MOLLIETT STREET 15/08/2019 Just come across this site so hope it is still open. My mother Elsie was born in Molliett Street in 1916, she was one of 14 children, how they managed in that small house amazes me. I can remember visiting my grandmother there in the early fifties. My uncle Jim lived in the house until the mid sixties. Their family name was Hill and they lived at 128 Moliett Street on the 1911 census, but I think they moved next door later on. I would be very surprised being it is that far back if any body remembers the family, or my many cousins who I have lost contact with, but I would love to hear from anybody. Joan Richards.

MOLLIETT STREET 14/05/2018                                                                                                    I wonder if you can help me. My nan Lucy Taylor and her husband William lived at number 13 Molliett Street until the early 60's, they had 9 children Jessie, Reggie, Dorothy who married and had 2 children Clifford Kitchener Armstrong and Stephen Armstrong, Mary, Margaret who married Georgie Andrews and had 2 children called Johnny and Christine ,Christopher, Patricia, Pearl who married Fank Jones fromAberdeen Street, and my mum June Taylor who married Peter Robbins whose parents owned Victoria Bakeries. Can anyone who remembers anyone listed above or if indeed are related please get in touch.  Tabatha Robbins.

MOLLIETT STREET 12/10/2017.                                                                                               I've just found your site on Moilliett Street years after everyone else!  My 3rd Great Aunt Sarah Ann Clarke nee Dallaway resided at 21 Moilliett Street at the time of the 1911 Census and her daughter Louisa Marie Collett nee Crausaz was residing at 1 BK 34 Moilliett Street.  Are the back houses still there?  Is there any chance you know anything about these families?  I'm living in Australia at present. Many thanks and best wishes. Linda Garrattley

MOLLIETT STREET 15/08/2014.                                                                                               My  father Arthur Thorp was born 1903 I think he lived at 5 Moilliett Street and 8/189 Icknieldport Rd Ladywood, he was a window cleaner for Ladywood and Winson Green.  I have a great photo of him changing or lighting the Sreet Lamps, up a ladder. His Parents and siblings also lived in and around Icknield Port Rd (big family I believe)...sorry not much more information but I would love to hear from anyone who knew him or has heard of him.
Regards Elaine - Australia

Arthur Thorp

Still enjoying your web site. I am trying to locate some old photos of Moilliett St. Winson Green, preferably from the late 30's through to the 60's. Also if there is anyone who lived there during those early days and also has some old photos, I would love to hear from you, so please get in touch.
With many thanks.
Barbara Collins nee. Kalmarczie

Just to say how great your web page site is. I was born at 122 Molliett street on 3rd March 1950 and I also lived from about 6months old at My aunt Elsie and uncle Bill's house their surname was Scott at 5 Molliett Street till 1955 then we moved to my parents first house in the first ever block of flats in Birmingham Home Towers in Nechells Green.
My Grandfather was Frank Snookes my Grandmother was Elizabeth Snookes nee Crump from All Saints area, my dad was Frank Robert Snookes and he married my mom Patricia O'grady who he met in Richmond North Yorkshire when doing National Service with the Welsh Regiment based at Catterick in 1948. Aunt Elsie and Uncle Bill also owned a greengrocers in Heath Street their surname was Scott and I used to help him push the handcart around and deliver greengrocery.  Robert Snookes

I wonder does anyone remember a prisoner escaping from Winson Green Prison, in the late 40's? We lived in Moilliett Street and at the end of our garden was a very high wall and on the other side was Loons the dairy... One night my mother went out, to the outside toilet, and she came running back into the house saying it looked like there was a crocodile on top of the wall.. As it was quite dark she could just see the outline of this 'crocodile'.. The police were called and the 'crocodile' turned out to be an escaped prisoner laying on top of the
wall.. He was captured on the other side of the wall in the dairy...has anyone got any memories of that?
Still enjoying your site, check every day for new stories.
Thanks...Barbara Collins

Hi, I have just come across your website and am so pleased with it, I have it as one of my favourites so that I can click onto it easily. It is great to read all about the area where I was born being a true Brummy.... Born in Dudley Road Hospital and lived in Moilliett Street 1938 to 1960. Would love to see some photos of Moilliett Street if anyone has any. Also would like to hear from anyone who lived there during those years. Thanks, Brilliant site......Barbara Collins nee Kalmarczie

MOLLIETT STREET 21/01/06                                                                                                                                                                 I lived at number 7 Molliett Street  from 1963 till about 1968/9 I have 4 children Steven and the twins and Maggie. My x husband was name George... I lived next door to Mary she had 2 boys and 2 girls if any one knows me email me on  thank you Maureen Harwood


Womens Guild trip to Tewkesbury 1923.

This photograph is of the  My Great Grandmother Alice Roberts is seventh from the left in the light suit. The family were living at 7 Molliett Street at the time so I assume it was taken in that area. Does anyone recognize the houses in the back ground or any of the people.
Ian Roberts Email:

This is a great site. My old street (Molliett St) has long gone , but its nice to read about other people's lives. I lived in Woodbine Villas. My mates were Gary & Malcolm Jordan, Tony Evans, Rob Etheridge, Matab Ulla. I now collect any old bottles and brewery stuff from Brum and especially Winson Green. If you knew me or have items that you wish to sell then please get in touch!! Billy Myles  Email:

 I used to  live in Moilliet St in Rutland Square I remember Frances very well . They were very young when our family left the Square. I remember it well there was the Lawrences Eve Harmer and her family we lived next door to the Gbbs family Jean was my best mate we went every were together she married Fred and I married Bernard . Happy days I must say living in the yard we all loved it there .     Regards   Doreen Adams nee Round Email: doreenadams

I came across your website while researching my family history. Both of my fathers parents lived around Winson Green. My Great Grandfather and grandmother were William and Alice Roberts who lived at 7 Molliett St.  He worked for Birmingham Council road repairs for 43 years. He died in 1950. They had two children William and Nellie (later Slack). William married my Grandmother Jessie Gill in 1923 and she lived at 49 Cuthbert Road. My grandmother told me about her grandfather Boaz Bloomer who was found in the canal in Winson Green after falling in on his way home to Preston Road. If there are any relatives of William and Alice Roberts I would love to hear from them. Many thanks  Ian Roberts    E-mail Address

Im trying contacet a family name McKeon. Tracey McKeon lived at 110 Molliett Street. her parents name are Brenda and Anthony McKeon. she has a older sister and a younger brother. Tracey went to City Road infants school 1965.left in 1972. if any one can help me plase contact me on 07791110204 or email me please. thank you . Beverley Crum   Email:

MOLLIETT STREET 21/04/05                                                                                                                                                                I wonder if you can help me. My nan Lucy Taylor and her husband William lived in Molliett street until the early 60's, they had 9 children Jessie, Reggie, Dorothy who married and had 2 children Clifford Kitchener Armstrong and Stephen Armstrong, Mary, Margaret who married Georgie Andrews and had 2 children called Johnny and Christine ,Christopher, Patricia, Pearl who married Fank Jones fromAberdeen Street, and my mum June Taylor who married Peter Robbins whose parents owned Victoria Bakeries. can anyone who remembers anyone listed please get in touch or if indeed related. to       Tabatha    Email

Did you know that Godfery Rudge and I are blood brothers?
When we were kids we had been to the Saturday crush at the Grove cinema and the weekly serial was the Lone Ranger and Tonto, in the film they cut their wrists and held them together so the blood would mix,  so becoming blood brothers. Godfery and I did the same when we got home, seemed a good idea at the time.
Alan Miles  Email

I came across your site by accident and am I glad I did because the photographs published on the pubs link showing the Bellefield show my grandfather Alf Bayley in at least 2 photos and maybe in a third. My first few years were spent at 134 Molliett St, George and Doris Usher. I am researching the Bayley family and therefore if anyone can give me any info I really would appreciate it.  Gloria Wilkins

My mom and dad lived with my grandparents Leslie and Elsie Lawrence  at 3 Rutland Square, Moilliett St (my elder sister used to play with June & Frances Rudge who lived opposite). Later  in 1953-1954 my parents were issued with a cottage the address was 5 back of 513 (5 / 513) Dudley Road. They got the cottage to rent because my dad worked at Mitchells and Butlers at the time.I believe the cottages were owned by Mitchells and Butlers.
My mom has been trying to find a photo of these cottages for many years, also rutland square without success, I was wondering if you would know of any places I could try, as i would dearly love to find one for her because my dad sadley died in November 2003 and she keeps recalling the first house they had together.If you can help I would be so gratefull,if not,thank you for your time anyway. regards Annette Raines

The Grove cinema was No 473 the last Birmingham address on Dudley Road.
No 513 would have been one of the houses opposite Mitchell and Butlers on the hill that went up towards Cape Hill the  address  being in Smethwick.

MOLLIETT STREET 27/10/04 Would it be possible to trace old friends from Moillliet St in the 1960s. Graham Moore

MOLLLIETT STREET   I have just revisited this site after speaking to Graham Moore, I would like to hear from anyone who lived in Molliett Street especially Rutland Square also anyone who went to City Road School (not quite Winson Green I know) in the 60's
Frances Dale (nee Rudge) Email: