CAPE STREET 06/03/08                  1950s OUTING

 This photo may have been taken at Trentham Gardens see Eva Road for a similar photo. Ted


Photo of a local outing on a coach about 40 men women and children of all ages and it looks like the mid 1950's. I don't know more than it was a local outing and my dad Jeff Mossop (who used to live Cape Street) is in the first row bottom left in a dark suit and I think his best frined (George? hall) is directly behind him.     Jacqueline Jensen formerly Pillar                                                                                                                                                                                      

CAPE STREET 07/09/07           Photos thanks to Betty Dale nee Brotherton 

My Parents getting engaged accompanied by the aspidistra at 32 Cape Street.They were Married at St Johns Church  Ladywood in 1922

My Granddad & family, My Mom 2nd left. Photo taken in Carlisle Street about 1907. Their Mother died in1906 and Granddad brought them all up on his own. They moved to 32 Cape Street and my parents took over the tenancy  when they married in 1922.

Photo taken at 32 Cape Street, Rex the dog with the gang.

Betty and June the shelter was built on the bomb crater. The bomb fell immediately behind our house 32 Cape Street if it had hit a few yards on I would not be writing this. 

Victory parade in Cape Street.Thomas Buildings, my first little house is among the the ones you can see behind us. What a place to have our photo taken eh?

1950 BETTY-----with Betty's niece JOY and Betty's brother Raymond.

CAPE STREET 15/08/05

Stumbled on your site by chance,I lived in Cape St - 1947/1965.Could you make any use of old photographs of the place, mostly family shots? Keep up the work,it was a pleasure to scroll through the pages.
Stevan Ryall - once of 1 Arley Villas ,Cape Street,Birmingham 18 - a very long time ago.


Photographs of the Coronation Day fancy dress parade Cape Street and the party in the Co-op hut Dudley Rd. I can recognise a few faces but have no names, I was just 6 at the time. I've got more if you want them but they all very simular.
Strange to look back at the birth of the Elizabethan Age which held such hope after the years of war, rebuilding and rationing.                 6 Photos with thanks to Stevan Ryall