FOUNDRY LANE 29/12/2017 (Smethwick really but near enough).                                        Hello, just stumbled across your site. I lived at 23, Lennard Gardens, Foundry Lane. opposite Black Patch Park main gate for 16 years aged 4-21 (1956-1972). I am 65 years old now. Went to the usual 3 schools for the area leaving HNR in 66?/67?. Recognised dozens of names from your site, it bought hundreds of memories flooding back. Sent a good few e-mails last week to names I knew from your site, but haven't had a reply as yet. Anybody looking for information about the area from my time zone can contact me at and I'll be glad to help if I can.  Regards, Peter KIDSON

FOUNDRY LANE 01/12/2017 (Smethwick really but near enough).                                   Message: To Karen Fryer
I was searching for photos of our house at 174 foundry lane when I spotted an article by Karen on your site, she mentioned the name Harrison, I'm sure Maude lived next door to us. We were separated by a driveway to a garage repair yard, where we used the gates as goals. Our balls inevitability went over to the Harrisons garden never to be seen again until they left, just before the house was demolished we climbed over & found a shed full of balls. However the Harrisons weren't all bad, I remember coming home as a kid with no one in, & they gave me tea 🍵 & biscuits 🍪 lovely couple 💑. From Derek Tennant.

FOUNDRY LANE 06/08/2012      
Hello, Great site you have here. my mom and her parents lived over the road from Averys, a few houses down from the Soho Tavern, the houses are long gone. I can remember going to visit them in the early 1960. we used to play in the Black Patch Park. and some times go to the Soho Tavern, not in the pub, but round the back where there was a bowling green. My moms name Gwen Brown, parents names, Sam and Alice Brown  much earlier they lived in Kitchener Street.
Going back to my memories, I can remember the smell of the gas monitors, blue brick pavments, people from all over the world working at Averys, my uncle Sam driving a scamel lorry (the tractor unit only had 3 wheels) he worked for Averys.
We had to catch 3 buses to get to Smethwick, and then a long walk to Foundry Lane/Road, for a little kid it was like going to the other end of the world!   Well I had better stop before you get bored!
Best wishes to all..Clive from Brownhills.

I lived in one of the 4 maisonettes on Foundry Road (should this read LANE?).......Blackley House I believe. All my summers alongside my other 3 sisters were spent at black patch I remember the soho tavern backed onto the park and we used to climb into the grounds of the pub for the empty pop bottles which we would then take back to the outdoor adjoining the pub. We used to go for walks in the brook which ran through the park we used to climb over the fences and walk for what seemed miles we then would climb some stairs and it would bring us out at the allotments near by. I remember both the circus and fun fair coming to the park what a great occasion that was for us. I remember there was a play center in the middle of the park then (I know they moved it some time after to the entrance of the park) and at the side of the playcentre was a water fountain. My sister won a prize at the playcentre it was a painting competition and im sure we went along to some center or even the council house to have it judged.  Karen maccuish(Hughes)

FOUNDRY LANE  18/12/07
 This email is for you Alan Aston from an old friend who has tried to contact you with no success. If anyone reading this knows the contact address for Alan Aston  please let us know.
Your late delivering my paper,? but not when passing a football,you was a marvelous player and was previlaged that you were a member of my team,I have prevoiusly mentioned our playing days at the Patch and all the local lads of Merryhill including your brother and neighbour Jim Stokes and Ted Payne, all good footballers.
I visted the area recently and was disappointed the Park was in a dilapidated condition of neglect. I hope that in 2008 the restoration programe will take place,and bring back a well loved Park.
I hope this E-Mail finds you. Great Momories of our young days. Best Wishes & great Xmas.
Colin Mills.

FOUNDRY LANE 09/08/05 and 11/01/08
This web site is very useful for family history. My family lived in Foundry Lane. My father was Roger Harrison, his father Charlie Harrison, grandparents I think William Harrison and Harriet Rodgers was a Gypsy from Black Patch park! Anyone remember them or got any info? Karen Fryer Email:
I would just like to post a message that my dad, ROGER HARRISON, died on Saturday 5th January 2008. Dad used to live in FOUNDRY LANE with his dad CHARLIE, step mother MAUD and brother JOHN. The house has now been demolished and incorporated into the Black Patch Park, but the apple tree still stands! There is a photo of him on your website in the boys bridgade! We showed him this site and he was very interested in it. There may be some people reading this who knew him. They are very welcome to contact me with any stories they may have about him. Thank you for a lovely website. Karen Fryer