(HANDSWORTH on the Winson Green border)

SANDWELL MOTOR CO LTD.      NINEVEH ROAD  1930s     (Thanks to Tony Porter for the photo.)

SANDWELL MOTOR CO LTD.    NINEVEH ROAD 1930s     (Thanks to Tony Porter for the photo.)

NINEVEH ROAD 18/05/2018 (On the Winson Green border)From New Zealand                         I was born at 255 Nineveh Road Handsworth in 1944. My parents moved to a shop on the corner of Eva Road and Perrot Street in1954. I attended Handsworth New Road School leaving in August 1959. I moved to New Zealand in April 1963.  Barrie


NINEVEH ROAD 1946-54 (On the Winson Green border)                                                    

 I just came across this splendid site by accident, trying to show someone where I was born. I can happily give what information I remember but it' ll be fragmentary and random at best I'm afraid as I left for Barnet, N.London when I was 7. I was born at home to Reg (actual first name John) and Ivy (nee Frost) Danter at 220 Nineveh Rd in Sept '46, brother to Margaret, born Aug'45. I went to Boulton Rd primary up the hill (nearly to the main road where the no 11 bus went) and I can only remember a guy called Robert Johnson (definitely not the blues singer), a girl I was sweet on, unreturned if I remember right, called Barbara Johns(t)on and another blond girl who lived halfway down Boulton Rd on the left called Margaret Hall. I remember the railway bridge at the bottom where I turned left and two big advertising boards which would have (the ones I remember) ads for Persil or Tide? washing powder, 2 boys passing each other, one with a slightly greying shirt, hence 'someone isn't using Persil' and another ad for Guinness with a toucan - I think it was this one I was throwing stones at when a couple of coppers in a Wolseley 4/90 told me to stop through the loudspeaker on top, I ran home right quick.
The only people from the street I remember were the Dudley's next door (224?), a Johnny Westbrook and a big Irish family about 20 doors up - I came back from Barnet to stay with Nan Frost (who I should have said before, owned or rented more like, 220 where we're lived) and Bobby Dudley had had a run in with one of them and told them that his friend, me, was coming up from London next week and would promptly beat them all up so as soon as I got there I was in a scrap I knew nothing about. I remember a shop, Ms? Grommet? a bit further down and the transport cafe on the corner, so there's always be lorries nearly as far as our house.
I'm guessing at 3 rooms upstairs but certainly no bathroom and the lav was in the yard next to the coal yard, when I was too small to sort myself out I had to shout 'Mum, I'm finished!!' and hope she was not in the front room. Which was where Nan sort of lived - a couple of times when there'd been words, I was the messenger between rooms, all quite light tho' I think. Our neighbours the other side (218?) were the Balls, their son-in-law was Ken and he had a band, The Avalons; Mrs Ball and husband Ken would shout 'how's our Stan this morning?' which was a reference to Stanley Matthews, of course the most famous footballer then, as I was then, still am, potty about football and spent all my time kicking a ball round the little garden, in the entry between us or actually in the street, not many cars then. That's why every fortnight Dad took me to the Hawthorns to see my beloved West Brom, I do remember all that clearly, running up and down the terraces which made sense when Dad told me not long before he died that I only ever went to reserve matches. He loved the Albion too, played a lot in the Army (with the Comptons, Joe Mercer, a few others, and I remember watching him play for Moor Green?, works football, dead rough, and the teacups all in a row on the bench at halftime, the bloke just pouring it out slowly moving down the line, slopping it everywhere. We had a holiday at somebody's wooden bungalow at Bewdley, with a latrine(ugh, I've only just got over that), and one Butlins? one at Prestatyn. Happy, safe, days, I don't think we had much money but if I ever I think back on Nineveh Rd, Hands worth, its with great affection, and my Mum missed the Brummie accent, and retained hers, to her dying day. Whoever is going to read this I've no idea but I, at least, have enjoyed the last half-hour. Cheers .

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NINEVEH ROAD    (On the Winson Green border)  19/09/04
I used to know  Morris [Monty] Rudge who lived down the bottom of Nineveh Road,1950-1955 I went round with him and  Dennis Jeffries,Gordon Waterhouse before I went into the Navy and would like to hear from them. Keith Lee.   Email: