KIRBY ROAD 02/06/2012
I have just found your Webb site it brings back a lot of memories for me . I used to go to Benson Road school in the late 60.s we lived in Kirby Road number 36, it would be great to hear from any one who remembers me .
I used to always hang around with Alan Robinson, David Dipple and Donna Watson . There are two names I remember on here they are Susan Tolley and Susan Dennelly.
Andrew Callahan

KIRBY ROAD 10/08/08



Just found the picture of Kirby Rd/ Bacchus Rd shop 'A.D. Wimbush' on your excellent website. I've recently visited the area after finding out that my Gt-gt-grandparents lived at 1 Kirby Rd in Winson Green. A little sad to see that the shop in the photography, which is right next to number 1, has now turned bright orange!
My gt-gt-grandparents lived in the area (certainly Kirby Road and Tew Park Road) for at least 40 years from around the 1890s and worked at the Birmingham Asylum - they were called Alfred and Lydia Yarnall. It appears they enjoyed this line of work after the moved from the asylum at Powick. They also had three children - Harry, John and Daisy. I'm fairly sure that Daisy (Daisy Marion Yarnall) also worked at the hospital before passing away in 1949. I'm not sure anyone would remember Alf and Lydia as they would have died around 70-80 years ago, but any information on them or Daisy would be greatly received.
Keep up the excellent work on the website - it's just a pity most of the shops, pubs and streets were the Yarnall's played and worked have been demolished before I had the chance to have a good look around. Thanks again, Pete  Nicholls

KIRBY ROAD GANG 08/07/2016

"When life was simple "                           Photo thanks to Helen Tubb

L-R- Helen Waite holding Stephen Dodwell - Tony Rose - Basil Bruns - Nicky Walton - John Watson holding Donna Watson.       Middle row L-R- Graham Dodwell- Paul Watson - Peter Watson- Bill Waite on bike.              Sitting James Watson - Trevor Humphries - Charles Bruns.

KIRBY ROAD (GANG 2) 22/11/2016

Have just come across the photo of The Kirby Road gang. I am on the left of the middle row. Graham Dodwell. I think that Helen Waite on the top left is holding my brother Anthony Dodwell. It certainly looks like him as a child. I can remember being pals with Charles Bruns and Trevor Humphries. The Dodwell family left Kirby Road at the beginning of 1956. We lived with my grand parents The Howes family who lived at No. 17 although we returned frequently over the years to visit them.



KIRBY ROAD 17/01/05
My mothers family lived in Kirby Road until my Grandfather died in 1964. Their name was Howes, the childrens name was Stanley., clifford,Marjory, Joyce (my mother) Iris & Albert. Clifford, Joyce, Iris & Albert are still alive and would love to hear from anyone who remembers them.
John Niven   Email:

I was born in Kirby Road, Winson Green in 1928.  I left in 1953 when I got Married and went to live in West
Bromwich.  I have lived in Reddich, & Studley.  I moved here, Fareham in Hampshire, in 1996.
But Winson Green is where I enjoyed myself, Watson Pool, The  Bluebell Woods and Black Patch Park I could go on & on. by Albert Howes