BRYANT STREET 06/11/2018 I grew up in Bryant St as a 11 year old straight from Jamaica a Windrush child. Went to Stanmore Secondary Fountain Rd next to George Dixons. I remember the coal deliveries and having to buy paraffin from Wellington St. I met David from Steell Pulse in the Co oP in Winsongreen Rd when Steel Pulse was just a dream in the 70s, my newspaper round was 50p a week and a bag of sweets i was rich lol. My mate Andy his dad had a bike shop next door, but lost contact over the years. I was there when Charlie Wilson escaped from the prison and all the commotion that followed. Chilling in Blackpatch Park in the autumn evenings after school were amazing we would gather the leaves and have our own bonfire, bonfire night in Summerfield Park was amazing for years until they stopped it. Much memories. Michael donalds

BRYANT STREET My name is Laura Evans, when I was very little about 6/7 years old I bought the most amazing autograph book...It's signed and dated by a Alfred Mills 30 Bryant Street ,Winson Green, Birmingham.. It's date is 1929 but it also came with pages from an earlier book dating from 1920... I'm trying to do some research on it, about the owner the family there are lovely little drawings and sayings in it. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE. I have attach a few pictures below.  Many thanks.                                                                                                                                                  

BRYANT STREET 22/06/2014
Wanted to say I have just found your Winson Green/ Brookfields site and am looking forward to going down memory lane and also posting some photos. My Aunt and Uncle lived in Bryant St and although I lived in Smethwick with my parents, No 14 was my "second home" throughout my childhood from 1946 until they moved to Quinton in early 70's. Most of my family were born and brought up in Handsworth so lots of memories of there too. I now live in Sutton Coldfield
Kind regards Margaret Challoner (nee Hibberts)

I have been looking at the website and it brought back memories. My family lived in Bryant Street from 1932 until approx. 1969. I left there in 1951. My family were the Higgins family at 11 Bryant Street. I had five sisters and two brothers.
I would very much like to leave a message on the website to see if anyone remembers us.
F.J. Higgins (Frank)

 I noticed an entry about someone living in 44 Bryant Street, I was born in that house on the 18/02/1962 and I lived there until I was about 9 years old, I used to go to Foundry Road school. I have very happy memories of this house my mom and dad where the best they made me and my two sister's Susan and Jackie very happy. I remember that house like I left if yesterday. I remember the cafe at the top of the road he was a black man and he used to have a boxer dog that used to sit on the step. Does anyone remember the toy shop on the opposite corner, and the chemist further along by the entry it was a old chemist like something from the Victorian age with its high counter there are lots of shop I can remember the butchers over the road nearer to the pub the man in there had ginger hair and a lump on his forehead and sawdust on the floor. Also the haberdashery further along with the bell under the floor that used to go off when you walked in. My mom used to buy our ribbo
Sandra Coates   Email:

BRYANT STREET   18/03/04

I used to live in 44 Bryant St  I believe that some of the houses in Bryant Street were originally built for the prison warders who for some reason didn't want them and they were handed over to the council. John Stamp lived with his parents in  No2 and the Peter Higgins lived just down the road on the opposite side to us. The gardens at the back of our houses came about because of a storm, apparently the fences were blown down and permission given for anyone that wanted to cultivate a garden, that is why there was a path between the back yards and the gardens except ours  44 because we were the end of the block. The railway run at the bottom of the garden with a high wall and a long drop down. A neighbour a few doors away (I can't remember her name) had a husband who was killed on the railway line, he was a signal box operator and was walking home when hit by a train

One set of grandparents lived in Little Peel Street and my Grandmoher and 2 aunts lived in Aberdeen Street. They were the Masons and the Greens. All my family were known down the Green as we called it. Frances Sheen ( Nee Mason) 


My name is Alan Sorrell and I was born at number 64 in October 1935 I remember my days there with affection it seemed to me there was always something happening (or was that my imagination). I lived there until I married Janet Blackwell in 1956 when we moved to Marroway Street and then to Tamworth. 

BRYANT STREET ran from Winson Green Rd to Clinton St that joined Magdala St and that went to Winson Green Road forming a large square, this was bisected by Blackford St .  We kids worked out (rightly or wrongly) that the distance round this small square was 250yards and if we ran round this 8 times we did a mile.  Does anyone remember a very bad accident that happened on Winson Green Road at the junction with Aberdeen St  when old Mrs Cook was hit by a Jeep driven by an American soldier (who was later charged with manslaughter) and killed this would have been sometime during 1942 or 1943 during the blackout. I can still remember the funeral when we all had to pay our last respects. At the corner of Bryant St. and Winson Green Rd. was Bradley's Coffee House at the bottom of the street was Bryant Bedsteads and that ran the full length of ClintonStreet. There where 2 policemen (Mr. Allen & Mr. Bullock) who lived in the street and a couple of prison warders. I remember on occasions going outside the prison when an execution was to take place to see the death notice pinned on the gates, I remember a large car (a Rolls I think) arriving and as the Bell began tolling a lady dressed in a fur coat would get out, drop to her knees and pray I think her name was Mrs Van ?????? something, my dad said she went to every execution in the country to pray.   Alan Sorrell  E:mail

BRYANT STREET 26/10/04                                                                                                                                                                     I have been looking for information about a Charles Bryant who owned Bryant Bedsteads about a possible family history link and was delighted to find it mentioned on your very informative website. Any information about the family would be appreciated.               Monica Couchman