ROTTON PARK ROAD (not Winson Green but near enough) 24/03/06

My dad Charles Jeffrey Mossop was born in Rotton Park Road in 1932, his father Edward Percy Mossop I believe was a local businessman in the "Steeplejack" business. Apparently in the early days he was the only owner of a telephone and a car in the street. Edward died in 1936, so I am not sure how long they were living there after the death as he left my grandmother penniless.
I drove past the other month while I was visiting the UK, and can see it still standing, why are there no photos of Rotton Park Road, or is it not really classed as Winson Green. He will be thrilled when I show him this site, I am sure he will be able to contribute more to it, when he comes to live here in France in a couple of months. Jacquie Pillar  Email: