JAMES TURNER STREET 18/06/2018.                                                                                          My name was Marilyn Rogers I was born in 1940 then I lived in James Turner Street from 1942  with my grandfather, Edwin Evan Rogers, his son Bernard ( Buddy) Rogers  who drove a tram and  was in the home guard, his wife Jessie Rogers ( my parents).  My sister Barbara was born there in 1943. After the birth in 1945 of my brother Alan Keith Rogers We relocated to a new housing estate in Northfield . Cut a long story short : I am trying to locate any living members of my family. Some are mentioned on this site.  Elsie Hunt. ( head cook at foundry road school) wasn’t dads sister. She lived next door to us on James Turner Street. Another sister and her family Clara lived in the House next door to us in our other side.  I was very happy living there but have lost touch with them. The last time I saw Elsie was in spring 1960 at Heathrow Airport seeing my sister Barbara fly off to Canada to marry her fiancé Malcolm Hayes. I love the Hunts, Jean my cousin was with me when I met my husband to be in 1961 at the Locarno ballroom   I have since joined Barbara and we now live in Florida USA since. 1975.   I remember the name Jack Stanton from James Turner Street he would have known my Aunt Elsie Hunt and my mother Jessie Rogers Please if anyone reads this and can help with my family’s whereabouts we would so grateful  
My email is marilynkonrad@yahoo.com My father Bernard Rogers was one of 16 children. I think the number we lived at was either 43 or 143 James Turner Street  almost facing Foundry Road School.  HOPE YOU CAN HELP. THANK YOU. Marilyn Rogers Konrad marilynkonrad@yahoo.com

JAMES TURNER STREET 14/12/2017                                                                                         My mums family are all born & bred in James Turner Street they originally from Aberdeen Street but moved there early 1900s, my grandma was Florrie Pell my auntie lived there until the 1980s they lived at 95 James Turner Street, Nellie &Les Patterson & my cousin Gillian Patterson,we all celebrated coronation there happy times.  Bren Dovey.   queenmelody@outlook.com

JAMES TURNER STREET 21/06/2015.                                                                           Christmas Eve True Story                                                                                                                   My dad Jack Stanton worked 12 hour nights for Henry Wiggins and at the week end worked as a part-time lorry driver for Biggs' the greengrocer while my mom 'Berta' was a cook at Foundry road school. We lived in James Turner Street in the same house my father had lived since being born in 1914. The area was a bit run down and tired, but the people were proud and hard working, they earned enough to get by but some were poor, some very poor.
One Christmas about 1958, I was very young, 6 or 7 years old but I remember it well, my dad had been out delivering for Biggs', and at several places he'd visited they had given him a turkey as a gift, in those days when the shops shut for the holidays they were shut for a long time so wouldn't be able to keep left over poultry and fresh vegetables.
When he had finished he brought home 5 huge turkeys a couple of sacks of unsold potatoes and loads of carrots and sprouts, we didn't have a fridge to keep the poultry in, hardly anybody did in those days, so they hatched a plan to cook them and let everyone have a share.
My mom with the help of Elsie Hunt, the head cook at the school, asked the caretaker Mr Bruton if he would unlock the school gates and let us into the school kitchens to cook the turkeys, he agreed, and so it began.
Local mom’s were drafted in to pluck and dress the birds, peel potatoes and prepare the vegetables, stuffing was made and the cooking started, one bird was so big it had to be cut in half to get into the huge ovens. Local children came to the school with their dads and played football in the playground lit by the light from the kitchen windows, some of the cooks melted sugar in a big pan and made toffee apples and some of the potatoes were baked for snacking in the playground, it was fantastic, the whole event lasted hours and the smell in the street was unbelievable. Every family who were involved and wanted a share had plenty of turkey and mixed veg to take home for Christmas day, along with memories of a fabulous evening that has lasted to this day.     Alex Stanton   alexstanton1485@gmail.com


Tonys mom standing outside 52 James Turner St in 1916. where the family lived before moving to 76 Eva Road. She was the sixteenth in the Haywood family. Photograph from Tony Warrington

Tonys mom standing outside 52 James Turner St in 1916. where the family lived before moving to 76 Eva Road. She was the sixteenth in the Haywood family. Photograph from Tony Warrington

I was told of your Winson Green to Brooklands site and was intrigued to take a look.
I am one of 5 children - 3 of which were born at 161 James Turner Street in 1948, 1952 and 1955. We were the Folks family Gladys and Ted with eldest daughter June, son David and then Barbara, (myself) Carol and Jacqueline. We went to Foundry Road School. We were always in Currys corner shop and their son was one of the children we played street games with - Hopscotch, Hide and Seek, Thunder and Lightening. We attended Sunday school at Bishop Latimer Church, my eldest sister was a Sunday school teacher for a while. We moved out of James Turner Street in 1960 and moved to Ninevah Road where my mom ran the corner shop - corner of Ninevah and Holliday Road.
My eldest sister June, myself and my younger sister Jacqueline were all married at Bishop Latimer Church. When we moved from the corner shop in Ninevah Road we moved back to my mom's family home in Willes Road, where my mom continued to live until she died in 2002.
We all found watching the recent TV programme 'Benefit Street' devasting as the memories we have of living there were of a happy childhood and a very different culture.
Carol Hunter porschehun@gmail.com

Ted just to say how horrified I was to see James Turner Street , in its present state as depicted in channel 4s programme last night 06/01/2014. I was brought up in that street and considering how it was 45 yrs ago, a genuine community.
It just dismayed me to see what sort of vermin have colonised the area and I am ashamed to tell any one I spent my childhood there.
Anyway, keep up the great website I view it avidly . John Cahill   joncee9@googlemail.com

I found your website and was most interested in the archive and photo's collected. I am presently trying to trace my family tree but have hit a brick wall with my grandmother & aunt
My grandmother Agnes Keziah Rowe lived at 101 James Turner Road which I found on the electoral roll register in 1930 also my aunt Kathleen M Rowe was born in 1934 possibly in the same house.
Agnes later met my grandfather Harry Dawson and married in 1939 and moved to Peel St.The time between 1930 & 1939 is a mystery as well as my aunts fathers name any info or anyone around this area would be amazing.
In addition to this I have some photo's from around 1945-1950 of my family when living at Peel St , I will try to forward them to you.
hope they may trigger a memory to someone
Best Regards   Simon Dawson     simondawson5@hotmail.com

Congratulations on a brilliant site, I've been following it for the past few years. I am John Cahill and I lived at 148 James Turner Street, opposite 'Curry's' corner shop on the corner of Beeton Road and James Turner Street between 1966 and 1974. I often drive over there to have a walk down memory lane. I went to Foundry Road School and then Handsworth New Road School (the main school and the annex). Can anybody remember Mr (Tom) Parry, the headmaster of the annex who used to put the fear of God in us and Mr (Bottle tops) Jones because he used to sound like he had a lot of bottle tops in his pocket for some reason. I saw your plaque in black patch park (pity the original got vandalised). It seems a shame, walking around the area, that it seems to have become run down, considering all the happy memories I had growing up there. Anyway, thanks for the site, I read it with interest. Keep up the good work.(The park will improve Ted)
John Cahill  drdrake_@hotmail.com

My name is Des Rogers born in James Turner St 1946 and went to Foundry Road and HNR. I have just found the site and have spent hours looking at it and are only part way into it.
I am sorting some old photos from school and 39th BB which I will send on
Thanks for the memories, Des   mary37@blueyonder.co.uk

I'm desperate to find any pictures of James Turner Street particularly the end opposite the school which is now a play area. There was a group Coronation photo of all the people at that end of the street and I wonder if anyone out there has one? Alex Stanton   alexstanton@blueyonder.co.uk


 I have just come across your site whilst looking for something else, and couldnt believe my eyes when I saw James Turner Street. My grandfather Edwin Rogers lived there! I think it was at no 12 not too sure... my aunt and uncle lived nextdoor to him, Elsie and George Hunt. I used to visit them when I was about 11 and was Bridesmaid to their eldest daughter Anne. Those were the days when you didnt lock your door in the day unless the siren from the prison went off. Thanks for the memory Judy Email: tayplu@blueyonder.co.uk

 I am trying to trace my grandmother and ancestors of my grandfather on both sides of my family my father was born in Winson Green/Handsworth and was Edward Dunkley born 1931 my mother was born 1932 and was Joan Henderson. They grew up around the area mum was born in Buck Street and lived in
James Turner Street.
I am also trying to get some history on Black Patch Park as I think this may have something to do with my grandmother.  Sharon Quantrill     Email:sharon@munroquantrill.co.uk

Come on the folks from James Turner Street !! not even a mention ? We lived there at 119 in 1946/47, our house was a small grocers shop. We had the Pattersons living opposite, and 2 house next door both had a Mrs Williams living in them. I was only 5/6 at the time but I remember it so well, cigarettes kept under the counter for regulars, sacks of liquarice root, the fish and chip shop around the corner where you could get free "scratchings" and Black Patch Park ! Anyone else ? Wonderful site, by the way and the photo's are fabulous,
I now live in France, and don't get back much to see if things have changed.
Keep up the good work, Nita Clayton, (nee Wootton) Email: nita@danzweb.net


The Wooton family.                                                                Nita age 6.                                      Two photo's, one of my family and me, and one of myself aged 6 all dressed up for the church procession, in a dress my mom made from parachute "silk". Didn't I think it was great !!   The boy's brigade band who featured in the parade also used to practice down the street sometimes on a Sunday.
I remember an old man living up the road who used to dry banana skins over his black lead fire-grate to use instead of tobacco. Does anyone remember the 'big snow' of 47/48 ?
I have just heard from Jean Adams who used to live opposite, it was wonderful to hear from her, and she remembered me and my two brothers.
I will be back,
Nita Clayton (Wootton)  Email: nita@danzweb.net



The children in the photo are my Uncles and Aunt. They are from left to right. Harry Wood, born 1910;  Doris Cannon nee Wood, born 1912 and Samuel Wood, born 1909. Doris is still alive and well, and living in Halesowen. She will be 94 on the 26th April 2006.                                      Thanks to Martin Hanchett for the photo    martin.hanchett@blueyonder.co.uk


Charlie Wood and Ada Bamford's Wedding 1915 95 James Turner Street, Winson Green, Birmingham

Charlie Wood and Ada Bamford's Wedding 1915
95 James Turner Street, Winson Green, Birmingham

Top row from left to right
William Sidney Bamford; Frank Broadway?; Billy Wood; Yettie (Bamford) Scothern;
Sam Wood; Eliza (Bamford) Wood; Albert Wood; Florie (Bamford) Pell;
Mary Ann (Wood) Broadway?; Auntie Leah; Ernie Radford; Lizzie (Russon) Wood;
Anne (Maddox) Bamford; Billy Bamford.

Middle row from left to right
Robert Bamford; Harold Wilson; Sarah Ann (Wood) Bamford; Chalie Wood (Groom);
Ada Bamford (Bridegroom); Violet (Bamford) Radford; Auntie Nelly Harrison.

Bottom row from left to right
Florie Pell; Ethel Scothern; Doris (Wood) Cannon; Anne Bamford

Thanks to Martin Hanchett for the photo      Email: martin.hanchett@blueyonder.co.uk


Three photographs sent to us by Stanley Jones. Mrs Worths grandsons Birthday party Abberley Street---Wedding group Summerfield school and 3 unknown boys in Summerfield Park. Very enjoyable site I was born in James Turner Street in 1946
Email: sj012e8225@blueyonder.co.uk Stanley Jones