HOCKLEY                   Birmingham

ST GEORGES PLACE. 15/06/2017                                                                                                                   

Ted, what a couple of wonderful hours I have just spent looking at photographs around Hockley.

I was born 15 August 1945 and lived in St Georges Place next to St Georges Church. I went to St Georges school and done 6 months at Summer Lane Senior School before moving to Rubery because of my fathers ill health. My family for generations lived in around Tower St and Summer Lane. My forebears boasted four generations of glassblowers on my fathers side. My own father worked for Joseph Lucas for 30 years even after we left Hockley. My grandparents lived in John St West and my grandmother worked all her life in the pen factory just of hockley brook. It took me many years to adjust to life in Rubery. No sense of community or of belonging. My children make fun of my memories of my Back-to-Back beginnings but I am proud of them.

So sorry to go on but your name came up while browsing Ebay and immediately took me back to my youth. There was a family called Rudge in St Georges Place. I went to school with the one daughter Irene, she had an older sister but I cannot remember her. I was rather hoping that you was a member of that family.

Well Ted I will sign of now and start your Book we livedBack-to-Back (the real story).

Thanks for the memories.  Janet lane.      janetmozart1@gmail.com