So glad we found this site. Both my parents are from Winson Green dad (Raymond Williams) was born in Aberdeen Street and mom ( June Wood) was born in Bellefield Rd. If anyone remembers them please get in touch. Mom would love to hear from anyone with new's of Dorothy Palmer who's married name is Kane..

MANDY GOT LOST (03/07/03)
Even though I was born and bred in Solihull, I spent most of my childhood in  Winson Green. My parents where both born and raised there, Dad Raymond Williams lived in Aberdeen Street, and Mom, June Wood lived in Bellefield Road. We would often visit my grandparents and great grandparents they lived in Bellefield Ave. 1964 we were moving house, my parents dropped me off at my nanny Williams so they could shop for furniture, I told my nan I wanted the toilet, and as it was outside I decided instead of the back yard, I would try to find my mom and dad, I walked on to Dudley Road into Winson Green Road where two boys found me. They took me a little way but got fed up with me so passed me onto a lady in Black Patch Park. Instead of taking me to the police station she took me home to feed me and then took me to Thornhill Road police station. My parents had by this time returned to my nan's and raised the alarm that I was missing. 6 hrs later I was reunited with them. The way they left me to how I returned was a little diffrent. I had wet myself, my hair was matted and I HAD DONE NOTHING BUT CRY. When I was asked for my address I kept saying Solihull. I think the Police thought I had walked a very long way or I was mad. I often think about how lucky I was, can you imagin in this day and age a 3 year old child going missing and being found just hungry and tired....