As a kid I was a tatter, a  firewood supplier and  errand runner, I would do anything to get a few bob. I lived in All Saints Rd from 1950 till 1968. I think there was a printing factory in our road. When you turned 1st left down the hill there was a place calle Twist's which was a provision store ie cheese etc, the cheeese came in big barrells and we would make ski's from them. On the left hand side of The Flat was a Butchers (1 of 4)  I think they used to kill their own meat, we hated to see the cattle truck unloading the frightened animals going to their death.

H V Smith was the cake shop along on the right and is still there.There were two cart selling veg, I think Mr Groombridge was one of the blokes who ran the one on the corner of Heaton St and the flat by the chemist on the corner, was there a Co Op Butchers on other corner?

The two Reeves sisters were spinsters I think, they ran the Pentecostal Church, compassion was their middle name. We would go to Sunday School there while Mom and Dad had a kip? I realise that what I thought was the Co-Op was probably Marsh and Baxters. At the end of The Flat directly in front of you on Icknield Street was the Bulls Head pub. To the right of the pub was a garage where we would get our accumulator for the radio charged. There was also a pet food shop on the right hand side just past Griffins Greengrocers where we would get orange boxes for our mokes and Woolworths, later on there was a state of the art bagwash down that end. I remember taking our pet chicken to Clements to be killed for Christmas dinner. She kept popping her head out of the imitation leather bag. We had Speckles off the rag man. Mom served up a lovely Christmas dinner but nobody eat it we all just burst out crying.

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One of the Aston's mention Kevin Flynn. Kevin was my best mate, I still see him today. 

Unfortunately Mrs Flynn ( Glady's ) has passed away but Alf Kevs dad is still alive. Kevin went to Switzerland with the Give a Girl Health fund he came back a new man, he has hardly lost a days work and is now a proud Grandad. Any way back to All Saints. Ted I actually lived in All Saints Rd opposite the Goods Yard. At the top of the Rd on the right was Matty and Margetts shop turn right to the corner was the Hydraulic pub ( Atkinson's I think ) across the Rd on the corner up toward Lodge Rd was Collins' paper shop, to the left was an electrical repair shop, the owners daughter had a hole in the heart operation so mom told me. Standing outside the newsagents turning left up Lodge Rd I think was a cobblers next to there was George's the Barbers, hope I'm in order, then there was a chip shop and then Lindleys Grocery shop. Over the road was the Crown and Anchor pub nicknamed the Fireman, why?  (anyone know) Carrying on back down LODGE RD towards the Flat' past Scribbans where they had a lighting conductor on the dome you came to Dares House pub. in later years it was run by John Pratt who's car I used to clean, another bob. Then there was a hardware shop called Hinks I thinks, then a wool shop run by Terence Thorp's mom, a bit further down was the Post Office and then another pub. We are now at Park Rd facing the Flat. I feel I must mention Reggies Fish and Chip shop just in Park Rd. Reg and his wife Blanche had a little booth for about four where you could sit and have chips and mushy peas with a glass of red pop if you were lucky. Reg was bad on his legs but his service was first class. 

I was in the Choir at All Saints Church and remember Louis Jinks, He was a brilliant footballer along with Jimmy Spencer ( spanner ) from Heaton St I think.  Where do we go next? Maybe the Goods yard? Bryan Drew. 29/09/02

This is a story that might interest you.

About 35 years ago on a Sunday night ???? My Dad came home from the pub [ probably the Hydraulic ]  He had had too much to drink. Being a conscientious person not wanting to let his Boss down he asked my Mom who had not got a licence to drive his lorry fully loaded to Liverpool, Being a good sport she agreed. Off they went down All Saints Rd turning left along Park Rd and then left all the way up Lodge Rd then left into Winson Green Rd, they then arrived at the Junction with Heath St. Dad told her to turn right into Heath St. Mom let her foot off the clutch accelerating to pull away. By now her arms were tired, [ no power steering in those days ]  struggling with the steering she shot across the road and knocked the Church wall down. For years after you could see where the wall was rebuilt. Bryan W Drew 08/10/02