PERROTT STREET 22/02/2017                                                                                                  My grandparents lived in Perrot St most of their lives and we would visit every friday evening.
Looking at google maps I see the area has been completely demolished from the park up to the railway bridge at the top of the hill. The past presence of Kitchener St is still evident. I am wondering what has gone on. If anybody can provide any information I would be most grateful.
Regards Michael Pratt

PERROTT STREET 16/09/2015                                                                                                      I used to visit my grandparents at 114 Perrott Street. There was a small shop next door to them that used to sell toys and fireworks. It was owned by Mr and Mrs Kilminster and I remember them as being very nice people who were always pleased to see my brother and I. We would get gifts of cakes and biscuits whenever we saw them. If any body has any information about Mr and Mrs Kilminster I would be I would be grateful to hear. Regards: Michael Pratt


The two photos were taken as part of the 1953 Coronation celebrations in little Eva Road & the corner of Perrott St. The man in the hat was Les Hudson.
(photos thanks to Dave Hudson)


Cradle Roll Enrolment at the Winson Green Congregational Church on Sept 7th 1913.

Attached is a picture of a Cradle Roll Enrolment at the Winson Green Congregational Church on Sept 7th 1913. I believe my late mother in law, Lilian Dora Mills (nee Pratt), is one of the babies pictured.This may be of interest to others because this could be the first picture (and perhaps only) that show their relation. I am willing to do a copy of any picture that a person may want if they contact me on, 

Ive just found your internet site,and although I was borrn in Edgbaston and lived for 16 years in Sheldon many of my ancestors lived in Winson Green.I am trying to contact a Keith Bird who put information on your site circa 2003.There is a photo under Perrott St. of his great grandfather Herbert John Webb.Herbert Webb"s sister was Edith Elizabeth Webb,my great grandmother,who lived at 34 Perrott St.(her husbands name was Bendigo Davies,a glassmaker).Another sister Ann Harley Webb lived at no.46(her husband was George Bonas).My grandfather Bendigo Victor Davies started his married life at 28 Perrot St.Many other relatives lived in the surrounding streets (my mother Alice Davies lived in Carlisle Place as a girl,although she spent most af her childhood in hospital with scarlet fever,diptheria and T.B.)Thus Keith Bird is an unknown relative to me.Ive tried his email address on your site,which appears to be obsolete.Do you by any chance have any idea how i may be able to contact him?If he is interested in family history I can certainly trace the Webb ancestry back to circa 1420 Regards Bendigo Davies

I was wondering if anyone has any photos of Perrott Street just after the war up to about 1980? I'm particularly interested in seeing any pictures of the 1953 Coronation Street party held there. Thankyou!
Anne Woodford

I'm still working my way through your wonderful site and have been reading about the park and allotments. The late Mike Corbett lived with his parents, Alf and Kathleen, in Perrott Street. He used to tell me stories about how his dad had three allotments in the 40's and 50's. Alf used to sell bunches of flowers in the local pubs at the weekend. Mike also told me about when someone's pigsty on the allotment caught fire and the poor pigs tried to escape, to no avail. The noise and smell were dreadful.
Best wishes,  Anne Woodford

I was reading an item about Perrott Street and the allotments sent to you by Anne Woodford immediately my memory went back nearly fifty years. My friend and I bought a catapult each from a gun shop in Steelhouse Lane Birmingham and these catapults was supposed to be the best you could buy. I knew if my dad got to know I had it he would have taken it off me and I would be in trouble, the best place I could think of hiding it was behind the water system in the outside toilet. The same day that I had purchased it and hidden it I decided to go out after tea and collected the catapult from the toilet on the way. Walking down the entry I saw a cat on the roof a neighbour's toilet, target practice I thought aimed at the cat missed and broke the bedroom window. Off I went to meet my friend who lived the other end of Winson Green. By this time it was quite dark and as you know around the Perrott Street area there was a lot of allotments. We discovered if we shot our catapults in the direction of the allotments even though it was dark and we could not see anything we had a good chance of hitting a greenhouse or cold frame. So it was a matter of sending a stone through the air and listening for the sound a breaking glass. Another good target was the old gas lamps. So if anyone had the glass in the greenhouse broken fifty years ago it could have been me, is it to late to say sorry. "NO NAME"

My grandparents lived for many years in Perrot Street, I am not sure of the house number but, they were known as Fred and Dora.
Fred worked at Avery's as a fitter and a fireman right up to retirement at 65.
They had three children, Dora, Fred and Arthur who was my father.
If anybody can provide any more details of my grandparents I would love to hear from them
 as I am constructing a family tree.Mike Pratt     I can be contacted at


                              FRED and ARTHUR                                      FRED and DORA




My great grandfather Herbert John Webb (1866 - 1935) holding my second cousin Ronnie Edmunds (b.1933) in the back yard of 26 Perrott Street around 1934From Keith Bird 04/07/03
Keiths main story see PARK ROAD (the Flat end)

My Mom and Dad grew up in the same street, PERROTT STREET, and went to Foundry Road School. They were born in 1920/22. My Dad lived at No. 1  with his Mom, Elsie Simmonds my dad worked on the Railway all his life, working with the horses, delivering, and then being a lorry driver to manager. He worked at all the local stations, Hockley, Curzon Street, etc. Delivering goods to the market and Bulpitts (Swan Brand). My Mom came from a family of 7 who lived a few doors up from Dad in Perrot Street  mom's maiden name was Goode and she had sisters, named, Marjorie, Olive, Jess and May and apparently had two brothers, but they died very young. Mom's dad, Fred Goode, was the driver on the illuminated tram and also use to play football. I remember scattering his ashes around the goalpost at Villa Park Football Ground back in the early 60s.
I will be looking through the family album and no doubt will come across many an old photo or two of Winson Green.
by Jackie Clarke nee Simmonds   09/06/02