BEETON ROAD 28/12/06
I would also like to say that I enjoy looking at this site and find some of the comments very interesting and enlightening on how people used to live. I grew up in the Winson Green (Beeton Rd) area during the 60's and 70's and can remember how the area used to be. It is sad to see that back then society was a lot safer than it is today, which I thing is a shame as we have not really progressed. I have lived in Grand Rapids, MI (USA) for the last 4.5 years and can say that although the British media portrays the US as a violent society nothing could be farther from the truth. With the exception of a few bad rough areas of the bigger cities street crime and car crime is virtually non existent, which reminds me of my own childhood in Winson Green. Hopefully something will happen to improve the changes that have happened in England. Martin Thomas

BEETON ROAD  30/11/09

The first is a picture of myself and my Mother (Pauline Thomas) outside number 38 Beeton Road . I would have been around 18 months old at the time as it was taken in 1965. What I find interesting is the lack of cars on the street, yet as a child growing up in this area we had more cars than the surrounding streets. The second is of myself standing outside number 38's front door in 1966 (Martin 2). This was the home of Harry and Iris Smith. To the right is number 37 where the Weldings lived. They were two old spinsters that had lived in the house since they were built around 1906. They were full of knowledge of the area and remember when Beeton Road before the houses were built. It was used by the Soho Foundry as a slag heap. i can testify that we used to find some very large klinckers in the back garden when digging.                                                                    Martin Thomas  Grand Rapids, MI, USA