CAMDEN STREET 30/12/2018  I was interested to see a link come up on Facebook to this Web site, especially since I was born in the Great Western public house on Camden St in 1958 ! My Parents ran the pub at that time. The image on the Camden St page seems to be of a converted pub or off license, was that the Great Western by chance ? Would be interested to see any other images anyone has. Dave Sharred

“GREAT WESTERN” a public house located at the junction of CAMDEN STREET AND GEORGE STREET WEST. Photo 1950s, pub demolished as part of the regeneration of the area 1960/70s

“GREAT WESTERN” a public house located at the junction of CAMDEN STREET AND GEORGE STREET WEST. Photo 1950s, pub demolished as part of the regeneration of the area 1960/70s

CAMDEN STREET 06/1102018 Hi, Please, who was the owner of the factory on 48 Camden Street? I found was a Brass foundry name as G.Hopkins & Co operating from 48 Camden Street from 1903. Do you know any information or photos of the building?  Thanks Erika Burigo :

CAMDEN STREET 18/06/2018                                                                                                            I have just finished reading the autobiographys written by Kathleen Kayus I was gob smacked when I read she was born on Camden Drive as I believe that's were my grandparents lived many years ago my grandmother Amy Weaver nee Bushell past away whenI was a little girl she married Sylvanus Weaver and they had mom when they lived at 3 back 74 Camden Street unfortunatley my parents and grand parents are all deceased. And I have no pictures to show but would love to know more or if there is anyone who knew of them.
Kind regards. Linda Wixey.

CAMDEN STREET 27/03/2017                                                                                                      I just started looking back at family history. Happen to find my nan&grandad with others in the clan lived at number No.89 & 91 Camden St in around 1940s _ 1960s.
Names: Albert Horton, Flo, June, Ray Wilkins plus a few Hassells Charles, Ada &  Shirley if any body remembers any I would be most interesting.                                                                    Thanks. Tony Wilkins.

CAMDEN STREET 09/08/2015.                                                                                            Although I didn't personally live in this area (I was born in Edgbaston in 1948) but my Great Grandparents on my dads mothers side lived in Camden Street.There names were Thomas Homer and his wife Jane.In 1881 they were living at No 11 Court 2 House, Camden Street.  And he was a letter carrier (I assume same as a postman). Has anybody any idea what sort of house Court 2 house would be?
By 1891 they had moved to 131 Camden St and had 6 children. Was it a bigger house to accommodate larger family?
Later in 1901 they were now at 47 George Street West with now Lily Homer (my Grandmother).
Now it is 1911 and they are in Loxley Rd,Bearwood close to where my Granddad lived in Bishopton Rd and my Nan met
Reginald Albert Thomas and they were married at St Mary's Church Bearwood in Aug 1916.
Not sure if its a coincidence but in 1927 there is a Joseph Homer as a licensee at The Grotto public house in Camden St.There is a picture of a group in front of said pub on your website in Camden Rd section.I was wondering if there is anybody out there who has any information on the Homer family who lived in this area.
 Any info would be gratefully received and I can  further my research.
 Kind regards and hopefully yours.           Charlie Thomas

CAMDEN STREET  04/05/2015                                                                                                Was amazed to find your website on a random search to also connect with the gypsies in the area with my mother's family!  We know very little about my mother's family. We do know that my grandfather was Alfred Elijah Leonard Hill (seems to have been known as Leonard more than any of the other names though) born around 1890-91 and died in 1967 living at 66 Dudley Road. He lived most of his life at 223 Camden Street from 1930 to 1960. My mother's mum was Edith Smith and we don't think that they were ever married (although she's listed as Edith Hill on the electoral roll records) and she possibly died before 1947 (she's not on the electoral roll for that year). My mum was Sylvia Hill, listed as being born in Winston Green in March 1934, and she married a Pakistani, Neak (or Neck) Mohamed in 1957. For that reason, she may be remembered by any of the children growing up in the area as I imagine it might have been a bit scandalous at the time! From what my elder half-siblings remember about our grandfather was that he was of gypsy blood (hence the surprise at the connection to the Romanov gypsies in Winson Green!), probably Irish and that he was a prize boxer (bare knuckle I think, but not 100% on that). Occupation wise, he worked at the gas works, probably as a fitter.  Thanks for providing an excellent site, it's a shame that so many of the streets where my parents and grandparents lived have all been changed over the years. I'll definitely do a wee pilgrimage next time I come down to Birmingham though!                         Donna Nicoll

CAMDEN STREET  01/10/2013


I have wondered for a long time where the classic image on Led Zeppelin's 1971 LP Stairway to Heaven was shot. Many claim this is Eve Hill, Dudley yet having seen an old photo of Camden Street, I am sure this view is the south side of Camden St with Ellen St to the left. All the building details correspond as do distant views towards the tower block and lower rise blocks along the Middleway. I'd very much like some feedback from residents to back me up or contradict me!

The site from which the photo was taken seems to have been cleared for some time prior to 1970/71 judging by the vegetation. Ordnance Surveys of the time seem to show possibly back to backs or tenements on this side of  Ellen St up towards New Spring St. Many thanks, Mark Wadman

1st Reply 16/12/2013

With regard to the photograph that’s supposed to be Camden Street, I’m afraid to my estimation it can’t be. If it were Camden Street with Ellen Street to the left the Grotto would have been to the right and when that was demolished it would have been Dorset Tower, also there would not be tower blocks in the distance as you would be looking towards New Spring Street, and there were no tower blocks built in that direction. The only tower blocks built were Salisbury Tower and Canterbury Tower on the Middleway. Hope this has been of some help.                                                           Robert Clarke


OUTSIDE THE GROTTO PUBLIC HOUSE 1927 "The Grotto" was demolished around 1969

Back row L-R ?,?,?,?,Joseph Homer (Licensee)?,?,?, Middle row Ada Green nee Martin, Joseph Green,  ?,  ?,  ?, Magdaline Homer, Marjorie Homer.    Front row Stanley Homer, ?,?.

Photographs from Josie George nee Homer

Ada Green (nee) Martin had a shop in Ingleby Street Ladywood where they sold accumalators for radio's. erika phillips


AWSOME. My great grand parents lived at 150 Camden Street Birmingham England between 1916 and 1919 while my great grandfather Served with the 117th Overseas battalion. Their names were Samuel Ash and Nellie Ellen Wheeler Ash.

Heather Harrington  EMAIL:


 I Lived In Camden St At Number 150 Can Some One Remember Barbers Shop On The Corner Of Camden St And Icknield St I Think It Was Called Prudence Thanks   Derek Lee EMAIL :

PRUDENCE was the name of the barber they were on the same side as Bullpits. (TED) 




CAMDEN STREET  27/12/05        

photos from Mac Joseph  

CAMDEN STREET.                                                                                                                               I moved  from 258 Camden St in 1953 to "The Baths Cafe" - opposite the Monument Road Baths. I married Maurice King (who was the proprietor in 1953). His father was 'Wal' King famous for his boiled ham & 1 penny pieces of jam for the kids after they had been swimming, we stayed there until it was demolished.    You could add to the list of Spring Hill Shops 'Peggy Shaw's Hair Salon' were I worked for a number of years before I was married. We will look for any things we have on the old area and let you have them.   Keep up the good work - we will be contacting other people we know from the area and try to get them involved. by June King (nee Millichamp) 

Peggy Shaw's Salon now added to Spring Hill shops.Thanks (TED)

CAMDEN STREET   17/06/05 and 20/06/05.                                                                               I used to live at 7/356 Camden Street in the sixties I have fond memories of Brookfields and remember names like Pauline Harris,, Stephen and Peter Kavanagh we all used to go to the youth club at the church in George St West great times..Also there was Trevor Jones he lived in Roseberry Street (i think that is how you spell it) Johnny Groombridge (Newspring Street) Pat Hamil  (Newspring Street) Russel Adams (Prescott Street) Yvone Gregory (Ellen st). I also remember Ian Colston and his brother Maurice they used to go to the youth club at St Peters church in George Street  West. I am still in regular contact with Trevor he is my oldest friend I would love to know what everyone done with their lives  Great site.  Anne Gallagher

In my message on Camden Street I mentioned Trevor Jones my oldest friend sadly Trev died earlier this year.       Anne Gallagher Email:  29/05/06