ABBERLEY STREET 08/06/2018                                                                                                    Did anyone live in Abberley Street in 1970 ? Did you know Samuel Wilkes or Winifred Fisher who lived at number 4 Ambberley Street please. Bonny Sandford

I spotted a letter on your site from Ian Thorpe in Ausraliia regarding a Bill Thomas who owned a pet shop on Lodge Road. I used to work for Bill Thomas and his son who was also known as Bill even though his name was Robert. I used to be a truck driver for them for about 15 years at the firm which was called Thomas and Guest and was in Abberley Street, Winson Green. At the time I also lived in Abberley Street but am originally from Talbot Street.The reason I'm writing is because the letter from Ian Thorpe dates from 2002 and I cannot get a reply from him on his e-mail number. I suppose over the years he may have changed it so I was hoping you could put this on your site in the hope that he might see it. I also wrote to you a couple of weeks ago regarding Wal Bannister who used to live at my old address in Talbot Street and you put a note on your site for me but as yet have still had no reply. Still, I can but hope.
Thanking you again, Bob Shale Email: