(Goode Street is part of Hockey but near enough to be included here.)

GOODE STREET 20/03/1018. Unexploded bomb                                                                             I am sending this memory on behalf of Edwin Holding. He was born in 1930 and lived in Goode Street until he got married in 1953, with his parents and three sisters - Hilda, Norma and Enid, and his brother Sid. 
Around 1940, when Ed was 10 years old, bombs fell in the Hockley area of Birmingham. He remembers that Ellen Street school, which his youngest sister went to, was badly damaged by a bomb, and the school was closed. There was also a bomb that fell in Lodge Road into a doctors house. It didn’t explode and an army unit came to make it safe. When they had, people in the area paid a penny a time to go and look at it. It had fallen through the roof, onto a bed, which then came through the ceiling, and he remembers seeing it in situ on the bed on the ground floor. It was about 10 feet long, and for a 10year old boy, it was a very exciting sight. The money raised was given to charity, before a lorry came to take the bomb away.                                                                        Deb Reynolds.

SCRIBBAN'S BAKERY 11/01/2016                                                                                                    I am looking for anything regarding scribbans bakery where my dad Wal Ottley worked for many years. We used to live in Preston Road from 1958? To 1968. Susan Cohen nee


I lived at 9 Victoria Terrace, Goode Street (sometimes known as 9/28 Goode Street) Hockley, opposite Scribbans'. I have enjoyed reading all the stories on your site regarding The Flat etc. as it brings back many great memories. Many thanks, Loraine Birtles nee Harris

My great aunt was an All Saints girl she remembers that her grandparents ran the"Leopard" public house, I believe in Goode Street near Scribbans bakery. Goode Street has gone now does any one remember Leonard and Jane Phillips the licenses around 1935 of the Leopard these were my great great grandparents.    Su Smith