FRANKLIN STREET 09/05/2019  My father Harry Wedge was born in Franklin Street 1913 to John Wedge and Jane Henshall ( John passed away 1918) dad had many other siblings ( Amos, John, Edith, Evelyn, Elizabeth also frank who died an infant in Franklin St, It’s been difficult to find any other information. He left as a teenager to live on the Isle Of Man so guessing about 1925 or later. 
Just hoping maybe someone can think of other ways of finding out as last census being 1911 where they actually lived in Shropshire. Would also love to hear from anyone that can tell me a little more about the area at that time. Any help really appreciated. 
I did visit Franklin Street from Australia 2 years ago but think the home had been demolished and is now a park. Regards Margaret Hodgkinson

Firstly the website is fantastic.
I am researching my family history and was fascinated by the recollections of your readers.
My dad died over 40 years ago and now at the age of 59 having lived on Merseyside all my life. I never thought I would actually be able to look at where my dad and grandad grew up.
Does anyone remember my Grandfather or Father. Harry Percy Newman (my grandfather) lived at 23 Franklin Street from around 1901 until at least 1950. His wife was Charlotte Ellen and my father was Arthur Leonard (born in 1909). There was a brother (Harry Kenneth) and sisters Eva and Marion. I know it is a long time ago but there may be someone who remembers the family.
I am happy for people to contact me

When I first started work at the I C I Witton in 1952 one of my fellow apprentices was John Humphris, He was a year older than me. He lived in Franklin St, he was a member of The 39th Boys Brigade during that time. He played soccer for them as a goalkeeper even though he had a club foot caused by having polio when he was young. Hie nickname was keeper at work {what else could it be] I was his best man at his wedding but lost touch when I moved with my wife and kids in 1969 to Adelaide, South Australia. Does anyone remember him. Moss in Aus Maurice Sellars

I was wondering if you could help me I used to live in Foundry Road in the 60's. I lived at number 37. I think it was on Franklin Street, there was a converted shop that was owned by a Mike Jones he used the front as an antique shop and the back was used for light engineering ??. I can only describe him as stocky build with dark hair and a beard. Do you know anyone that might remember him or where he may have moved to, we left Winson Green in 1986 I remember that the number 96 bus stopped outside his shop before it terminated at the bottom of Foundry Road and I think it is Franklin Street that I am trying to describe. can you help, thank you in anticipation.
Regards. Linda McCall

I would like to know if there's anybody on this site that knew the Baker family they lived on 45 and 59 foundry road from 1891 till mid 1940s the family that lived there were thomas baker and mary anne baker their childrens were george henry baker, ernest baker, doris baker and william thomas baker,george. Henry baker got married to mabel young in the late 30s and moved to franklin street and had maurice baker, david baker, and malcolm baker in the 40s of 3 back of 26 franklin street.
 many thanks George Baker

I used to visit an aunt and uncle.(really mom & dads best friends) in Franklin St the first house. Connie and Ben Heywood, they had 2 daughters Josie and Eileen. I loved visiting them this was in the 60's I remember there was a pet shop opposite their house, and there were always 2 big collie dogs outside. My uncle Ben had 2 Bringle bull terriers who he always took with him to the pub in lLodge Rd
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