who is 67yrs.
I was born at 7/59 Abbey Street Hockley later we moved up the hill to number 24 Abbey Street by Strawbridge’s the Blacksmiths, my Father worked for Foundry Flux on Park Road Hockley.
Yours Faithfully
Ronald Sutton

Two photos thanks to Ron Sutton Mrs Edith Sutton and Mrs Powell knitting in 7/59 Abbey Street Hockley also known as Brighton Place  the other picture was taken around 1961 in the yard             ( Brighton Place )

 ABBEY STREET 13/10/09
I was born at Dudley Road hospital in 1953 and lived in Abbey Street untill
1970. my dad had the blacksmiths forge and with his father used to shoe the
horses for Scribans Bakery also any barge horses that used to be walked down from the canal basin in
Lodge Road. I went to school at All Saints and Handswoth New Road. Found your web site       fantastic.
Ken Strawbridge     

What a fantastic site, I am Ann Nottle formerly Monaf. It is my class in the picture of the All Saints Christmas play. We lived in Abbey Street from around 1953 and were probably the first mixed race family in the area. Maureen Kemp and I who is also in the picture went on to George Dixon grammar school and then to live in Cornwall together and are still in touch. I am contacting my brother to see if he has any old pictures of the area.
Kind regards, Ann Nottle nee Monaf 

If anyone lived in Abbey St, Hockley l would love to hear from you.This is in respect of my family history project.  From the mid 1850s till circa 1880 my g/grandparents raised a family of ten children in No 36 Abbey St, by coincidence in the mid 60s l worked for G/G/Lloyd in Park Rd as a driver,  they owned a house in Abbey St about a third up on the left from Park Rd which l often went into.This was long before l began genealogy so l had no idea of its prominence, l can't recall the internal layout and l just wish l had been into photography then. Basically l would like to imagine the conditions a family of twelve would have living in a smallish terraced house Even better if anyone has photographs of these houses or Street pre-redevelopement l would love to see them.

Pete Ellis              Email:

ABBEY STREET 05/02/03 and 10/02/04                                                                                                                                                   I was born at 4/35 Western Grove, Abbey Street  in 1947,
My brothers and sisters all attended
All Saints School, Handsworth New Road (Girls), and Icknield Street Schools.
We were one of the lucky families we had our own loo (outside), but it was ours!
DOES ANYONE remember the Outdoor run by Marge Lackey ???
WHAT ABOUT the Pawn Shop and the Cobblers?
REMEMBER knock door run?, skipping?, British bulldog?
and playing cricket in the `Horse Road`?
We used to play for hours in the street, safely.  OH what times we had!
Jacqueline Perry (CARNELL)   Email:

This photo was taken in the early 60`s, its my Mom Dot Carnell, sitting in the front garden of 4/35 Abbey Street.
We lived up a grove in ABBEY STREET, there were 5 houses, we all had 3rooms down and 3 rooms up, and our own seperate toilets! But a lot of the houses were back to back,with just one room and a scullery and 2 rooms up stairs and had to share toilets with other families.I had a friend whose family lived at the back of the cobblers shop and they had four children!                              Jackie(carnell)Perry  Email:

ABBEY STREET     19/07/02
Just a few names to stir memories Steven Earl, Paul Sale, Paul Tierney, Keith Higgins (his Dad had the greengrocers in Crabtree Rd)
An old lady I loved who had a dog called Jack, I used to call her Granny Brookes, I was told she would have a drink at the pub ( or offlicence I'm not sure) every day like clockwork until she died when she was well over 100 years old.
My grandfather Bill Thomas had the pet shop on Lodge Road, Near the prison. I was born in Dudley Road Hospital in 1948. I also lived in Abbey Street just off Lodge Road, Not far from Scribbans Bakery. Now I live in South Australia a seaside town called Christies Beach. I was elated when I stumbled on your web site.
P.S. I used to go to a youth club called the Stonehouse Gang that met in Camden St school.
 from Ian Thorpe
(Does anybody else remember this club meeting there?)