Just been looking on the web about Brookfields and it brought back a lot of memories as my Grandparents lived in Rosebery St but were both killed in the War. My auntie Daisy and uncle Jim also lived in Rosebery  Street. My auntie Dora and uncle Jack used to live in Clissold Street but they were bombed out and my cousin Allen killed so they moved to Prescott Street. My Uncle Jack used to be a tram driver from Rosebery Street garage and then when he came out the army he drove the 96 bus till he retired. I will ask my cousins if they have got any photos and if so will let you have some.
Barbara Johnson

Just to let you know how much I'm enjoying your website its great as I told you about my Grandparents Who lived in Roseberry Street but were killed there also. My Dad was born in Stewart Street at 55 his name was Charlie Haden he had 2 sisters Alice and Lillian my Grandads name was Thomas and had his own business in the Sandpits and is in the Kellys Directory he was a Packing Case Maker also my parents got married at St Peters Church on 17th March 1928 but ive always been interested in Brookfields for that reason. Keep up the good work Regards Barbara Johnson