CARVER STREET (not Brookfields by very near)

                                              CARVER ARMS 1900

                                              CARVER ARMS 1900

CARVER STREET  04/05/2015

Photo of the Carver Arms C 1900 I think? the publican was Samuel Hands (My Great Great Grandpa) His Wife Mary is in the photo and their daughter Edith.     Teresa Matheson


My mother was born in the Brookfields area in 1910. Most of her family prior to that can be found in Pope St and Carver Street. I am about to collect her memories of that area until she left in 1935. Any questions about that area during that period you would like me ask her please free too do so.

Chris Busby Worcester Email:

CARVER STREET (not Brookfields by very near) 29/11/06

I stumbled over your website last night and found it quite fascinating. In particular the photograph and history of The Vine at the corner of Carver Street and Tenby Street. 

My grandfather, Frank Arch, was licensee of the Vine from roughly 1920 to 1930. He has been a jewel polisher by training, but when the First World War broke out the business more or less collapsed. He had three young daughters to support (plus wife and elderly mother), so he switched career into the licensed trade - a family member was already in the business, which no doubt helped. After he left the Vine he ran a couple of other pubs in the area and eventually retired about 1940 or so. He died aged 80 in 1958 - we lived in Liverpool then and I can just remember him from family visits when I was quite small. I've lifted a copy of the photograph from your website, but if you are able to put me in touch with the picture's owner so that I can get a scan at higher resolution I'd be grateful. I'd like to send a copy to my aunt, Frank's last surviving daughter who is blessed with excellent health and a good recall at the age of 95. I'm sure she doesn't have a picture of her childhood home. 

I've attached a couple of pictures which may be of interest.

"  The Vine site today   "- last year to be accurate    -

"The Vine site today "- last year to be accurate -

Frank and his family     in about 1910. My mother is the younger child on the picture - the older girl is in fact a cousin.

Frank and his family in about 1910. My mother is the younger child on the picture - the older girl is in fact a cousin.

Regards, William Leece, Liverpool.       E-mail

CARVER STREET (not Brookfields by very near) 01/09/05

I am looking for a photograph members of the public may have of The Vine Inn, Carver Street. During the War the Pub took a direct hit on 12th December 1940 . My relative Alfred WAKELING the Landlord was killed during the raid. He was aged 56. It appeared that his 2nd Wife Mabel WAKELING ( Maiden name unknown ) Died along side him. However she was found in the cellar , possible after her own funeral had taken place. This does appear to be true as It seems there are two Grave number entries for her, at Key Hill Cemetery. Both Alfred & Mabel were Remembered with honour from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. To assist My family History I am looking for any memories from anyone who may recall that fatal night.The Large Wakeling Family , all lived and worked in the Brookfields & Hockley area.    Regards   Jacqui Fielding 

 "THE VINE" PUB CARVER STREET corner withTENBY STREET NORTH taken  1935     Photo thanks to Helen & George Tub In responce to Jacqui Fielding's request  above 31/10/05


Photo thanks to Helen & George Tub In responce to Jacqui Fielding's request  above 31/10/05

When i was a child my father & my nan told me a story about the bombing of "The Vine Inn, (corner of Carver Street & Tenby St North)"This is how the story went. When my nan (Elsie May Price), was (about) 18 years old, (she was born in 1904), she came to Birmingham to work "in service" at the Vine Inn. She came from Great Wyrley, Canock. While my nan was working at the Vine Inn she met my grand father (Thomas Evans), eventually, they got married & lived with my grand fathers family at an address only a few doors away from the Vine Inn. (I don't remember the address but it was a back house, up an entry in Tenby St North).                                     My father, Kenneth Thomas Evans & his brother Jeffery, were born in 1927 & 1932. My father told me that during the air raids they used to go to the catacoombs in Warstone Lane cemetery. He said the catacoombs were used as an air raid shelter. On the night that the Vine Inn was bombed, my fathers house was also hit, leaving them homeless. Sometime later, but i don't know when, my grandparents were offered a house at 105 George St West. I was told that when the Landlords wife was found, at the bottom of the cellar steps, she was sitting in a chair still holding her knitting. Only last year (2004) my cousin (Keith Jeffery Evans, born 1956), asked me if I remembered being told the very same story. Apparently, his father had told him about it many years ago.

When my father was 15 years old, he lied about his age so he could join the merchant navy. His date of birth was 11/9/1927 but he changed it to 11/5/1926 so he was old enough to enlist. A strange footnote to this is that from 1969 to the early 1980's, my mother worked at a factory named E.Camelinat & Co Ltd. This factory was situated on the land between Albion St, Carver St, Tenby St North, & Tenby St. E.Camelinat's was sold off to a firm in Coventry named CovRad in the early 1980's. My mother used to travel to work there until she retired in 1989, at the age of 60.

Sadly, both my parents passed away some years ago so, I can't ask them for any furher information about the past. I don't have any photographs of Tenby St North, though I do have a few taken in the 1950's at George St West, where I was born.

Kevin Evans. E-mail