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The aim of this site is to collect  information in the form of History- Personal Stories- Photographs- Maps  to tell the next generation THE WAY WE WERE







The C.W.Cheney story is on the Streets page (Factory Road) 

Hi Ted have just discovered your site Winsongreentobrookfields.co.uk (great site) many memories [good ones]  I was a member of the 14th Co. B.B. from 1954 to 1958 when we used to meet at Benson Road School. I wondered if any of your browwers were members there? Once again a great site keep up the good work.            Bob Williams.email:bobthebowler@hotmail.co.uk

The 14th  Boys Brigade Foootball Team

Photo thanks to Hillary Richards nee Leighton


Photo thanks to Linda Daniels (nee DOE)      Email:ladan@blueyonder.co.uk



23rd Birmingham, Phoenix Scout Group

Taken in the early sixties, and they are  left to right:                                                                                                    Tony Bastock, Dave Manning and Martin Hanchett     Thanks to Martin for the photographs

ST CUTHBERTS St John Ambulance Brigade 1935 aprox


Linda Daniels (nee DOE)    Email:ladan@blueyonder.co.uk
23rd Birmingham, Phoenix Scout Group
Taken in the early to mid sixties,
with  David Smith receiving his Queens Scout Award.
Thanks to Martin Hanchett for the photographs


253rd B,ham 1st Brookfields scout group band county champions 6 years running 1960'sthis was taken about 1967 in the playground of Camden street school.
Pictured, me second from right front row and next to me best mate Alan Williams

23rd Birmingham, Phoenix Scout Group
Taken  in the late fifties, showing the whole troupe they used to meet on a Thursday night in the hall of Foundry Road School.
Thanks to Martin Hanchett for the photographs


39 B'ham coy BOYS BRIGADE
Winson Green  
I wonder if this photo is of interest to anyone, it is of a Boys Brigade camp  it was taken in approx 1956 57 at the Exmouth camp, second row from back fourth from right is myself , back row second from right is Jim Branscombe third from left same row is Henry Woodcock we three were cousins, the rest of you will know yourselves if you see this, of course the good old gent in the middle of front row seated is Tom Rich the Captain to whom we should all be gratefull and remember fondly.The rest of the "officers" on the front row I cant remember their names except I think the third from right was named Eddie.
Does anyone remember being on parade at the opening of the Weston Rd annex to Dudly Rd Hospital, and being inspected by the Queen Mother? at least I think she was inspecting us, ... or was it just that she couldnt believe what she saw.
Frank Beckstein  frank.beckstein@btinternet.com

Adults seated. Joey Nutt, Horace Jukes, ?. Tom Richards,Harold Russon,Eddy Rogers.
Row behind. Roger Harrison, Parker,Bradshaw. ??????????
Next row up. 10th from left. Colin Walton.Beckstein.
Back Row. 4th from right. Joey Garfield.
I know a lot more of the faces but can't put a name to them.
Regards                                   Alan Horton.

39th Company  Boys Brigade      


Left Photo taken summer 1956 at Bembridge Isle of Wight at annual Boys Brigade Camp.
The 39th Company was based at Winson Green Congregational Church on the corner of Villiers Street and Winson Green Road opposite the Prison.
The picture is of kit inspection ,which took place every morning after breakfast.
Left to Right,, Albert Atkinson, Brian Southall, Maurice Evans, Clive Roach, Gary Hale, ? ? ? ? ? .
All the boys came from the Winson Green, Black Patch area.
Right Photo Another Boys Brigade camp  Location ???                 Year Approx 1954/55?
Boy with bucket on head Brian Selvey,  Lying on Dinghy Clive Roach,    puncher Frank Beckstein
Regards Clive Roach



Can I draw attention to a new Group - "Friends of Black Patch Park" -formed on 18 August 2003 to challenge current plans by Sandwell Council -under their Smethwick Master Plan - to build factories on most of the Park and over adjoining Merry Hill Allotments (all well used).
We (Brummies and residents of Sandwell) see these as extremely attractive popular and well-used places on the Sandwell-Birmingham border near the Birmingham main-line canal (and its tow-path cycle route) and a close-by metro stop (which the council claims has so increased the value of the land that their continued use as parks and allotments is no longer sustainable - from a paraphrase of the report for Sandwell prepared by London consultants, Llewellyn-Davies Ltd.). Sandwell Council claims to have engaged in extensive local consultation about their plans for the park and allotments but the Friends group is already finding a
great many local people who had no idea about them and on hearing of they are deeply opposed.
I am a supporter of the new group made of people from Smethwick and Birmingham. I have contributed to their campaign by taking photos of the park and some of the people using it for sporting activity over the last
week as part of the Friends' campaign. I and the committee of the FoBPP would be most interested in any information about the history of Black Patch Park to add to the growing pool of memories being collated about the park and allotments as part of the campaign to challenge the Council's plans, which appear to depend on displacing users from the current green space to other spaces in Birmingham.
Simon Baddeley  Email: s.j.baddeley@bham.ac.uk
If you would like more information about this group and what they are trying to achieve please Email  Simon.