ROSALIE STREET 19/04/2017                                                                                                        I lived at 1/5 Rosalie Street in the 50s/60s. I went to All Saints School from 1952 - 1958 left there to go to Bartley Green Grammar School..
I remember the scout band based at the Methodist Church in New Spring Street and went to the youth club there.
Kenny Green's mom and dad had a grocers shop on the corner of Coralie Street.
Does anyone remember me - Gill Deathridge nee Walker

ROSALIE STREET  02/06/2011
I have lived in Devon for the past 32 years but I lived at no 3 Rosalie St. from 1944 to 1950, my grandmother appears to have lived there all of her adult life, born 1870 she remembered when Brookfields was just that, there was a plaque on the side wall of no3 which read Brighton Buildings 1881, my aunt Mary and uncle Frank lived at 3/3 with their family, Mary, Margaret ,James, and Kathleen,the Lloyd family at no4/3,Oliver, Ivor, Irene, Stains at no 5/3, Edie Roy, Tony, others I recall were, Wessons no1, donald,Taylors 11/1 , Davis 14/1aunt Annie and Fred Evans 15/1 with Leonard Eric and David, New Spring St. Pat and Joan Harris, Bob Harris, cousin I think, Billy Jewel, Kirkham lived in the corner shop,other end Prescot St. Len Clissold and his black dog?,the Fischers seven children as i recall? Betty was my favorite girl at that time 48/9, Frank Poulton, Vaughns, Vera, Edwin, and the gorgeous Marion!.
The Gold Medal. pub depicted on your site was an outdoor where I occasionaly went with a jug to buy my grandma a pint of beer,on the opposite corner a bookies runner stood watching out for the police, Greens had an illegal bookies further up the Prescot St. from your site it appears they went legal at a later date?! beyond the Gold Medal on Clisold St. my aunt and uncle lived in one of the row of bombed houses,Sid and Rose Evans and son Michael,they were rehoused out in sparkbrook, the Brookfield Tavern corner of Pitsford and Hingeston St, was I believe run by a family name of Moss, I used to play on their step with their daughter Sheila. and another Sheila Hudson from just down Pitsford St.after leaving school in 1949 I hardly ever saw them again, I saw a photo on your website with a Sheila Moss in it !!, I went to work in one of the factories attached to Rosalie St, R.H. Clarksons, known to one and all as the button factory, I spent two and a half years in the wet cutting shop, cutting buttons from pearl shells before enlisting in the R,A,F. for five years, I was known as Charlie then at the insistence of Mr Richard, someone on your website was asking for anyone who worked there to contact him, unfortunately I cant find him now, so son, contact me,! more gen at some other time or as requested, I have tried to contact the Taylors, and Fischers by web without success, are their web sites out of date
All the best Ted, keep up the good work.
 If you can put me in contact with any of the Brookfield folks I will be very grateful.
Bob Watkins  (C.R.Watkins)

My grandmother's family lived at No.3 Rosalie Street, they were the Evans family and my grandmother married William Foulkes/Crutchley. My grandmother had a sister May and a brother Frank besides others. I believe there were eight children in total. From an article written in the Birmingham Post in January 9 1971, (this information was given by May Grubb nee Evans) my great great great grandfather had been a tailor. My father Leonard Foulkes was born 3/3 Rosalie Street also his brothers and sisters. He went to Camden Street school and in March this year was 90 years old. He still has two sisters alive Doris and Edna. We are trying to trace the Crutchley line of the family, we believe William had a brother Horace who would have been my great uncle. Their father was Henry Crutchley and mother Phoebe Ellen Crutchley nee Foulkes.
Maureen Harding

As a youngster I lived at 11/1 Rosalie Street Ihave just been told of your website by my brother Tony. I thought I would get in touch with you, I wonder how many of my old mates are out there?
all the best Cyril Taylor

I lived in Brookfields all my young life our address was 11/1 Rosalie Street.  I was born 29/04/1942 and went to All Saints  and Barford Road Schools. I was delighted to see your web site, especially the photo of the sand pit at All Saints School. It was my father George Taylor who built it and there is a great picture of him at the opening.
I have tried to contact a few of the people who's e.mail address appears on your web site, but unfortunately they no longer exist.
AT the moment I am in Clearwater in the United States, but am eager to hear of anything concerning Brookfields. Thank's a lot Anthony (Tony) James Taylor, Email:

Does anyone remember a family who lived in 3 seymour place rosalie st brookfields named COLLOFF. Mr & Mrs Colloff had a son Sydney whos grave is in the Tyne Cot Cemetary in Belgium.
jen jakeman  Email:

I  Rob Shipley was born in Broad St - Ladywood but my roots are very much in Brookfields:- My great great great grandfather James Smith Shipley came from Tenby St; their son - William Shipley lived in Carver St - (married Eliza Stan(d)ley from Camden St and that's where they lived when they got married in 1851),
My great grandfather Frank was born in 1869 in Carver St, they then moved across the way to Ellen St and finally Rosalie St. My great grandmother - (Sarah Annie Taylor) came from -Taylors the fruitiers in Icknield Port Rd.
My Grandfather - Albert Shipley was also born in Brookfields in Coralie St - just down from my great great grandparents' house at Twynings Building - Rosalie St.  
The family made tools for steel pen manufacturing, were involved in button burnishing and gold jewellery making. Regards Rob Shipley
Any pictures, paintings, stories etc of the area in the 1800s would be so
welcome - Email: