DUGDALE STREET 15/02/2017   Looking for the SEELEY families                                                                                                 Does anyone have any memories of one or possibly two SEELEY families who lived in Dugdale Street in the 50s? I have a vague recollection of being taken, as a very small child, to deliver a Christmas card to a family I didn't know, but I think were relatives on my father's side. Some years ago a neighbour told me of a SEELEY family living in Dugdale Street in the 30s and 40s - Ginnie, Virginia, David, Winifred, Fred and Ruth - but I don't know if this is the same family I visited.
Thank you
Ann Seeley  humbug.2525@gmail.com

DUGDALE STREET 15/02/2017   Memories                                                                                                  I lived at 5/30 Dugdale Street with my mother Barbara Sant (Chambers) my Father Thomas and my Sister Sandra. My Grand parents lived at no 9/30 Their name was Annie Chambers and Thomas Chambers I remember Derek Lester Christine Lester (Brother and Sister) Alan and John Lester Their Mother I think was called Millie and they lived at no 1/34 or 36 Dugdale street, 
Linda Clifton Lived at no 28 Christine Nester lived at 2/28 Ann,John & Hazel Courser lived at no 1/28. I remember Michael Pinkney At the Queens Coronation all the kids were invited into his house to watch the Coronation on their television They were the first people to have a 9 inch tele.
We left Dugdale street in 1960 and moved to 93 Westbury Road by the Shireland Pub
Kind Regards     Rodger Sant  rodgersant@btinternet.com


I lived at number24 dugdale street.with my mom Lilian.  dad Ted. brother Tony sister's Janet & Valerie...who sadly past away in the sixties. I to remember the people you have mentioned...do you remember john & peter Clifford....john & Paul dean. The cope family George & Emily. Kids George.robert. Jeffrey.susan Linda Christine.and many more I could go on all night. I also remember Alan rudge...was he a relative.
Well Christopher Price .this is an old friend yes Trevor Billingham. .It was a complete surprise to see your name in print .....and for you to remember me. Not many people do. But it's great to know your still with us.thank you....Trevor....

(Christopher Price's entry is at the start of this page dated 19/01/05) Ted.


My best mate growing up in Dugdale Street was Godfrey Rudge, and we are still in contact to this day. These four photographs were all taken in the Dugdale Street.
I would love to talk to anyone who is interested in this area.
Regards Alan Miles    avm1935@gmail.com

DUGDALE STREET number 14. 27/02/2012 and 16/03/2012

My family lived at No 14 Dugdale Street from the early 1930`s till 1958 I have enclose four photographs.

Left hand photo is of Maureen (my twin sister), Robert (elder brother), Tibby our cat and me Michael taken about 1950.

The second photo is Christine Nester, John Hobbs, Shirley Hobbs, Pauline Perk, Maureen, Me and John Lester (my Mate).

The Cromwell Hall Anniversary Parade marching along Dugdale Street in the early 1950`s, (Cromwell Hall was in Heath Green Road).

Me and my twin sister taken around the same time as the issue of the last Ration Book

Do you remember the Ration book this one dated 1953-1954 was the last one to be issued.

Do you remember the Ration book this one dated 1953-1954 was the last one to be issued.

Michael Pinkney   

                                  This photograph was taken early 2012 where number 14 Dugdale Street once stood. 

                                  This photograph was taken early 2012 where number 14 Dugdale Street once stood. 


Down the Dudley Road was Jesson`s the confectionery shop where we used to take our ration books every Saturday morning for our ration of sweets. Up the Dudley Road (turn left from Dugdale Street) we used to get the family grocery from Harrod`s Grocery Store. I used to go into Harrod`s regularly to ask Mr Harrod if he had any broken biscuits, empty wooden boxes and any OXO tins to keep my little bits of junk, Ha Ha. The wooden boxes, I took down our cellar to chop up for fire wood, that was one of my chores
Kind Regards  Michael Pinkney   


Garden 11 Dugdale Street showing the ends of the Dudley Road shop gardens

Garden 11 Dugdale Street showing the ends of the Dudley Road shop gardens

I wonder you or any of the visitors to your 'Winson Green web-site have any information about 'Feathers Electical Shop' which was once at no.453 Dudley Road (between the junction with Dugdale Street and the junction with Halburton Street). 

Until about 1954, I lived with my parents and my grandmother Violet 'Queenie' Bartlett at number 11 Dugdale Street. Our garden ran along the back of the shops on Dudley Road, the last one being Feather's shop. I used to play with the little girl who lived there (Hazel). We lost touch after we moved and I now wonder what became of the Family and the business. I believe the shop is still there, but no.11 Dugdale Street is not. I think it was the only terraced house still inhabited on that side at the time, tho' I do remember the 'court' style houses on the other side of the street. 

I have attached a photograph of our garden showing the ends of the Dudley Road shop gardens on the left, and the side-wall of the Grove Cinema and the houses in Halburton Street at the end. It was taken in the very late 1940's or very early 1950's.                                 Many Thanks, ROGER SUTTON  rogersut@btinternet.com

DUGDALE STREET 18/04/08                                                                                                                                                                 I was brought up in 1/16 Dugdale St. Left in 1968 aged 16 great to see this site brings back mostly happy memories took my kids to the back to backs in Brum they could not believe where I came from.     Anthony Delaney   duddelaney@hotmail.co.uk

DUGDALE STREET 02/04/08                                                                                                                                                             My grandparents TOM and ROSE HABBERLEY lived in DUGDALE STREET in 1930, as did my greatgrandparents TOM AND LILY HABBERLEY. Tom and Lily lived in Dugdale Street until their deaths in 1952 and 1962 respectively. Any information, stories or, hopefully, photographs, would be greatly appreciated.    Many thanks Barbara Nicholls      Barbandni@yahoo.co.uk

DUGDALE STREET 19/01/05                                                                                                                                                              My name is Chris Price and from the age of about 10 to 19 I lived in Winson green, I first lived at No 14 Dugdale St with my mom Edie and my dad Ken and my four sisters Marilyn, Denise, Yvonne (Bonny ) and Karen. I was born at the maternity hospital on Lordswood Rd in Harbourne on the 16th of Feb 1949 at the time my Mom and Dad lived with my Moms folks in Guest St Hockley, then we moved to 99 Victoria Rd Aston with my Dads folks. My Mom and Dads first house of their own was 3 back of 9 Frank St Balsall Heath, we moved from there to Dugdale St in 1959, I was Fifteen at the time and  went to Summerfield Junior School  ( does anyone remember Mr Dowling or Mr Moss from the annex ?) names I can remember from Dugdale St are Marion and Brenda Mason from next door who's mom was a German lady, Trevor Billingham, John and Derek Causer, Lilly Gardener,Janet Taylor and Willy Carson who sadly got killed on his bike while out with another mate of ours Anthony. We moved to Aberdeen St in 1964 when I was about fourteen and lived at No26 a couple of doors away from Johnny Dunkley, I had a mate called Billy Wylman from round the corner in Peel St, we all used to knock about in the Route 66 Cafe across the road from the Smiths Arms, great days sadly missed.   Chris price  Email:   ampegboy@live.co.uk.