EVA ROAD 16/11/2018 Not sure how long this website has been going, but I lived I that street in the late 50s early sixties -my father’s name was George and mother was Ann Thompson does anyone know of a Bill Tubb who also lived in Eva Road? Kind regards Paul. paul.thompson@satsumo.co.nz

EVA ROAD 31/05/2018.                                                                                                          Three generations of my Tilling family lived at 45 Eva Road from around 1920s to 1950s. I would love to find people who remembered them, perhaps even relatives as we lost touch. my dream would be to find them in a photo. I only have a very tiny one of each of them my great grandparents were Charles Henry and Florence Tilling and my grandfather was Sydney "Jim" Tilling.                Katheryn Tilling          kat_tilling@hotmail.com

EVA ROAD 27/02/2018

Thought you might be interested in this photo from about 1972 note the pavement still in brick. We the Ingrams lived at no 3 Eva Road. My Aunt Doris Wilkes lived at 68 Foundry Road and kept the shop selling Faggots. Notice how clean the street is and how few cars there are. Derek Ingram. dibg20812@gmail.com

Thought you might be interested in this photo from about 1972 note the pavement still in brick. We the Ingrams lived at no 3 Eva Road. My Aunt Doris Wilkes lived at 68 Foundry Road and kept the shop selling Faggots. Notice how clean the street is and how few cars there are. Derek Ingram. dibg20812@gmail.com




A story sent to us dated 18/03/04 and listed further down this page that came from Derick Cleveland needs to be read in conjunction with this next one from Harry Turton.                     EVA ROAD 08/08/2017.                                                                                                                   I knew Derick Cleveland's father when he had the WMS shop we used to take batteries (Accumulators) for charging I think he charged then was 6d a time. I worked for him when I came out of Royal Navy in 1947 at the yard  on the corner of Foundry Road opposite the Railway Inn pub.The office was the old pawnbrokers on the corner of Norman St and Winson Green Road opposite Magdala St. I only worked for him for about 6 months, one of the other workers there was Herbert Tew who had worked for him since school. Hope Derick reads this.                             Harry Turton.     harryturton1@gmail.com

EVA ROAD 09/10/09
I visit your website frequently hoping to find a friend from my long distant past. I am now 81 years old having lived a very full life which started for me in Eva Road, Winson Green. At least, my memories start from there. I was actually born at Walsall Wood in Staffordshire. Recently I had a surprise letter from a schoolmate who is now living in Guernsey and we now exchange letters. I felt that many of my contempories from the pre-war years in the district are now spread far and wide over the world. It woud be a wonderful thing if by some stroke of magic we could all meet up again.
Keep up the good work Ted, you started something wonderful.
John Bird jandm15@btinternet.com

EVA ROAD 19/06/09
In my advancing years I find myself reminiscing about my childhood and later years as a resident of Eva Road. As an octogenarian my memories are mainly pre-war as I enlisted in the RAF when I became old enough in 1945 and only returned to Winson Green briefly before eventually settling down in Cambridgeshire.
I particularly remember the family who lived next door to mine at No. 60 Eva Road. Their name was Jones and I have vivid memories of Betty and Johnny,who were nearest my age. Are they still with us ?              If you are out there PLEASE get in touch.
JOHN BIRD jandm15@btinternet.com

EVA ROAD 10/08/08
Just checked out your web site. It was a lovely walk down memory lane for me. I was born at 83 Eva Road in 1948 in my aunt Peg's front room. Are there are photo's of Eva Road? My aunt's family were called Sherry. Sadly there are few remaining now scattered far and wide but my memories of my life there will stay with me forever.                                                                                                                Thank you for a great site!! Best wishes. Margaret Close  mnbg22961@blueyonder.co.uk

EVA ROAD 13/04/08
What a excellent site I came across by accident. I'm now 46 and lived at 16 Eva Road from 1973 till about 1978, I loved the area, there was always something to do. Play football down Blackpatch Park, go to 39th Boys Brigade opposite the Prison. I attended Handsworth New Road School. I now live in Mansfield, so if anyone knows me, please e-mail me, I'd love to hear from you all. Rob Hornby hornby60uk@yahoo.co.uk

EVA ROAD trip to Trentham Gardens

Eva Road trip to Trentham Gardens

Found this picture last week it's an Eva Road trip to Trentham Gardens I think its "1950ish" does any one recognise it ??  Dave Chapman  02/09/02  are you on it?                                                    Young man bottom right in a white jumper is Garry Smith author of three books about Winson Green. 

EVA ROAD  23/07/07
If Doug Cutler of 23 Eva Road is still with us, or anyone who knows him, could you please contact me.
John Bird  jandm15@btinternet.com    

EVA ROAD 09/05/07

The 39th B.B band parading along Eva Road ???

A photo copy sent to me a couple of years ago, a sight which will bring back memories of Sunday mornings down the Green. The 39th B.B band parading along what I think is Eva Road, at the back of Foundry Road school.  Maybe someone can confirm or correct my guess.                             Margaret  Evans 

EVA ROAD 17/12/06

"Little Eva Road"

This photograph was taken in 1931 and people in the picture are myself and my mother. The picture was take in what I call "little Eva Road" the short stretch of road betweenPerrott Street and James Turner Street.Roy Freeman                                                                                                  

EVA ROAD 18/11/06
My name is Doug Cutler and I lived at 23 Eva Road I am now 81 years old. Jackie Greasley was a school pal of mine and after reading Jack's sister's message on the web I have often wondered what became of him. I know he joined the navy and married a New Zealand girl and that was the last I heard of him. The site is great - it is lovely to see the old places.
Doug Cutler  Email: summerills@waitrose.com

EVA ROAD  11/05/05
I lived in Eva Road with my 3 brothers Roger,  Derek and  Kevin we attended the local shcools.
Does anyone remember us???? Smashing memories
Eddie Ingram   

EVA ROAD 25/11/04
I am trying to find information on my late father in law Fred MASON, who when he married in Norfolk in 1944, gave his home address as Eva Road, Winson Green.He was serving in the Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry at the time His father was stated to be Frederick Mason, wheelwright deceased. I'm almost sure his mother was called Mary as my husband can vaguely remember meeting her once as a child.  My daughter, a "Mason" would love to know more about her grandfathers roots.
Pat Mason    

update 18/10/08                        CAN YOU HELP WITH THIS ENQUIRY???
Many moons ago I contacted you about my late Father in Law Fred MASON whose address on his marriage certificate in 1944 in Norfolk was given as Eva Road. You kindly put my plea for information on your website but despite several folks contacting me about the Mason family they were all false trails alas! I have been plodding away to find this elusive man and his roots! I have now discovered his real name was probably Fred DAVIS/DAVIES and was born illegitimately to an Esther in Birmingham, Ladywood in 1921. He had an older sister called Mary who married Stanley J CHALMERS in Birmingham in 1938. They had children Judith ( no not the one from the TV!) Patricia and possible an Alan . Does any one remember this family?                                          Patricia Mason ( or should that be Davis?! )  

EVA ROAD  18/03/04
 I was born in 1933 & lived at 28 Eva Road until 1948 then moved to Handsworth New Road until I got married in 1956.
My father Stan Cleveland was born in Winson Green in 1906 and lived all his life of 95 years in Winson Green. He owned the wireless electrical shop called WMS from 1934 until 1948 and it was open all through the war to charge the wet batteries for the wireless sets. Our neighbours at 24 Eva Road were the Wakelams, Frank Wakelam Senior was born 1900 and lived all his life except for spells in the army in Eva Road.
He finished up as a prison officer, at Winson Green. I was living in Eva Road all through the war and remember the firebombs falling and watched the Tizer pop factory go up in a fireball. I also at the age of 8 helped to put out incendary bombs that fell in our back yard. My father Stan was also the local builder and had a yard at the bottom of Foundry Road opposite the Railway Inn. He also had a builders hardware shop on the corner of Peel Street for many year.                                    Derek Cleveland        

We lived at 73 Eva Road Winson Green  it was my gran's houes before we had it her next door neihbours where Mr & Mrs Gurley I saw a message somewhere on your site that someone wanted any info' on this couple they lived at 75 Eva Road I knew them well as a child as gran & Mrs Gurley used to talk over the fence a lot but they left 75 Eva Road in the fifties & I don't know where they moved to.
My gran & grandad where named Thomas Wood & Emmeline Wood nee Monks & they had lived in this house since before the 1914/18 first world war because I have a photo of the family in the garden & grandad is in first world war uniform & gran is in a long dress .I also have a photo of the vicar Rev Johnson at a christening at All Saints Church somewhere as well.                       Sheila Savery

Taken in the garden of no. 73 Eva Road

This is the photograph of my gran & grandad Thomas Wood & Emmeline Wood (nee Monk)
and children granddad is in his uniform from the 1914/18 war on his right is his son Alfred then my gran holding Nellie the tall girl in white is Lily the small one in the dark clothes is my wonderful mom May and the one on the end is Violet, this photo was taken in the garden of no. 73 Eva Road

73 EVA ROAD   12/11/04
I was born at 73 Eva Road in 1923. In the picture you have of the Wood Family my father was the young man in that picture.  He joined the RFC at the age of seventeen. Later I lived with my parents and two brothers in rooms at 116 Eva Road. The five of us shared one bedroom.
In 1928 I entered Foundry Road Infant School. I believe that Miss Tuff (I am not sure of the spelling of the name) was the Head Teacher. I do know I was taught by a Miss 0'Connor. I think ladies named Davies, Whitehouse and Rodgers were also on the staff but I am not absolutely sure. I am, however, very sure of one thing. Many children including myself had free school dinners because our dads were unemployed.  (Good Old Days -that's a joke). I left Foundry Road School in September 1929 because the family got a council house in Erdington.  My mother thought she had gone to live in a little palace after 116 Eva Road.
There were two shops in 'Little Eva Road' Blacktops and Flemings. There was a shop owned by Mrs Clenton. in James Turner Street and an outdoor public house.
The following are the names of the families who lived in Eva Road in 1929 from 73 Eva Road to the junction with James Turner Street - Wood, Gurley, Tubbs, Castle, Brown, Phillips, Fish and Chip Shop and a house/shoe repairers.
Two years ago I visited the Black Patch Park. Why has that very delightful and pleasant park been allowed to become such a horrible dump?
I now live in Clare in Suffolk. It is a town with about 2,000 inhabitants.
Alfred T Wood