A couple of years ago your site enabled me to start my search for my family history. Since then I have gathered some information together although some of it is a little bitty but it may help others in their search.
My grandfather and mother were William and Florence Minnie Edge who were living on Bellefield Avenue in 1911, Aged 29. He was classed as an Optician whilst Florence was a Frame repairer.
Their Oldest son 5 years was William Frederick Edge Known as Bill. I believe he worked as a Warder at the Prison but was sacked for picking fights with the inmates. Rumour has it he was a bare fist fighter. Later he married Hettie who was the manageress of Yates Wine lodge on Colmore row.
They had a daughter 3 years Phillis M Edge later to be Perks. The next son was my Dad who was called Arthur Harold but was christened Harold Arthur he was 18 months Later there was Austin Edge and Horace Edge. Florence Minnie was a Penn who also lived on Bellefield Avenue. She was 29 1911. Her Father was Frederick Penn who was a Baker and 49 in 1891 but was not recorded in the 1901 census.  Mother was Sarah, 31 and sisters Edith 8, Elsie 4 in 1891
In 1901 they were all living at 186 Lodge Road working in the jewellery industry.
Back to the Edges. Way back my great Grandfather was also a William and at the time of the 1881 census he was married to Pheobe Edge nee Shutts (born Kiddiminster born 1846/7). At the time they had daughters Alice L. 9years- Laura 6 years and leonard who has gone from the census by 1891. An Ernest is recorded as as 14 years in 1891.
I Hope this helps someone on their historic journey