MUSGRAVE ROAD IS THE ROAD LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE DEVONSHIRE ARMS.

                                                 MUSGRAVE ROAD IS THE ROAD LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE DEVONSHIRE ARMS.

MUSGRAVE ROAD 02/12/2015 (Memories of Musgrave Road)   I was born at home 19 Musgrave Road. Later we bought an house opposite, number 30. I went to Benson Road school I remember that parky. My nan lived behind us in Talbot Street, I used to run round and play, it was safe even though we had All Saints Hospital at the top of our Road, all us kids used to play in the street. I remember Ann Poole, Alan Southdown, Josephine Ridge, Jillian Johnson. Robert ell lived opposite us one day our chimney was on fire I was terrified, luckily it went out as we could not reach my dad he was at work (Norman Field) he was a taxi driver black hackney carriage. We used play on the steps of Lingard's the clothes factory, sometimes they used to give us fabric to play with, they were happy times. The street started to go down hill when Birmingham City council took over some houses opposite my mom. Audrey had a friend called June pal she had about ten children thet were all lovely. When I was seven we moved to Great Barr, me, brother Gary, mom  dad and new baby Debra. It was a nice house but I missed Musgrave Road I used to go and stay round my Nan's on Friday nights she had old brew house and made fantastic corn beef stew grandad made lovely fruit cakes. I used to go shopping on the corner for my nan for tub butter and sharp cheese that was your choice then sometimes we used to go to Wrensons as we'll I was only five. I remember walking past the Devonshire Arms smell of beer was great. Mom used to get her veg from a man named Bert happy days.    Sheree Pitt

MUSGRAVE ROAD 14/03/2012
I would like to hear from anyone who remembers the Hartles family off 46 Musgrave Rd we lived there from the 40's to the early 80's.I also noticed someone talking about the little shop run by a lady who had some fingers missing,that was my cousin Floss Dartnell.
Thanks again for a great site.
Dave  Mr D V Hartles

MUSGRAVE ROAD 17/05/2011
Photo below is Park Road the road on the right is Musgrave Road with St Chrysostoms on it's corner.


I have just found your website how amazing.
I was born in Musgrave Road in Hockley the end nearest to Park Road up the entry opposite the gates of the woodyard "Oh so many memories" playing under the bridge in the rain, going to the rec where the parkie would fetch us in if the sirens from All Saints went off. It made me think and I remembered nearly all the neighbours.The shop at the bottom on Park Road run by an elderly lady, lovely woman.
I was baptised at St Chrysostoms Church and went to Sunday School there, Benson Road and Handsworth New Road were my schools.
My Grandmother lived in Wharf Street and Grandad worked on the Wharf my Mother worked at McDougalls in Norton St and so did I for a while
We were never bored always something to do and does anyone remember an old man that used to sit on the picture house steps on Soho Road? or Grove Lane Swimming Baths and Handsworth Park after. GREAT.
The photo of the flat in the book Hockley to Brookfields shows an Ice cream parlour come cafe my sister and her husband bought and ran the cafe in late sixties they had their daughter there,
They also had a cafe right opposite Averys Foundry in Foundry Lane next to the pub and the fruit shop on on the other side of the road their name was Grant.
My Father being Irish "Spud Murphy" went into most pubs in and around Hockley including The Mint in Park Road and The Railway he had his photo take outside the Warstone Lane Pub, dad, myself and my brother worked for Billy Bulpitt at Swan Brand on Spring Hill.
My Grandmother who lived in Wharf Street brought three kids up on her own in that little house when her husband died in 1927 she lived there till her death in 1965. She had her own seat in the Mint Pub and god help anyone who sat there.
When I find the photos I will send them to you and you can decide whether to put them on the site which is absolutely GREAT!  Thank you for such a lovely website


Maureen Harwood and Maggie her sister outside Musgrave Road Recreation Ground (the Rec) in the 1950s and a photo of the modernised Rec taken in 2009

I just wanted to say thanks to this website,  it has helped inspire my dad to remember memories from his past.
His name Is Brian Dainty born in 1942 at 179 Musgrave Road, where he lived with his Mom, Dad , his sister Margret, and his twin brother James and John Dainty. Joseph Dainty ran a factory making file's called Robinson Charles & Sons. I am lead to believe that this was then sold to a company called Toogood's, about 1950. The family then moved to Douglas Road Handsworth, my farther also went Benson Road School. I would to love to hear from any one who remembers my relatives, so i can pass on any comments, or stories. Also does any one out there have any pictures of Robinson's or Toogoods, I would love to see them.
Regards Chris Dainty

Winson Green District for the first time, has been reconized with its New Park facilities in the area Musgrove Park & Allsaints Park lifting this run down housing estate. something the regeration programe the city can be proud of. The Rec in Musgrave Road was a part of our youth no green grass to play on,the surface was of tarmac area were Boys&Girls played games. there are now two hard court play areas and childrens apparatus, with beutiful mixture of trees,with a view to admire after bygone days.
Colin Mills

I found your website the other day, really is a wonderfull opportunity to go down memory lane. My mother & father lived at 32 Musgrave Road,  I was born in 1944, moveing to Hall Green around 1962. I travelled back to friends then, but over the years lost contact with many. Haveing married in 1968 & shortly after moveing to south Derbyshire, I now live a lot af the time in south west Cork. Their were friends of my mum & dad "Logues" who ran a small furniture shop on Bachus Road near the butchers were one of my friends Morris Rowlands worked with Grason, from leaving school, we used to use the Mint pub in Park Road. I went to St Patricks Shool were I am afraid I have lost all contact with school chums.
If any one does remember our family The Fagans, I would love to here from them.
Des Fagan

MUSGRAVE ROAD 22/05/07                                                                                                                                                             Below is the Railway Bridge in Musgrave Road.  The Rec in Musgrave Road. And the Gully that led to Talbot Street.

Photo on on the right was taken in 2000 it shows the gully covered with leaves and the Rec on the left, the railing that used to divide the two and the half gate have been removed.The gulley ran from Talbot Street to Musgrave Road and was a popular sledging place during winter, and, if you were good enough, one could 'sledge' top to bottom and through the half gate onto the footpath in Musgrave Rd. Much to the annoyance of pedestrians trying to go about their business.
 During the war, the 'Rec' was partially converted to a EWS (emergency water supply) tank, which was separated from the swings and 'Parkies' hut by a wire fence. When it was drained at the end of hostilities, the Fire Service spent days catching hundreds of fish that had manifested over the years, many that would grace your plate with a potion of chips, and I dare say many did. After the 'Rec' was resurfaced, many an hour was spent playing football and cricket. (probably using the same old tennis ball). I also recall the 'Big Gun' mounted on a railway wagon that used to manoeuvre each night to a different position on the track, between Bacchus Road and Hockley Depot..I think it was 'housed' in the Bonded Warehouse in Handsworth New Road, but I'm not sure. It fired at the bombers as they flew over, I dont think they ever hit anything, but I remember how my Aunts house walls shook when it was sited adjacent to Allens Rd., as my cousin (Beryl Smith) and I sheltered in the 'Morrison'. Does anyone remember the 'monkey' that used to run along the wall in Harding Street (behind the corner shop)?? I seem to recall it bit Billy Winkles once, and he had what was referred to by the adults as a 'nasty hand'. Hope he's recovered by now, perhaps he will let us know!!!!. All the Best.
 Derek Weston Email:

Had a large factory buildings on each corner. Toogood's who made metal tubes and Samuel Groves Ltd who did metal pressings, next to them was Lingards who made children clothes.  Across the road was “The Rec” (Musgrave Road Recreation Ground) with it's own “Parky” (park keeper) who had his own hut and coal fire.  The lower surface of the rec was tarmac suitable for all games; the upper level (yes two levels) there was a full size crown green bowling surface.  Pay the parky for the game and the loan of the woods and rubber, most times we could only afford to sit on the bench and watch others play.  Next to the rec was a passageway called “The Gully” very-very steep, it was used by all the young and the old as a short cut to Talbot Street and Benson Road Junior and Handsworth New Road senior schools beyond.  On wintry days an Olympic size ice slide was made by the more sure footed .  Leaving the others to climb or descend the gully hanging on to the railings, funny to watch when you are young (sorry). Under the railway bridge in Musgrave Road and on the corner of Park Road was our church St Chrysostom's now demolished.  The youth club provided summer outings that probably was the only holiday most of us ever had until we left school and started work.
by Ted Rudge

MUSGRAVE ROAD.  I remember when the rec in Musgrave Road had a pool were the bowling green was and the parky use to chase us back up the gully into Talbot Street if he caught us we had a clipping around the head and another when he handed us over to our Mom and Dads ..lovely days Best Colin Aston

MUSGRAVE ROAD                                                                                                                                                                                  I would like to find a photograph of Musgrave Road, The Devonshire Arms or one of the Cottage Baths in Bacchus Road (many a happy Sunday mornings we have spent there, the family marching up there with our towels and soap) by Norman Beech

MUSGRAVE ROAD                                                                                                                         I was born in Dudley Road Hospital In 1956 and lived at 84 Musgrave Road (two doors from the rec) until 1974. I went to Benson Road and Handsworth New Road, I know the area well.
Regards, David

I was born at 22 Musgrave Road in 1933. I moved to Shirley, but returned to 22 Musgrave Road in 1940. Two friends who also lived in the same road were Charley Jordan and a boy called Jennings. Our next door neighbours in number 20 were the Beeches.David Phillips

Myself and my wife Anne both lived in Musgrave Rd where I lived at 68 and Anne lived at 74.
Here we are 40 yrs later still going strong. Bathing in Bacchus Rd baths catching the 96 Lodge Rd bus or the train at Benson Road.The old schools and photos in fact the whole site brings comfort-thanks

My late grandparents IRENE (Rene) and CHARLES (Charlie) WEBLEY, used to live at (I think)  number 207 Musgrave Rd midway between the railway bridge and the church/Park Rd. They arrived there around 1960/62 with my 13 yr old mother.
I spent lots of time in my early years with my Nan there, and I can still remember the smell of the coal fire, and the polish. I played in the yard out back and the garden beyond the passageway. the loo was outside too. I also remember playing on the swings in the rec, and the bowling green, and walking up the passageway to Talbot Street. Accross the Rd was the sawmill that always whined during the day.
They left there in 1976 when I was about 7 yrs old, but it will always remain the favorite of my grandparents homes; I have fond memories of the place and it was so homeley and cosy. I am now 36, and my Nan would have been 80 next month. They also became good friends of the next door neighbours; Nellie and Billy Cox.
I would dearly love to see a photo of the outside of those houses at the Park Road end of Musgrave Rd, with hope that it would include number 207..
Many thanks  Mark C. T. Healy    Email: