COLLEGE STREET (house fire update) 14/06/2019 A comment posted 25/11/2017 about the house fire on College Street. Peter Graham was my uncle he lost his wife Eilleen and his 3 sons Danny Shane and Russell .It was may 1977 not 1976. Peter was never the same after that day he came to live with us, he missed his family so much. Peter died in 1988. Abi Hewitt

COLLEGE STREET 25/11/2017                                                                                                Does anyone remember the tragic house fire in College st  (off spring hill) around 1976? My father Roy Cartmell was a close friend of the father (Peter Graham )who lost his wife and three children on that tragic Sunday morning.  D J Cartmell.

COLLEGE STREET 04/03/07.                                                                                             Browsing through the area I spent my childhood brought back memories. One in particular was a Barford Road school picture. the class photo was after I had left but the I was taught by the two teachers shown. I lived in College St. until 1964. I will go through my archives and see whats left, I lost a lot when my father was moved for re-development.                                                                Bill Hewitt


Photo left is my grandad, Fred Wakeling, outside his green-grocers shop in College Street 1917. The other same shop, only accompanied by his son, also Fred Wakeling. They moved from this shop in College Street to another green-grocers shop at 185 Spring Hill in 1930, where my nan (Violet Wakeling), my mom (Joan Billings nee Wakeling), my dad (George Billings and myself remained until 1971. The Spring Hill shop, along with all the others were demolished for the so called 're-development'.  Jennie Billings