( this road is just inside Smethwick ) 


AVERY ROAD 26/01/2016  MEMORIES OF WINSON GREEN                                                My parents were Kate and Harrold Simpson and our family  lived at 8 Avery Road. I have five brothers and two sisters. My five brothers slept in one bedroom three in one bed and two in another, the three girls slept in another room in one bed. 
I went to Foundry Road School and then Handsworth New Road School. I play in Black Patch Park all my childhood taking a bottle of pop and an old blanket to make a tent, that was part of our holidays in the summer, we also played on the railway embankment. My friends were named Surname Few and Carlisle. I remember the bomb shelters in the middle of the road and after the war they were all knocked down.
We were very poor but had a happy life.                                                                                      Barbara Couser    PatriciaCouserCalzado_9@hotmail.com

AVERY ROAD  10/02/07
I used to live in Avery Road I used to play with my brother in Black Patch Park.
My mother used to work at Avery's as a cleaner.
I went to Foundry Lane Infant and Junior schools and later Handworth Girls School.

AVERY ROAD10/03/03
I left Handsworth New Road school 1949 we lived in Avery Rd. I delivered papers all round the Green 7 days a week night & morning for 7/6d  from a little shop opposite the prison.
A lot of good times & some not so good.Alan Aston :

AVERY ROAD and the Merry Hill area.  22/09/03                                                                        My mom (Lydia Coley from Rowley Regis born in 1921) lived in Murdock Road with my Aunt, sister and where I grew up as a child in the 1960's up to 1978 when Murdock Road was eventually knocked down.
Mom remembers this photo, the pub was the Soho Tavern and Hawkers were the original owners of the Cafe next door when mom was a little girl in the 20's. Next to the cafe was a house and next to that was St. Johns Mission, followed by six more houses. Avery's the scale making company was opposite the Soho Tavern. On the opposite side of Avery Road was the row of shops between Avery Road and Murdock Road. There was a Grocery shop, Tobacconist next door, then a dress shop, next to that was the greengrocers,followed by a shop that sold books and cards, then a cooked meat shop, next to that was a butchers  on the corner of Murdock Road and Foundry Lane.
At the top of Murdock Road there was a farm (it was like a farm, he had pigs, chickens and all sorts) that farm ran along from Murdock Road to Avery Road. Mr Brooks was the tenant of the farm and he was the only one in Murdock Road who had a car 1930's. All the houses in Murdock and Avery Road were tenanted some by the gypsies (Smiths, Claytons - Murdock Road Avery Road - Loveridges, Shepherds, Pettifers who were the gypsy families) The land lord was Mr Taylor who owned the whole of Murdock Road, except the farm. The rent at the time for mom's house was about 4/6d. One side of Avery Road was owned by Avery's themselves, mainly they were for their workers and the later they were just let out.
Mom could go on and on, but would it be of interest to you? The sort of things she remembers are what school was like, War time work, Murdock Road being bombed the end of Murdock Road etc   Andrew Leigh