I'm looking for school friends of my Mum - Eileen Thomas. Her maiden name was Eileen Henn and had a younger sister Pat they lived in George St West through the 1940's and went to Camden Street School. Mum was friends with Lilian Bishop and her sisters Mavis and Kathleen. Her mum's name was Lilian Henn and her Dad was Albert. Eileen left Birmingham in 1956 to move to Somerset and marry my Dad David. If anyone can remember her or knows of the Bishop girls, please email me.   Many thanks   KAREN


NOTE. Number one on the programme J CARTWRIGHT Brookfields Council School
I would love to know how he got on that day.Ted


George Street West on the left and right-----Prescott Street going off to the left withHingeston Street going straight up.   Ray Begley  Email:   

George Street West on the left and right-----Prescott Street going off to the left withHingeston Street going straight up.
 Ray Begley  Email:   



Can you help the terrible Smith sisters from George St West?
We are Barbara and Kathleen (Smith) and were born in George Street West in the early 1950's and have just caught the genealogy bug!
We are collecting information about our family, have started a family tree and having found this great website are hoping someone can fill in some gaps in our knowledge.  
If you lived in the Brookfields area in the 1940's 1950's and can remember any members of our family or neighbours we would love to hear from you..
We are the youngest daughters of 6 children living at No. 2 back of 123 George Street West, Brookfields, Birmingham.
The back-to-back houses where we lived, faced onto a small square where the children played. We moved to Balsall Heath in 1960 but we remember some of the families who lived on the square: The Allsops who had an
older daughter Pamela and a son about 8 when we left. The Bodfish's lived next door and had an older daughter called Iris who was friendly with our older sister Jean. I would love to hear from anyone who lived there at this time.
Our parents were Doris (nee Bradbury) and Charles (Charlie) Smith our older siblings were: (in age order) Edward, David, Lawrence (Larry) and Jean (twins), and us Kathleen and Barbara.
Our dad, Charlie, was in the Army (Dorset Regiment) and spent time in Burma and India during the 2nd WW. His normal trade, like many men in our part of Birmingham, was a `non-ferrous metal caster'. Doris, our mother, had worked as a riveter in a local factory and as a cleaner, but became ill with Breast Cancer and died in 1962.
Our eldest brother, Edward (Teddy), died in a tragic accident at the age of 12, at a local builders yard whilst playing with his friends.  Both David & Larry enlisted in the Army as teenagers.
During our research for our maternal grandmother's name we have come up with Jane Allsop as a possibility. As there were Allsops as neighbours we were hoping there might be some connection.
We would love to hear from anyone who remembers any of our family or neighbours or from anyone who lived in the area.
Barbara                      Kathleen

I moved to 1/135 George Street West with my parents and younger sister and brother when I was three years old in 1961 and left in 1968 when the area was being demolished. Reading other peoples stories has brought back so many memories. I vividly remember the great snow of 63 or 64 where great paths of snow where cleared into what seemed to me to be tunnels as high as houses so that we could still go to the shops and make our way back to our houses. On the corner of the street was a bookies and over Hingestion street the paper and comic shop and next door to this a grocery shop. In was in this shop that I took back a HP sauce bottle hoping to get a penny as the label said a penny off it was only when the lady told me it was a penny of the price not the bottle that I realized that the idea of going round all the houses asking for their empty sauce bottles was a mistake. Over the road was a chemists shop near Ellen road where, when it was shut down, all the kids played and rolled down the cloth awning at the front and I cut my eye brow and had seven stitches at Dudley road Hospital. The Laurels pub always, still to this day, sticks in my mind as it was where a murder was committed and great hoards of people, adults and children gathered round reporters from the Sunday Mercury trying to tell them how they knew the assailant and the victim. Even as a young boy I thought of the kids who would not now have a dad. I remember the coal yard in Hingestion street where I earned a penny taking prams up for the slack. the streets of Brookfields was my and other kids playground. We played in the rec further up George St. West near the Church in the rail yard, canals, bomb pecks the 'Flat' where I would take the neighbors bag wash full of nappies and the graveyard next to the mint. I attended St. Pauls school in the jewelry quarter and the cold mornings walking up to the school are still very fond memories. The graveyard was exciting as it was a shortcut home and six or seven of us would scramble down the sand bank and climb trees before being chased out. We lived in one room with three more additions to the family two sisters and one brother all born at Dudley road Hospital. The house had one room downstairs with a small kitchen one large bedroom and two small attic rooms but it was so cold in the winter we all slept in the one big middle bedroom. The toilets were shared, with four at the top of the 'yard' but always kept clean and always locked by my mother. I remember ferocious cats being brought up the yard and dropped down the cellar opening to kill the rats. I found out later that these cats were hired out to deal with this problem. I remember the scout bands marching of a Sunday down Hingestion Street what a sight, fantastic. I hated attending Sunday school in Ellen road as I always had to pay attention as my dad always asked what I had learned. Monument road baths was a treat given to me by my dad if he thought I had earned it I loved it. I could go on and on talking about this great area Spring Hill Library the cafes the shops the pubs the streets and of course the people but my wife is taking me for lunch as it is my birthday. I truly had a fantastic childhood thank you Brookfields
Larry   Email

I was searching under Bulpitts and strayed on to your site!
In 1973-4 I was resident at the Vicarage in George Street West, with Revd Mark Dalby, as one of the ordinands/potential ordinands on the 'Spring Hill Scheme'. This gave young men some experience of the world before university and the priesthood; in my case time at Bulpitts as a labourer and storesman, then at Adie and Nephew putting the chromium plate on bicycle bells. The name Rudge comes back to me, with a couple who were active at St Peter's, with their daughter June Anne.
I went back there last weekend, and had a wander around St Peter's (as was), the Library, Bulpitts (now gone and replaced by a call centre or some awful modern building) and the George and Dragon (derelict) where, once a week, the vicarage's residents went for 'Parish Night'. Brought back loads of very happy memories.
Best wishes,  David Gurney

Has anyone got any photos of George St West in the 60s I remember a guy who had albums full of photos he was either the landlord or barman at the 'Lamb' public house on Stewart Street off Spring Hill but that was around 1990 Fay.  Email:

I am looking for an image of George Street West, I have found three images so far.
The only one I cannot find is the one I would dearly like to locate. Looking down George Street West towards the Pitsford Street with the Eagle Strores on the left, and Wilkes the chemist on the right hand side, Brookfields school would also be onthe right hand side.   Ray Begley.  Email:

My father originated in Brookfields? Rosebery Passage/Avenue? Off George St West.
His name was Alfred Tarplee, and it seems there were many Tarplees who were raised in that area. The family seem to originate in Cropthorne in the county of Worcestershire.
Do you have any information on migration of families into Brookfields and surrounding areas.
 (Brenda Birch )
Can any body help Brenda with the query

I remember living in George St West,the Pitsford St end in the 60s, going to Brookfields school, then on to Camden St, Does anyone remember Mrs Mountford, she was my favourite teacher at Camden Street.                Maureen