CLISSOLD STREET 04/12//2012                              McINERNEY FAMILY

Photos with thanks to Meg Leon Fages

We arrived from Ireland in 1961 and moved into 2/16 Clissold Street in 1962. I went to All Saints School in 1966/67. We were a large family known by some as the ‘macs’ but officially the McInerney. My brothers John, Robert and Fredrick all drank in the Brookfield Tavern as did my dad, John (Jack) McINerney. He worked in Smethwick at Chance Bros. Mom used to go every Thursday night to the Bingo held at The Mint, at the bottom of Hingestion Street. Behind our house were the old Wash Houses and a row of toilets (none in doors) and over the wall was a coal yard – does anyone remember the name of the yard.

                                       BOMB PECK CLISSOLD STREET CORNER WITH HINGESTON STREET.

In front of the house was the ‘bomb peck’ and next to that was the Scouts/Cubs hut which my younger brother Leo used to go to until he was killed in 1966. My Sundays were spent at St. Patricks Church for mass and then Sunday School and in between them there was the park on Dudley Road.

In front of our house lived the Gardener family and Jacquline Gardener was my friend. The house had three floors and all the boys slept in the attic (imcluding Michael when on army leave) my sister Virginia and I used to share the front bedroom with mum and dad and the back bedroom was for Josephine, Pauline and Monica.

Monument Road Public Baths was were we washed once we became too old for the tin bath. The Vulcan Café was where my brothers hung out to play the machines. Wimbush delivered the bread daily. The Bus Depot had closed so it was our play area. I could go on and on, but for now would just LOVE to hear from anyone who remembers us. The Ahenrs (O’Herns) were another Irish family who lived a few houses away.

Juliette Corbett

CLISSOLD STREET 20/06/2012      Thank you so much for your fantastic website ! What a great idea ! We've been through it with my mom, who recalls it very well with a lot of pleasure, emotion and interest. My dad, Jim Leon, was born in 1938, he was the eldest of 11, his mom, Marjorie Ellen Saddler, was brought up at 13,Crabtree road, where her grand mother, Caroline Castle, held a sweet shop. My dad and his family lived in Clissold street till late 50's. He went to All Saints school and then to Handsworth Grammar School. Maybe someone remembers him or some of his brothers and sisters Val, Dennis, Jean, Donald, Marjie... He married a french girl, Monique (my mom) and moved to France where he became a well known painter. (more on his website 

Thanks again    Meg Leon Fages


The young lad on the bike Allen Biddle was killed on the 23/11/1940 by enemy action in Clissold Street the family then moved to Prescott Street.   Standing behind  Allen is Dennis Biddle. Dennis who used to work for Sapcotes now lives in France.  

CLISSOLD STREET 21/12/07     I lived at 84 Clissold Street my wife  lived at 78 Clissold Street with her family as a young child. We lived in Brookfields, as a family till we had to get out, for redevelopment, of the area. We now live in yardley wood, but we search the web for other people we might know.   John & Rose Poyner nee Wakefield

CLISSOLD STREET 08/03/07     Ted do you know where I could get any photos of old Clissold Street? I would love to have some. Also while writing, in 2002, I attended a "Brookfields" do, that you put on at the council house. Are there any plans for another one in the near future? Francis Whelan Email:                                                                                                                     It was not me who organized the reunion at the Council House but I was there.  Sorry no other reunion planned at the moment.

CLISSOLD STREET29/11/05    PHOTOS REQUIRED   can you help??                                                                                       Hello Ted,I  lived at No.1 Clissold Street, from 1948 to 1967, and like so many other people, never thought to take any photographs of "Our street" before leaving. If you could put out an appeal for anybody who has photos of Clissold Street and adjacent streets, I wouild be very grateful. Incedentally, from 1951 to 1959, I attended St Patricks RC school, on Dudley Road, which although just outside the Brookfield boundary, was non the less, the Catholic school which served our area.                                                                          Frank (Francis )Whelan


Hi Ted May I start by congratulating you on a great site. For the past year or so I have been researching a ww1 soldier who was in the 3rd Birmingham Battalion, (pals) Royal Warwicks, I have letters that he sent from the front to his sweetheart, a Miss Ethel Hill of 9 Clissold Street Hockley, unfortunatly he was killed on the Somme in 1916. Ethel married a Cycil Cox at All Saints church in Jan 1920, I believe she then went to live in Coventry. 

I know this is a long shot but I was wondering if  anyone who lived in that area remembers the Hill family or their decendants.  I looked for All Saints Church some time ago and was so disapointed to find it gone, but thanks to your site I have been able to see a photo of it and have copied it just for my own collection, hope you dont mind. Sorry to go on for so long but if anyone can help I would be glad of an e-mail. Keep up the good work. 

Regards: Charlie Smith Email


I lived at 82 Clissold Street until I married in 1964 when we moved to my grandmothers house at number 100 where we lived until 1970. No one has yet mentioned "The Lamb Tavern" which was on the corner of Clissold Street and New Spring Street. I remember as as young girl going on many fishing trips with my father who was a member of the Lamb Fishing Club. Reading one of the e mails that someone sent they made reference to "Wally Green" bookmakers on spring hill, just as a matter of interest my father- Ernie Johnson was a bookmakers clerk who worked at Wally Greens for over 25 years in fact until the premises were demolished.My Father was born in Steward Street, Spring Hill. Wendy Pettitt nee Johnson   Email:

CLISSOLD STREET 31/03/03     I was born at 1/33 Clissold Street I would love to see some good pictures or the old street, if anybody knows where I can find them, please do get in touch by e-mail.  Thanks                                                                                Mark Docker   Email: