Just come across your site and found it very interesting. My Moms childhood was in Camden drive Off Camden Street along with 5 sisters and 2 brothers, only one sister is still alive. The family name was Orton, most of the sisters married local men in and around Camden Street / Drive / Grove. I have many names to put forward to see if any memories can be forthcoming. I have a few photo's, one of a group of men outside the George and Dragon, Albion Street circa 1930's, nearly all are named. Also a classroom photo in St Paul's School for girls circa 1937. most with names. If any of this is helpful I would be pleased to post it on your site (Photos now on the Schools and Pub pages). My Aunt who is the only survivor from the family and is now 83 has many memories of the area and remembers the night very vividly as she calls it 'when we were bombed out' in 1942. So if any of this information is of use please write back and I can obtain all the details for adding to your site.    Jack Slade  E-mail

Orton Family group photo taken about 1937 in Camden Drive.


L-R Back row Lillian, Charles, Mary Jane, Gertrude, William.                                                                                                                                      Middle row, William Ambrose, Kate,                                                                                                                                                        Front row. Rose and Kate(Kitty).From Jack Slade (05/11/07)

May I just thank you and your great site.  Last year I posted some pictures and comments on the Brookfield site, regarding the family of Orton's of Camden Drive. In July of this year I was contacted by Cynthia Hobson. She enquired if I knew anything of her family named Chapman. Well I can tell you that came as a shock. The photo I have attached is of my Mom Lillian Orton and her best friend Clare Chapman. It is one of the very few photographs I have of my Mom. Fooling around in Camden Drive, dressed as men circa 1928. 

I sent it to Cynthia and I quote her reply just have to imagine how excited I was when I got your email - and the photo just blew me away!!!!!!! I was hopping up and down and jumping around like a demented being.

Like myself, Cynthia has very few photographs of her Mom, and none of her as a young lady. So to cut a long story short, we met up and went down to Camden Drive and reproduced the photo 80 years later. Somewhat different to those two young ladies who had there lives yet to live. I just hope they had a little glance down at us two in the 21st century, still remembering our Moms. They died in 1976 (Clare) and 1981(Lillian) not knowing what either of them achieved, I hope they do now. 

This was only possible through your web site, again from myself and Cynthia thank you very much.   Kind regards   Jack Slade

Clare Chapman  on the right.  Lillian Orton on the left. 1928

Clare Chapman on the right. Lillian Orton on the left. 1928