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 16/04/2018 Tracing Romany Family

 I am enquiring for a friend. Her Romany relative was Dorothy Smith born about 1918 ish, possibly from the Romany Black Patch camp. She was married to a Romany, but left and married again outside her community. She had a daughter Patricia Humpage born 1939 living in Walsall area at the time. I know it's a long shot, but someone might know something of her story. Could you post this to your page please. Thank you. Val Sparkes ashandsita@gmail.com


Hello, I wonder if anyone knew Gladys Woodbridge who was born in 1915 in Colnbrook but married in 1935 in Solihull? Gladys worked either in Sorrento Hospital or Dudley Road Hospital and her married name was Newton. I don't know if she was at school in Birmingham or even in the workhouse as I cannot find her anywhere from the time she was born until she married. I have an autograph book dated from 1930-1934 with verses in from "Mother", D. Stanmore, Mrs J. Wallen, E. Taylor, A. Wheatly and others. I wonder if these names ring a bell with anyone and if you know where the staff worked . I would be so grateful for any information or stories you may have. Thankyou. Julie : wibble2000@hotmail.co.uk



Hi, looking for Brenda Crosby who lived with her mum in Aberdeen St. We were friends when I lived at The Cottage of Content in Norman St between 1968 and 1973

Thanks  Moira Taylor   m.taylor237@btinternet.com

14/01/2016                                                                                                                               Seeking Jean Margaret HALL (married name Evans), once of 44,Bacchus Rd.   Lost touch since we both married, would like to 'catch up' before ...it's to late !!!!                                                       Regards Derek Weston email derekjohnweston@Hotmail.co.uk


09/01/2014                                                                                                                                                                                          Can anyone shed light on memories of Len Loveridge - a member of the same family that's name is synonymous with Black Patch.
He met Doris Smith of Albion Road, Smethwick and they later married after a relationship that started around Black Patch Park in the 1940s.  Simon (their nephew) would love to share in any memories you may recall.
Thank you.  Simon Smith care of Phil Crumpton    sapphill@hotmail.com


I lived in winson green as a child, I would like to find my best friend Susan as we lost contact when we moved away to Quinton my name was Elizabeth Macmillan known as Libby, she was a great West Bromwich Albion fan we went to the matches together, and we used to go to the Odeon in Birmingham to see all the stars, do you remember Gene Pitney we missed him because he got stuck in the snow on the way. He turned up in a taxi for the 2nd half and you touch his hand you said you would never wash again, it will be great to meet up again. hope to hear from you soon.           Elizabeth Peak lizpeak53@hotmail.co.uk


Through your website I have made contact with over seventy of my relatives and I will be eternally grateful to you both.
I would appreciate your help even further by trying to make contact with a few friends from my youthfull wartime days. Is Dennis Evans among your contributors. And Doreen Gilbert, Eileen Leach, Betty Evans and her sister Minnie. Is Ivor Rolls still with us and Louis Marks, to name but two.
I have such wonderful memories from 1939 - 1945 in spite of the horrors of those wartime years. We made our own entertainment and I remember with great affection the Saturday evening dances at the Bishop Latimer Church hall. I hope there is someone out there who can share these memories with me.                 John Bird jandm15@btinternet.com


What an amazing website, full of fascinating information. I hope you wouldn't mind if I added some details of my family who lived in Winson Green from the later 1800's and through into the 1900's.
I have been researching my family tree for a while now and even though I have found a lot of names and and places etc, I have not been able to find out anything about them as people, as I do not have anyone I can ask about the people themselves, so I was hoping that there might be someone who may be able to let me know any stories or anything at all about them.
My Granddad, Robert Horace Chambers was born in 1903 at 8 Back 42, Aberdeen Street, he was the son of William and Minnie (nee Downing), he had 3 older brothers John, Charles and Harry and 1 older sister Rose, I don't know about any younger Brothers or sisters.
My Granddad married my Grandmother in September 1926 at the Bishop Latimer Memorial Church. My Grandmother was Florrie Marriott she was born in 1906 at 127 Wellington street, her parents were William and Selina (nee Holloway). When they married my Granddad lived at 26 Beeton Road and my Grandmother at 2/16 Franklin Street. The best man at the wedding was Alfred Yates who later (in 1927) married my Grandmother's sister Lucy.
My Grandmother came from a large family and was the first born of at least 7 Children there names were Lucy, Dorothy, Ivy, Gertrude, Harry, Irene and I think there were two other children possibly Annie and Leonard, although I am not sure of this.
I don't know how long the family stayed in the area or if any of the future generations still live there. My grandparents eventually ended up in Kingstanding where they both died in 1983 when I was 11. Their children (Eileen (known as Pearl), Robert (known as Bill) and Sidney all stayed in Birmingham, my father George (known as John) joined the Army when he was 15 and moved all around the world, he met my mother in Kenya (she is originally from the Seychelles) and they married six months later and remained together until he died in 1997. My parents settled in Worcester after he came out of the Army in 1973.                                                                               Anyone who has any information at all about my family I would be really grateful to hear from you.
Celine Jeynes celinejeynes@hotmail.com


Please can you help me? I've been doing my family history. I have found out that my family comes from Winson Green. The streets are Peel street, Aberdeen street, Bryant street, Franklin street and Lodge road. These are just some of the streets. My family surnames are: Golby, Smith, Waterhouse, Palser, Thompson, and Barber.
Do you have any picture's of these street's or any of the families? Or did you or your family knew any of the families I've said?
I'm also looking for any info on a George and Annie Barber. They lived at 4/70 Peel street? I can not find a death for Annie, so I would like know what happen to her?               Emma emma1986@tesco.net


I am researching family history and believe your site would be closest I will get to people who knew our family. My problem is I get the feeling there is alot of bad as well as good. My brothers, sisters and I have got our birth certificates and the streets we lived in vary from Witton Rd, Clifton St, Prince of Wales Lane, Clifton Rd, Nelson Road and Anderton St. I also know my dad served a sentence in prison at Winson Green.Dads name: William (Bill)  Moms name: Lynn or Lily
 I recognise alot of the names and places on the site from mom and dad talking. It would be nice to actually here someone might have remembered the family. Would you mind if I ask on your site ?              Regards Joyce (nee Mills) OBjd@aol.com


If Doug Cutler of 23 Eva Road is still with us ,or anyone who knows him, could you please contact me.
John Bird  Email: jandm15@btinternet.com


Wow wot a site...My granddad Robert Stanley Barnett..was from Benson Road...and sadly passed away in 2003..I'm looking for anyone who may have known him...Any stories I  can keep and pass on to my nan...As she and the rest of the family sadly miss him..
Thank you, Emma Barnett-Pounds, Email: Dippylady21@yahoo.co.uk
"An  incident that happened at Benson Road (Soho and Winson Green) railway station around 1949 involved a pupil in our class at Benson Road School ( Bobby Barnet who lived in Park Road). Traveling back from Snow Hill he realized the train was not going to stop at this station and  jumped from the train. The door from Yeomans the butchers opposite was lifted from its hinges and used as a stretcher to bring the badly injured boy to the front of the station to await the ambulance. We never saw Bobby for over six months until one day he appeared back at school."  Ted Rudge 29/01/07

HELP 28/07/04
I am (Margaret Coates/Kirby 1/342 Park Rd, Hockley.) wondering if you could help me please.
Before we moved to Park Rd ,my younger sister Kay and I were at a children's home either called
THE HOLLIES OR FOX HOLLIES, I'm sure it was the year 1966 because it was my 11th birthday as I recall because I think it was the first time I had a birthday cake, my birthday is the 31st dec 1955. Anyway we were there for about 1 year ,then we went to 3 different foster homes for another year while our mom( Annie Rose Kirby.) was AWAY. I have been trying to find out about it and where it was but because I don't know the district it was in I can't find it, the only thing I can remember is I think the matron's name was Mrs Benfield,and she also had a son who's name was Anthony Benfield (I vaguely recall he and I were caught a behind a wardrobe in one of the dormitories kissing , It was perfectly innocent he and I were both the same age it was before my birthday so we were 10 yrs old,but we were treated as if we had done some thing really bad. He was my first " BOYFRIEND"!!!!) Well I digress, sorry if you could help me by finding anything out for me I would be extremely grateful.
Margaret Coates (nee Kirby) now in Australia.
E-mail Address: margaretcoates@optusnetoptus.com.au

Name: Bob Williams 20/02/07
I was a member of the 14th Co. B.B. from 1954 to 1958 when we used to meet at Benson Road School. I wondered if any of your browwers were members there?

Name: R. Scott 08/03/07
Email: scott981@btinternet.com
I wonder if you might ask on your site if any one knows where my sister Shelia Scott may be these days hope you can help as I have not seen Shelia for over 40 years. Sheila went to Benson Road Junior School,  Handsworth New Road Secondery Modern and  Waverley Grammer School ( Camp Hill ).

NAME: Dave Bull 17/12/06
Email: watchet@hotmail.co.uk
Comments: hi Ted would you kindly ask redrum@talktalk.net if she recall the Bull familly from Lees St number 22 best wishes Dave and Sharon Bull keep up the good work.

NAME: Angela Drew 17/12/06
Email: bryan.drew@btinternet.com
Comments: was Spring Hill in Ladywood or Brookfields? close i think does anyone remember the Drew family who lived in All Saints Road hockley get in touch love to hear from anyone thanks.

NAME: Angela Higginson 19/04/06
Email: angiehigginson2@aol.com
Comments: I am researching my family tree and wonder if any of you can help me. My Great Grandmother SELINA AMELIA SHEPPARD (nee TROOP) was living at 525 Park Road in the 1891 census, along with her husband BENJAMIN and children LILY and WILLIAM BENJAMIN (Bill). Her husband left her in 1903, the children then were LILY, BILL, MARY ANN, ELSIE, TOM, BEATRICE (my Grandmother) and VIOLET. In 1914 they were living at 183 Musgrave Road - Bill was a POW in Germany. By 1924 they had moved to Back 3 Roseberry Street. I believe that the eldest son Bill was a watchmaker on The Flat, the only address I have for him is Key Hill. If anyone can give me any information about the family I would be extremely grateful. Thank you.

NAME: siobhan villiers 29/05/05
Email: siobhan61v@hotmail.com
Comments: last went on winson green site 2003 would like to hear from anyone with information on Mcnallys who lived at 39 Don Street relations of my mother two uncles who lived there in 1950s their sisters name was Mary she died in 50,s they would be in 80,s now i think they were named John and Jack or if any one knew them or is related to them it would be nice to hear.

NAME: Kaveline 30/04/05
Email: vioron24557@aol.com
Comments: I am looking for my best mate her name is Susan Murry she has sisters and brothers Rosie Murry, Theresa Murry, Jerry Murry, Clem Murry please if anyone knows there whereabouts last known in Winson Green please pass email on to them thank you Jackie

Would it be possible to trace old friends from Moillliet St in the 1960s
 Graham Moore   Email: portland.george@blueyonder.co.uk

I have been looking for information about a Charles Bryant who owned Bryant Bedsteads about a possible family history link and was delighted to find it mentioned on your very informative website.
Any information about the family would be appreciated.  Monica Couchman  Email: monicacouchman@btopenworld.com

I would like to hear from anyone who knew a Beryl Davies of Winson Green Road,- her grandfather ran a butchers shop. She married in 1948 a cousin of mine ( long lost touch with) I was a bridesmaid at her wedding. I know that Beryl was divorced and later remarried.
Doreen Palmer (nee Day)  Email: doreen@palmershome.freeserve.co.uk 19/10/04

29/05/0                                                                                                                                                                                                    Could anyone please help in finding the          who lived in Eva Road No.38 In the 1930,s.  Also relations who lived across the road - James Day and his family.  Would love to hear from anyone who has any information.  Doreen Palmer (nee Day)  Email: doreen@palmershome.freeserve.co.uk  19/10/04

I am trying to locate my cousin Josephine Allen from Waverhill Road. She lived there in the 50's. I lived on Park Road near the Pleck. I would also like to locate Joy Youmans who lived 2 doors down, and Wendy Barnett from Benson Road. Thanks for your help.
 I now live in the US and am planning a trip home and would like to reunite with these old friends. Would have loved to been at that Winson Green reunion. Looked like lots of fun.                Email: janmar94@msn.com     Kathleen Hewitt-Blake 24/04/04

I am trying to contact Stuart Waldron. He should be about 29 years old now and when we last were in touch he lived with his mom on the corner of Lodge Road and Goode Avenue. Please get in touch, Stuie! Email me on : mia2812njoe2903@yahoo.co.uk   Daniel Perry  01/02/04

A friend of mine, Tom Harbottle, lived with his Gran in Willes Road, in the 1960s.
He emigrated to New Zealand and I last heard from him from Glendene, Auckland NZ in Feb.1979.
I would be very pleased to get in touch again. Have some news for him.
Thank you.  Peter N. Griffiths    Email: humpgriff@aol.com     18/01/04

Its our 40th wedding aniversay next year and would love to be able to invite Denise to our little"do"
Hope some one will recognise Den. many thanks..

 I would be very grateful if any one knows the where abouts of Denise Hodgkiss her brother was  tony they lived in kent street north winson green 1950s  I would like them to get in touch please                                                                                                                                                                                 Maureen Harwood  mrh223@hotmail.com


My name is Norman Ray I lived at 487 Park Rd by the Pleck I went Benson Rd then HNR schools. George Liddel was Headmaster George Berryman Headteacher Slinka Priest Science Jammy Hartley Music I left Park  Road in 1955 when I got married & lost touch with my friends it would be really great to hear from anyone who knew me I now live in Cyprus & have done so for the last 10 years.
             Norman Ray        Email: nipper@spidernet.com.cy

Does any one remember any Mcnallys that lived at 39 Don Street in the 50s they are relations and that was the last known adress we had, they are uncles of my mother who needs to make contact any info would be great  Siobhan Email: siobhan61v@hotmail.com


I am looking for some old friends  that went to william murdock just before we moved to hamstead hall comprehensive i graduated in 1975  desmond mcgilvery email: pmcgillv@yahoo.com

I would like to make contact with descendants of the Adams family of Lodge Road, Henry & Emily nee Handley married 1835 at St Philips, their children were Sarah born 1836 (my great grandmother), Esther born about 1838, William 1840, Julia about 1843, Alfred 1851 and Henry 1853. William Adams was a mineral water manufacturer who lived at 226 Lodge Road, near the "Golden Eagle". His brother Henry worked with him and lived in Bacchus Road. Both married and had children. Any information welcome.
Marion Hall Email: hall_marion@hotmail.com

 I am looking for an old school friend if anyone can help.His name is David (Ginger)Newton he lived in Wellington St in the 1940s-1958 when he served in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment for 6 years after demob he was the manager of The Sack of Potatoes pub in Gosta Green,   Please any information will be very welcome. Clive Roach   CLIVE.ROACH@BTOPENWORLD.COM   13/04/03

I am trying to find any information about my grandparents
Arthur and Esther Gurley who lived at 75 Eva Road with their two Daughters Alice and Batrice
 I think until around 1957.
I am particularly interested in Athur's service in the great war any help or comments would be gratefully received. Kind regards  James Rowley  Email: jamesr.rowley@ntlworld.com     24/03/03

Walter Wootton (Wal) who once lived in Willes Rd. for many years wonderd  what become of one or two of his old friends:-
John Kain who lived at 201 Musgrave Rd.,
Albert Sadler who lived at 43 Don St.
Bill Winkles who may have lived in or near to Devonshire St.
If you know where they can be contacted please  Email: WALTER@wwootton.freeserve.co.uk

Barry Jenkins and he lived at the Old Engine in Park Rd. where his father was the licensee is trying to trace his friend Trevor Davies whose father was licensee of the Acorn pub on Winson Green Rd.
Barry can be contacted via Wal on  Email: WALTER@wwootton.freeserve.co.uk

Hello: my name is Joan Freeman (Reeves) I used to live at 23 Markby Road Winson Geen I went to Foundry Road School and Handsworth New Road, I would like to find Betty Rose she use to live with her
aunty and uncle I also think she married a doctor, I would also like to find Iris Feeney (found) she lived in Markby Rd
if anyone can help me I would appreciate it
Thank you   Joan Freeman (Reeves)    joan.freeman@sympatico.ca


Hello this is  Fred Deeley here.
I remember Roger Denelly and Trevor Garrigan - we were at Benson Road School and HNR together. We played football together, and then later boozing! Remember the Plaza, Roger??? with all the gang: Bertie Peadon, Tony Wassell(Tockle), Maurice Wright(Moses)and the rest. Be nice to hear from you.Fred Deeley craiguito2@aol.com


 Anita Cunniffe  nee Gregory would love to get in touch with MANDY , MAXINE and/or JULIA SADLER they were friends together in BENSON ROAD anybody who new the  Gregory's  please get in touch.  From Anita Cunniffe  nee Gregory Email: mc012b3353@blueyonder.co.uk


Anne Smith (nee Jones) would love to get in touch with a Paul Loxley who lived in
Heath Green Road Winson Green and went to Summerfield School it would be nice to hear from anyone who knew me please Email: rustymick21@hotmail.com  12/12/02

Hazel Siviter nee Wood would like to contact Christine Watkins who lived in Victoria Street by BlackPatch Park in the 1950s. Email: siviterb. @aol.co    17/10/02  

Around 1919 my grandfathers sister Fanny Catherine (nee Meddings) lived at 110 Peel St she was to married  James Clarence Myatt.
I would like to find information of their children. Maybe someone remembers them from their schooldays?
Also for awile her brother Thomas William lodged with them before he emigrated to America in 1919 with a woman (nee Bingham) and her son Peter (Hendley???) and their son William. I would like to ask anyone if they knew any of the family. Thanks.  Elaine Email: heolmartin@ntlworld.com Posted 11/11/02