LEES STREET  2612/2012
Great site wish I had found it before helped with the memories although still very blurred.
My name is MENAL WOOD I lived in Lees St from around 1956 to about 1961, my mom owned the first shop on the left hand side in Lees St from Lodge Road her name was Nelly Wood she was also known as Nelly Perry also she worked in the canteen in All Saint Hospital, she told me many stories about where she worked.
Some names I remember were:-
JEFFERY SMITH his mom and mine were best friends she used to give me my tea when my mom was at work, I laugh when I remember the tin baths on Friday night - was that real??
Mrs Carrol was another of moms best friends, Ann Carrol was always giving me black eyes and on her first night at a disco she came to ask my mom if her new dress was too low (how times have changed) I remember she looked great and when mom said she looked stunning she was so happy, Ann was one of a large family as I remember.
I remember vaguely a Jane Astle and Doreen Tolly. My mother looked after George Batch the old man who lived next door  I seem to remember he was quite famous in his day as a escapologist and magician.
Miss Legge was the very respected head of Benson Road School  I remember she was there for years the school would not have been so great except for her, she would have been given an OBE for her services in today's society
At Handsworth New Road school Mr Parry was head of the annex, Macfarlane PE teacher,  Handle bar Williams was the music teacher,  Karata chop Jones was a little welsh man and Mr Huxley was the  wood work teacher.
Others I knew were Steven Harper, Graham Clemson ( I still know ), Ray Avery, Jane Astle, Pat Moor (love to meet he again), John Chapman, Robert Martin (my cousin), Jane Astle ( saw her once in Catterick in the forces) and Steven Harper (Harpers coaches)
Finally remembering The REC in Musgrave Road all the pubs the Don, Devonshire,  Railway , and The engine, the  barbers on the corner of Don St who gave me a Crew Cut I became a hippy through that experience.
If any one remembers me or my mom I would love to hear from them.
Menal Wood menalwood@yahoo.co.uk  or by phone on 07807007906

LEES STREET 26/07/2011
I was wondering if anyone remembers or has heard of my grandfather William Wood, who was born in the workhouse and lived in around Winson Green up to the age of about 14. He then disappears until he is 21 when he marries my grandmother Maud Bishop on Christmas Day 1910.
The searching I have done has shown that the family lived all around the Winson Green Area. I know my grandfather William Wood and his wife Maud Bishop lived in Lees Street, off Lodge road for most of their lives. I was also born there and lived there until I was 5.
William is a bit of a mystery. He was born in the workhouse, Dudley road in 1889. His mother was not married and he grew up believing his grandparents were his parents. in 1901 he was living with his aunt in Eva road, Winson green. His mother Ada has disappeared (presumed dead but may have married and moved away) and his grandfather James was also dead. On Christmas day 1910 he married Maud, they were both then living at the same address in Kent Street North.
My mum remembers her father saying he had lived in London for a while so I presume that was some time between 1901 and 1910.
The other mystery is that his father was never named but the name Tew (not sure of spelling) was always linked to him and he maintained it was his real name. His mother Ada was a domestic servant.
I know none of this is uncommon for this time but if anyone knows anything that might help fit the jigsaw I would be so grateful. Many thanks
Sue Caldicott   suecaldicott@hotmail.co.uk

LEES STREET 27/05/08
I wondered if anyone could help me. In 1891, my greatgrand parents, James and Anne Davies, lived at 9 Lees Cottages Lees Street, they had several children, one a fifteen year old girl called Julia Ann.
She married Fredrick Brown, and in 1901 was living at 9 Devonshire Street. In all the diaries ect. you have from relatives, does anyone know of them. I know that it is a long shot, but if anyone has any pictures which may include them, could you email them to me, I am tracing my family history, and to be able to find a picture, to show my mum, it would be fantastic. I hope you can help.
Julia [Mata Hari] mata_hari642@hotmail.com

LEES STREET 17/12/06
I'm trying to contact any ex - Lees St tenants who can remember our family who lived there from 1966-1971, our surname is Carroll, mom and dad were George and Kathleen, sisters Anne, Marten, Eileen Jean and brothers Stephen, Richard and Collin. Thanks Richard Carroll  rec@optima.org.uk

LEES STREET 05/11/06
For some time now I have had this niggling thought in my head, a memory about a train crash involving pupils and staff from Benson Rd school. My grandmother was on the train when it crashed and was badly injured along with the two pupils who were killed. Her name was Gladys Cross probably known as Mrs Cross, the head teacher I recall was Miss Legge. Gladys Cross used to live at 33 Lees street and my mother Janet Cross was one of her five children. The name Georgie Bull also rings a bell, any info on the train crash would be appreciated as I would like to research it further. Many thanks Cliff   redrum@talktalk.net

LEES STREET 19/04/06
What a fantastic find! I came across this site while mooching, you see my family; mom Sandra Trevis and Baba (Billy) Ali lived on Lees St; 3back a9, although I was born in 1969 I was too young to remember most of the fun, but having 2 older sister, Sharon and Angela, I still to this day love listening to the story’s they tell me only now I can put a picture to the park, All saints and other story’s thanks to this site.
Kind Regards   Jantina Allison
Still popping in now and then for an update! We lived at 3/9 Lees street until the late 70’s together with my 2 sisters my Mom Sandra Trevis and my Dad Billy Ali,
Both still around and would love to hear from anyone who remembers them,
Keep up the good work, still a great site !
Jantina Allison     sales@kiwiprint.com

Does anyone know about LEES STREET and how it got it's name. I believe it is due to a family I am researching who had 24 children! 12 of these were twins. Mother may have been named sarah, dad worked at Winson Green prison teaching shoe making. Any info would be much appreciated.
Dawn Richy    dawn@therichardsons.org.uk

LEES STREET 12/05/03

My family lived at 58 Lees Street, Winson Green from 1960 - 1975.
I went to Benson Road school and was in my fourth year in 1970 when the whole school left for a trip to Rhyl in the summer months. On our return, the train derailed and the last three carriages overturned. Two children were killed, Wayne Dandy and Catherine ?. It was mainly the fourth year pupils who suffered the worst casualties as we were in the rear of the train. Wayne Dandy was the only pupil to have passed his 11+ exam. His parents lived in Lees Street, approx 10 doors away from us. The news was broadcast on the television that all parents of pupils from Benson Road school should assemble at the school as there had been a train crash. The badly injured were taken to local hospitals and us lucky ones were brought home by coaches. I read the old newspaper reports recently when I went to the library in Birmingham. (I now live in Essex!). The head teacher at the time was Miss Legge. The pupils I remember from my class were Maxine and Julie Hurmson, Paul Brown and Lyn Bancroft. Our teacher was an American called Dennis Corrigan. His wife Fran taught the younger ones. I remember my childhood days with fondness. The neighbours were different then, in and out of each others homes, Gordon & Peggy Fisher,Mr & Mrs Hill and their brother Len, The Taylors, Brenda & Horace Badger, to name but a few. Elsie Anscombe had the shop at the bottom of Lees Street, and I do remember an outdoor over the road from our house. We used to go to the church at the top of the road for our Sunday school lessons! Our Mom, Kathleen worked as a store detective in town and used to run up Devonshire Street to catch the No96 bus outside the pub!
I hope that others from Lees Street will put on their own memories and trust that my recollection of the train crash helps! Keep up the good work, it is so lovely to read and remember the good old days.
Kind regards, Rosemary.

I read Rosemarie McPhersons recolections of Benson Road School & the train crash. I remember Rosemarie, as I had a crush on her (she never knew). I used to play with Rory Campbell, who lived opposite her. I too was on the train, originally in the last carriage before Mr Corrigan moved us up two carriages so we could get a second free ice cream  (Wayne was in one of the last cars when he died). I remember that on our return to Benson Road, we were met with the sight of hundreds of people filling the road, we were ushered into the school while people jostled us about, no doubt desperate to catch a glimps of their own children. I will always be grateful to Mr Corrigan for moving us up, there's no knowing what might have happened if he hadn't.. I don't remember many of the other kids names, except Paul Brown, Martin Faulkner, Mike Bowen, Henry Stone and Rory, (& Rosemarie of course),
 I'd love to know what became of them though,
 I ended up working in factories before being employed by mecca bin.
Mark Arnold   Email: fred2stone@yahoo.co.uk

LEES STREET 10/03/05                                                                                                                                                                       Wot a great site I was wondering if you know a family called Bull (dad Jim mom Irenereene)? went to Benson Road school and lived in Lees st, I have a large family of seven sisters and two brothers and have fond memory's of Lees St. I remember the train crash my sister lived about four doors from Benson Road school and  helped with the flowers and collection for the tragedy. David Bull   watchet@hotm We are from Lees St and Devonshire Ave has any one got fond memories of the rec?  our last name is Bull larget sharon at the rec we are still going strong I went to Benson Road school I remember Miss Legge because she gave me the cane on many occasions,.good days . Looking to hear from Lees St folk.     David Bull & Sharon Conlon    watchet@hotmail.co.uk

Hi again I am looking for any one who knows the Bull family from 22 Lees St also my mate Macca who lived in Benson Road and a girl we called "TEAPOT" also from Benson Rd.   Best wishes Dave Bull (Isle of Wight)  watchet@hotmail.co.uk