CORALIE STREET 06/01/2019 The Laurels pub is the backdrop to many stories told to me by my father when I was growing up.
The Ralph's were a large Irish family who lived on Coralie Street during the late 1950's through to the areas demolition. The parents were Jack & Sarah.
Like a lot of folk who visit the site I'm intrigued to know if anyone remembers them as all but two of the ' children' are still alive and they are now in their eighties. 
I'm sorry I cannot contribute to the site by means of old photographs but please know what a wonderful job you are doing by keeping the old place alive in the minds and hearts of others who are keen to learn more about their family roots. Andrew Ralph



CORALIE STREET 28/06/2018.                                                                                              These are two photos (front and back) of a carte de visite from 1876. The photographer is T Pope of 36 New Street, Birmingham. The subject is probably Theresa Walpole. Theresa lived at 1 Knightstone Terrace, Coralie Street, in the 1891 Census, with her mum Betsy Walpole. Theresa was born in 1856 and she is described as a Biblewoman.
This carte de visite is one that my mum bought. While researching it I found your website and thought I'd send you something that could jog some local memories. The two images were sent to us from well worth a visit.

CORALIE STREET 01/04/08                                                                                                           I thought I had so many memories of my childhood in Brookfields, then I read this wonderful site. So much detail, its fantastic, but I have to confess I cant remember most of the places on the pictures in spite of thinking I knew the area so well.   I moved To 5 Highfield Terrace, Coralie Street in January 1957, and we moved out during the slum clearance in 1970, to Acorn Grove Ladywood. I went to Camden Street Primary school which was at the end of our street. On this site there is a gentleman looking for his friend whose mothers name was Armatrading.  She is the mother of Joan Armatrading the famous singer, I used to play with her twin brother and sister Jackie and Anthony. I vaguely remember her mother having a nervous breakdown and running amok with a large carving knife, before being taken into the house and the doctor being sent for. I have very happy memories of living there. I hope more people find this site and can give more pictures and information I will be reading it avidly from now on.  Frances Vince (Monk)

CORALIE STREET, My Life in Brookfields (1930-1952) 23/08/05     My name was, Jessica Green I lived in Capstone Terrace,Coralie Street Brookfields, With my mother and father, John and Sarah Green plus sister Phyliss. It was a difficult life for everyone in those days, but looking back it brings memories that will always be with me. Friends I had were:-, Margret Taylor, Margret Morris, Lillie Cooper, Sheila Phipps and Hazel Plume also Beryl and Barbera Davis. Times spent playing in the street seem like only yesterday, but money was scarce and there were non of the home comforts we now take for granted. Our parents sent us out to school clean and as well dressed as possible, although being children we did not stop that way. Playing hide and seek up the entries was one of our favourite games, as well as hopscotch and of course skipping with the rope stretched across the road. We were not angels of course , one trick we played was tying cotton to some ones door knocker, hiding in the entry and running away when the door opened,Of course the trips out entailed a bottle of tea and a walk with our parents up to Somerfield Park, and if we were very lucky, a tram ride to the Lickey Hills. 

CORALIE STREET    I now live in Perth,Western Australia. My mom & Dad (Doris&Dave) my two sisters Maureen & Carol and I used to live at 12 bk 4 Coralie Street, Brookfields, Birmingham18. I lived there in the 50s until 1968 when I got married. I was born in 1946, went to Brookfields School and from 1957 -1961 Icknield Street boys School. I was also a member of  The Stonehouse Gang which met at Camden Street School. My best frend was Glen Read he used to live at 79 Hingeston Street, his mom & dad helped out at the school with the Stonehouse Gang. If any one wants to Email me please do. David Roberts

CORALIE STREET 29/08/03     I was astonished to find, not only the Suburb, but also the Street, I have been looking for. Everyone I have approached said they hadn't even heard of Brookfield! !I have been looking for an old friend who lived at 22 Coralie Street, Brookfield, Bham, in the 1960s, his name is Everett Benson Harris. Born Aug 1948.(55 now) I heard from Royal Mail that the house was demolished in 1985? His Mother's Surname was Armatrading originally from St. Kitts. Everett was in the Army and Stationed in Warminster Wiltshire.1966/67 and this is when we were friends. Can anyone enlighten me as to his whereabouts?? I would love to find out how life has been for him. I live in Australia now so it is not easy to search from here! I am new to the Internet, but this site is the closest I've gotten.    Rosamunde (Evers)