l was born in March 1944 at Dudley Rd hospital and lived in Harmer St untill 1969 when mom, dad and myself moved to Hall Green. l attended All Saints school 1949-1955 and then Handsworth New Rd 1955-1959.

         Corner of Harmer St and Lodge Rd

On the corner of Harmer St/Lodge Rd were two shops, the one in your photo was an electrical shop run by a Mr.& Mrs. Cox. On the other corner was a general store run by Mr. & Mrs. Day and later by Mr. & Mrs. Glew.
The residents who lived on the even side of Harmer St were,
Mrs. Shepherd , Oakley, Mr.& Mrs. Baker ( Mrs. Baker moved to Canada and died in a road accident not long after).
 Waldren,  Wilson,  Evans. (Mr. Evans worked for Scribbans).
 Tovey ( Had a son (Barry my mate) and his sister Jaqueline. We went to see the Albion every home match with his dad.)
Mr. & Mrs. Boden. son Paul a mate and sister Dorothy.
Mr. Boden (Joe) think he was a bread delivery man then ran a butchers shop on Winson Green Rd.
Mr. & Mrs. Long. daughter Barbara.
Pinfield ( a bus driver at Hockley bus garage as was Mr. Wilson l beleive.)
Miss. Ada Mander.
Mr. & Mrs. Bayliss and me.
Bill & Mabel Mander son Alan & daughter Kath. (Bill was a strong Labour man and Mr. Denis Howell used to visit a lot. He was a football league referee at the time.)
Mr. & Mrs. Jones at the end and son Cyril, keen on motor bikes.
Over to the odd No's side of street.
Mr. & Mrs. Wareham. children Pauline & Philip l think.
Dolly Britton, can't remember her husbands name but he always moaned at us and calling the police for playing football. Also where we played by my house we used the lampost as a goal post & the local milk delivery mans horse always seemed to relieve itself in our goal area, bless him.
Mr. & Mrs. Shale. son John & a daughter. Dolly Brittons mom. Mr. & Mrs.Boswell, McMillan, Wareham senior. Think he worked on the railway. Mr. & Mrs. Powell. son Michael. Lady who had a Pug dog, can't remember her name. Last family next to open entry/gully was the Greaves family.
On to Lodge Rd from electrical shop up to British Oxygen.
Mr. & Mrs. Smith. 4 children, Larry, Kathy, Barbara & Robert my mate.
Mrs. Collett & son David a mate.
Mr. & Mrs. Witton. daughter Cynthia & son David a mate.
Can't remember names of other families.
Going down Lodge Rd from general stores shop to Paxton Rd.
Mr. & Mrs. Weaver. 2 sons Les who died in his twenties & Danny my best mate.
Mr. & Mrs. Farrington & grandson Wayne who joiner the Navy & served on the Ark Royal l believe.
Mr. & Mrs. Pendleton & son. Dudsons.  Samsons.  Mellor son Derek.
Well thats about it regards friends and neighbours.
 Seems like yesterday all this looking back.
My best mate was Peter Earl who lived off Crabtree Rd.
We played for the junior football team. l last saw Pete in 1970/71 just before l got married. l went for a pint at the White Swan? l think in York St off Harborne High St. and Pete was the landlord. Other mates were Barry Mousedale, Dougie Ryder, Roger Worth think he joined the police force.
From Hingeston St were Eddy Jones, Norman Marshall a Villa fan & Johnny Allen & his mom Floss who both worked at Turner & Simpsons in Legge Lane with me.
Writing this has brought back so many memories, lt seemed like I was writing an autobiography.
Kind regards Roger Bayliss E-mail rogerbayliss1@blueyonder.co.uk

Harmer street.You have an item from Roger Bayliss that mentions Mr. and Mrs. Shale in Harmer Street, they were my uncle and aunt.Also Mr. and Mrs.Smith on Lodge Road. Their son Robert, who Mr. Bayliss said was his mate, died quite a few years ago. His dad, my Uncle Sid, used to work at the Devonshire Arms.
Regards. Bob Shale  Email: rwshale@hotmail.co.uk