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BENSON ROAD SCHOOL 09/09/2019. TRAGIC TRAIN DERAILMENT. I was the 1st recipient of the"Katherine and Wayne Good Citizenship Award together with Rosinna Sadiq, there was no date stamped on our awards but the next and subsequent awards had a date on them. On the day of the accident Friday 2nd July 1971, I was on the train with two of my brothers, one of which was in the part of the train that was derailed, I was in the carriage that didn’t derail and from memory stayed upright. I do remember getting off the train, which was a big drop from the carriage to the tracks, it was a hot and sunny day, and as we were all gathered to one side of the tracks local framers bought us refreshments and water. We were all in shock and the next couple of hours were a blur. I do remember just waiting for the services to arrive, and I crashed out on the way back to the school. When we arrived back at school the hall can be best described as a sea of parents, all of whom were waiting for their children, I remember trying to get through all the parents, who were packed together like sardines!  Next year I remember being told by MissLegg the headmistress a couple of days before the 2nd June 1972 award ceremony to keep it a secret with the exception of my parents. When I got home, I told my parents that I was getting the award and I was meeting some special people, and I needed to dress up smart! I do remember a photograph being taken and watching “Midlands Today” as it was covered on the local news TV station, I’m not sure if there was any national coverage? I did return the following year 1973 to watch the next recipients, and I went back to Benson Road school about 5 years later, and the board/plaque  was in the main hallway, but in the 90’s and I was told that the plaque had been removed, and has been missing for sometime now, they suspect that it got lost at the last clear-out. Suraj Prakash lal the first recipient of the“Catherine and Wayne Award for Good Citizenship” Please Continue  SCROLLING DOWN for the full story by Bob Taylor.

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL 11/04/2017 Who went to Benson Road School

Anyone who went Benson road school a round 1960s who know miss legg the headmistress of the school My name was Teresa rust way back then and my nan used to live in Bacchus road it would be nice to here from anyone who remembers the old sweet shop by the school.  Teresa Hodgetts



Two Benson Road School photos with thanks to Pat Woodward                                                 Top one is dated 1938 can anyone date the other?

25/01/08                                                                                                                                                I was attending Benson Road Infants school at the time this letter was sent. I was six at the time so I can't remember receiving the letter and my parents are no longer alive to ask. I can therefore only presume that all the school children in the U/K received a similar letter from King George shortly after the Second World War ended. 

Looking through a scrap book that belonged to my parents (Caretakers of Benson Road school) I came across this photograph and wondered if it would be of any help to your site. The  photograph shows the school house taken from the infants end of the school before any extensions were carried out. The protruding part of the school housed the office that Miss Legge used, It was also the juniors entrance.  BOB JONES    JJones5417@aol.com

Thanks to Bob for the letter and photo.

Thanks to Bob for the letter and photo.

Benson Road School (Top End) 22/04/02                                                                                                  There used to be houses on the car park site,with a long gully running between the backs of the houses in Allens road and the school wall which went through to Bacchus Road.                         Thanks to Roger Dennelly for the information.


Benson Road School Infants in 1950  14/06/07 and 24/03/2016

Just came across this photograph of Benson Road Infants 1950. I know myself, I'm the "chubby chops" in the second from back row, right in the middle!                                                             Dose anybody else recognise themselves I wonder? Pat Limacher.   p.limacher@ntlworld.com

Allen Hughes allen@ajhughes.fsbusiness.co.uk                                                                                has added the following information24/03/2016.                                                                                                "I am second from the left on the second row from the front wearing the Mickey Mouse jumper. The guy on my right is Alan Gibbs, and 2nd to the left is Graham Field".

Waverton and beyond   22/11/06


On 2nd July, 1971, Miss Legge, Headteacher of Benson Junior School, wrote in the school's log book:

Most of the school and teachers and escorts went to Rhyl for the day. On the return journey, the train was derailed at Waverton and two children, Catherine Clarke and Wayne Dandy, were killed. Injured members of the Party were taken to Chester Royal Infirmary and Wrexham Hospital, some being detained.The first part of the train continued the journey and some members, after being treated in hospital, were brought back to school by the Crosville Motor Coach Company.

This was completely unknown to me when, in February, 2004, I was asked to investigate the origins of a wooden plaque which had hung for many years in the foyer of a school in Chester. The plaque bore the inscriptions:

Benson Junior School-- Presented to Dee-Point Middle School Chester as a Token of Friendship---Do Good Fear Nothin

There was no date, no indication of where Benson Junior School was and nothing to suggest why the presentation had been made.  I was unable to identify the coat of arms.                                               I began the research on 4th February and soon learned that the plaque was something to do with a train crash at Waverton.  I had no idea, on first hearing of the crash, that there had been fatalities and I hope no-one will mind if this brief résumé is dedicated to the memory of Catherine and Wayne.                                                                                                                                            Not knowing what to expect, I labeled my file of notes simply, “Waverton and beyond”.                 Later, I had to deal with the dilemma of striking a balance between pursuing the original questions about the plaque and risking the possibility of rekindling painful memories in those who might be able to help us.  Because, by the end of April, it seemed that it was unlikely that answers to our specific questions would be forthcoming, it was decided not to proceed with the quest.Some two and a half years on, I am persuaded that many who were affected might benefit from knowing the facts of the crash and some of its more positive outcomes, and have decided to gather the information together.  I trust that any benefits which may emerge will outweigh any potentially negative consequences. I had managed to locate the school almost immediately by means of the Ofsted website.  My first contact was by telephone with Pam Willis, who had been a pupil at Benson Road, mentioned something of a Catherine and Wayne memorial fund and told me of Ted Rudge's website.  From the outset, Pam and Ted did all they could to provide information and to suggest possible ways forward.  Ted was quickly able to supply the date of the crash and I found my first documented account, online, in Cheshire Magazine:

July 2, 1971                                                                                                                                              A school trip to the seaside ended in tragedy today when a train derailed near to Waverton, on the outskirts of Chester.  Only two hours before the accident Chester's temperature was registered at 87 degrees, the highest for many years.  The seaside special was carrying teachers and pupils back to Birmingham after a day trip to Rhyl.  Two children were killed and scores of others injured when the last coach left the rails and overturned at Tattenhall Junction, shortly before 6.15pm.

From there, it was a simple matter of trawling newspapers and I have decided that, where possible, it is probably more helpful and informative to quote directly from reported accounts rather than to compile my own version of events.                                                                                                       My main sources are The Times, and two newspapers local to Chester, The Chronicle and the Observer.

The first extracts are taken from The Times of Saturday July 3 1971.  The front page report was headed:  “Two killed as day-trip train crashes with 400 children on board”.

Two children, a boy and a girl, were killed and five people were seriously hurt when a seaside day-trip train carrying 400 children and 30 adults was derailed after hitting a bridge near Chester yesterday.  About 25 others were slightly hurt.                                                                    The train, carrying children and teachers, mostly from Benson Road Junior School in Winson Green, Birmingham, was returning from Rhyl, North Wales, where the children had been on a day excursion.                                                                                                                                     Police described the crash as a “major disaster” and 18 ambulances were sent to the area.Parents of injured children were taken from the Midlands to Chester by special train last night to see their children in hospital. Cheshire fire brigade sent fire machines, a breakdown vehicle and special cutting gear to the scene. Railway officials will hold an inquiry and a public inquiry is expected to be ordered by the Department of the Environment.                                                  More than 300 anxious parents waited in silence last night outside the Benson Road school for news of their children.  Dozens of police attempted to answer questions. At one stage they brought blackboards out into the street and chalked up what sketchy details they had, such as the number of injured. Later, as the children arrived home, many mothers were weeping hysterically.  Several children had cut marks and bruises and were crying.British Rail said last night that there were stretches of continuous welded rail on the line between Chester and Crewe, but it was not known whether the train was running on welded rail when the coaches were derailed.

The Birmingham Post, of July 5th reported that five crash victims were still detained in Chester Royal Infirmary.  They were Brian Law, aged 11, Margaret Hawkins, aged 11, Elsie Hobson, aged 59, Gladys Cross, aged 68 and PC Harold Coopey, aged 41.

The following letter from the Chief Constable of Cheshire, Henry Watson, appeared in                The Chronicle of July 9:

May I, through the columns of your newspaper, thank all the volunteer helpers who gave their services to assist the Police, on the occasion of the railway accident at Waverton, on Friday, July 2. Too numerous to identify individually, they all responded magnificently and rendered valuable assistance both at the scene and at the two hospitals which catered for the injured. Their help was very much appreciated by all concerned.                                                                      H Watson, Chief Constable, Constabulary Headquarters, Chester, July 5     

A report “Buckled track caused school train crash” appeared in The Times on July 16.               Evidence of “creep” in the railway track between Waverton and Tattenhall Junction was given at an inquiry at Crewe today into the derailment of a school excursion train on the return journey from Rhyl to Birmingham fortnight ago.  Two children were killed.                                                It had been established that the derailment was caused by a severe lateral distortion of the track, a buckle which developed under the train.  “This buckle was the result of instability in the track, and not of any gross fault either in the passenger train or in a preceding freightliner train or in the way these trains were being driven.”

The more detailed report of the inquiry, published in the Observer, explained:                                 The inquiry, called by the Department of the Environment, and conducted by Major C. F. Rose, Inspecting Officer of Railways, sat for five hours examining the circumstances in which two children died and 26 of their schoolmates, teachers and other passengers were injured when the last coach of a train carrying Birmingham children home from a day at Rhyl left the rails and overturned.  Evidence was given of “rail creep” - a technical term describing a minute movement of rails along the sleepers which can cause the gaps especially left for expansion to close up. It was heard that rail creep was discovered on the stretch of line concerned as early as February but had not been remedied at the time of the derailment.                                                  Mr D. M. Howes, Chief Operating Manager, London Midland Region, said that on behalf of the British Rail Board, he would like to express his sincere regret for the accident and the fatalities and injuries that resulted. Mr Howes also placed on record the Board's sincere appreciation of the work carried out by the police, fire and ambulance services and the staff of Chester Royal Infirmary and Wrexham War Memorial Hospital. He also thanked other bodies and individuals who rendered assistance.

The Chronicle of July 23rd carried the story, `Kindest school in the world':                                    While railway officials were gathering evidence for the inquiry, the children of Waverton County Primary School stepped in to give their own special evidence of thoughtfulness to two children injured in the crash. In assembly on the Monday morning after the crash, the children decided unanimously to give books, toys and games to 11-year-olds Margaret Hawkins and Brian Law, who were lying injured in the Chester Royal infirmary. So off went a deputation, laden with gifts, to the infirmary, where they saw Margaret, and Brian's mother. And last week, the headmaster, Mr Stanley Hancock, received a grateful `phone call from Mrs. Law and a letter from Margaret's father.  He told Mr. Hancock that Margaret had said: “Waverton School is the kindest school in the world.”

The derailment resulted in the formation of close links between the police and civic representatives of Birmingham and Chester which gave rise to a number of initiatives. One of the most notable of these was the presentation by Chester City Police, on 25th May 1972, of the gift of an Honours Board.  Miss Legge wrote in the Benson Log:

A Service was held today in memory of the two children killed in the train accident last July.  Police Inspector John Morgan and Police Constable Ronald Mountain presented to the school an Honours Board, given by Chester City Police and entitled The Catherine and Wayne Award for Good Citizenship.  A girl and boy from the Fourth Year were chosen to receive the award and Mrs Clarke and Mrs Dandy presented silver medallions, on which their names will be engraved, to the two children.  Their names will also be engraved on the Honours Board, which will remain in the school.

The Chronicle of 2nd June 1972 reported:

A JUNIOR school in Birmingham played host on Thursday last week to two Chester Policemen.  Inspector John Morgan and Police Constable “Rocky” Mountain know Benson-road Junior School because of a tragedy. Last July they were involved in rescue operations when a train carrying a party from the school back home after a day's outing to Rhyl crashed at Waverton.  Two children - a 10-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy - died after the accident. Last week in front of the assembled school Insp. Morgan and P.C. Mountain presented the "Katherine and Wayne Good Citizenship Board" to Miss Violet Legge, headmistress of the school who was also on the train 11 months ago. On the board - named in memory of Katherine Clarke and Wayne Dandy, the two children who died in the crash - will be engraved the names of a girl and boy chosen for the "good citizenship" in the school. The two children chosen will also receive a silver medallion. Also at the presentation in the crowded school hall were the parents of the two children who died.  Mrs. Mary Clarke and Mrs. Anne Dandy, mothers of the two, presented the first of the silver medallions - which will be awarded annually - to Rosinna Sadiq and Suraj Prakash Lal. whose names will be the first to be engraved on the honours board.

Our picture shows Miss Legge receiving the board from Constable Mountain.  Also seen are Mr. K. R. Pilling, deputy Chief Education Officer for Birmingham, Mrs. Dandy and Mrs. Clarke, with Suraj Lal and Rosinna Sadig, Inspector John Morgan, of Chester, Constable M. Coopey and Supt. J. Barnes of Birmingham City Police.

Unfortunately, although Miss Legge reported the occasions of the presentations in her Log until her retirement in 1976, she did not record the names of the recipients.  Nevertheless, it is clear that the presentation remained an important event in the Benson calendar as Miss Legge's entry of 9th July, 1976, indicates: 

The Catherine and Wayne Award for Good Citizenship was held this morning.  Among those present were the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Birmingham, the Chief Constable of Cheshire County Constabulary, Chief Inspector J Morgan and Police Constable R Mountain of Chester Police, the Former Mayor and Mayoress of Chester, Mr and Mrs J Smith, the Deputy Chief Constable of Birmingham, Mrs Hobson, Mrs E Stacey and the parents of Catherine Clarke.

Pam and Ted recently heard from Colin Lawrence who was one of the recipients of the award in 1973 and has kindly allowed me to include photographs of his medallion.  Colin was one of those who returned to Birmingham by bus after the derailment.

The trip to Rhyl in 1971 had been a whole-school affair and it is highly likely that many of the children who had been involved in the derailment and who were still at Benson made a visit to Chester in October, 1973. According to a report in the Observer, it seems that when PC Mountain had visited Benson in July, he had been asked if a football match could be arranged between Benson children and some from Chester.  This was agreed and the trip developed from there.There were precedents for arranging football matches.  The Benson Log of 17th October, 1971, records:  “Birmingham City Police `C' Division and West Bromwich Albion Football Club played a match in aid of the Catherine and Wayne Fund”.  There is no indication of the result of this encounter!        Miss Legge wrote, 2nd October, 1973:                                                                                              The school visited Chester Zoo this morning and Dee Point Middle School this afternoon and were welcomed by the Mayor and Mayoress of Chester, Councillor J Smith and Mrs Smith, Mr Harcastle HMI, Mr Lane, Director of Music for Chester, Mr Gordon Reeves, Chairman of Chester Education Committee, Mr Griffiths, Director of Education for Chester and Mr P McCabe, Head Teacher of Dee Point Middle School.  Police Constable R. Mountain, of Chester City Police, accompanied the school party. During the morning, while the children were at the Zoo, the Head Teacher, Mrs Hobson and Police Constable Coopey of Birmingham City Police, met members of the Fire, Ambulance and other Services including the WRVS and Red Cross Society, to thank them for their help in July 1971. The Chief Constable was also visited at Chester Police Headquarters, where our thanks were conveyed and Chester Royal Infirmary was also thanked for help. Gifts were sent to Wrexham Hospital, as it was not possible to pay a personal visit in the one day.                                                                                                                   Both of the Chester newspapers carried detailed reports, with photographs, of this visit.  One of the photographs shows Chief Constable, Henry Watson, being presented with a silver tankard by Miss Legge, accompanied by Mrs Hobson and Mrs Stacey.

In April, 2004, I was able with the kind assistance of Inspector Nick Adderley, to photograph the tankard at Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters.  It is inscribed:  “Presented in gratitude from Benson Junior School Birmingham to the Chester Police for kindness and help on 2nd July 1971”.  The photographs below show the tankard together with Inspector Adderley and Chief Constable of Cheshire, Peter Fahy.

The Observer, 5th October, 1973, records:                                                                                              A party of Birmingham schoolchildren returned to Chester on Tuesday to meet some of the people and organisations who helped them when they were involved in a tragic train crash two years ago. Since the tragedy in Waverton a definite link has been forged between Chester and Birmingham, which culminated in the trip by train to Chester of over 200 children from Benson Road School, plus teachers, helpers and Members of the Education Committee. Some of the fourth year children had also been passengers on the train involving the accident, but for most of the youngsters it was just an exciting day out to a city very different from their own. A visit to Chester Zoo was on the agenda for the children and then the party moved to Dee Point Middle School, Blacon, who acted as host school and provided tea for the visitors. Mr Peter McCabe, headmaster of the school, and his staff entertained the party, and the children of Dee Point played netball and football with the pupils of Benson Road; organised a discotheque for them, and showed them the various activities at the school. Benson Road School presented Dee Point School with two trees in memory of the two children who died in the train accident. Constable Ron Mountain, according to everyone involved in the visit, had been responsible for the contact between the two places, and had arranged Tuesday's outing.  He was quick to deny this, but from the thanks he received during the day, it was obvious that he had worked very hard towards the visit.

We still have photographs of the visit, including the football match and the tree-planting ceremony.

Unfortunately, some years ago, it became necessary for one of the trees to be replaced because it was in poor condition.

However, the second tree still flourishes and has for some years been the focus of an ongoing study of the seasons by children from Dee Point.  The origin of the trees only came to light as a result of this investigation.The invitation to Benson to visit Chester was reciprocated by Miss Legge.  On 18th June, 1974, she wrote:                                                                                                              Four hundred children from Dee Point Middle School, Chester, visited Birmingham today.  They were met at New Street Station by the Head Teacher and representatives of Birmingham City Police and taken to the Police Center at Metchley Lane, Harborne, where a display of Police dogs and horses was given.  They were then taken to Handsworth Park for a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon in school.  After school they were taken to Ladywood Comprehensive School for tea and welcomed by the Lord Mayor, Councillor E.J. Eames, who, with the Lady Mayoress, his sister, Mrs Georgina Wheeler, went to New Street Station for their departure in the evening.

I have not been able to find any newspaper report of that visit, neither in Chester nor in Birmingham, although I have spoken to someone who took part and can recall some aspects of the day. Perhaps it is appropriate that the final words of this piece should be those of Miss Legge who, on the occasion of Benson's visit to Dee Point, told the children:

When I was a young girl I was told that good will always come out of evil. The good of that tragic train crash has come in the wonderful kindness of the people of Chester.

In all of this, I have been unable to discover any mention of the plaque presented, as a token of friendship, to Dee Point Middle School.  There has been no indication of when or where it was presented, or by whom, who commissioned it or who made it. I have been in conversation with both Mr McCabe, Headteacher of Dee Point, and Miss Legge, and neither of them can remember anything about it. When I discussed the question with Ron Mountain, he told me that he still treasures what seems to be an identical plaque, presented to him as a token of friendship, but is unable to recall the occasion on which his plaque came into his hands. My understanding is that the plaques may have been made by someone in the Birmingham area, possibly a policeman, who had woodworking as a hobby.  And although the Honours Board was given and presented by Chester City Police, it appears that it, too, may have had its origins close to Benson School. Additionally, it has emerged, after much searching by many people, that the whereabouts of the Honours Board for Good Citizenship is now a mystery. It is on record that the Good Citizenship Awards were made from 1972 until, at least, 1976.  Someone in the vicinity of Benson must have been responsible for supplying the medallions and engraving them with the names of the children; who was this?  Equally, ten children must have been presented with the medallions and we know of only three; who were the others? If anyone can shed any light on these matters I would be glad to hear from them.

The quest for information about the plaque at Dee Point has been a rewarding one in so many ways.  That it has thus far proved to be inconclusive has been more than compensated by what I have learned about Benson and the acquaintances I have been privileged to make during the process. It would be wrong to finish without acknowledging the guidance and contributions which I have been fortunate to receive from a range of interested professionals, and in particular from those teachers, librarians and the staff at Cheshire Constabulary H.Q. who were most helpful. I remain especially indebted to Pam Willis, Ted Rudge and Colin Lawrence, former pupils of Benson Road School, and to Ron Mountain, formerly of Chester City Police, without whose interest, support and encouragement this account would not have been written. Finally, a big `Thank You' must go to my wife, Linda, and her colleague at Dee Point, Ron Lalek, who posed the questions in the first place.

Ron Lalek and Linda Taylor with the Benson plaque in the foyer of Dee Point Primary School, Chester April, 2004

At the time I was bringing this account to a conclusion, I spoke with a former Dee Point teacher who, I recently discovered, had joined the staff in January, 1974. She was not, therefore, at Dee Point at the time of Benson's visit to Chester but had heard of it.  She told me of a book, possibly about Birmingham, which she says had been presented to the children and staff at Dee Point by the children and staff of Benson. Apart from the visits of October, 1973, and June, 1974, I know of no other formal contacts between Benson and Dee Point and it therefore seems probable that the presentations were made on one or other of these occasions. The fact that we are now given the impression that the inscribed book existed before January, 1974, suggests to me that this might have been presented in October, 1973.  The plaque may have been presented at the same time or, as now seems more likely, in June, 1974, in Birmingham. Could it be that Benson pupils were involved in the presentations?  I wonder if anyone can remember being asked to take part?

Bob Taylor  November, 2006

IF YOU are able to FILL IN ANY OF THE MISSING DETAILS please send them to ted.rudge@virginmediat.com and I will forward them on to BOB TAYLOR


BENSON ROAD SCHOOL 13/10/09                                                                                                  I was browsing the internet and came across the Benson Road School on this website. Though I don't remember a lot about school, I am sure that the C&W award when I left was awarded to a pupil called Virinder Nayyer/ar (she is now married and I believe lives/d in Gloucester). She used to live on South Road and had a brother a year/couple of years older than her. The School also used to present an award for 'best handwriting'. I won it the year I left!                                                    Kindest regards and thank you for bringing back a few memories - Miss Legge/Miss Protheroe!     Sharan Kainth           kainthsk777@hotmail.com

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL 15/06/03                                                                                               I worked at Benson Road school canteen from september 1965 until July 1973 & was there when Wayne & Katherine where killed in the train crash [ wayne was the only child to pass the 11+ ] our cook Mrs George was also on the day trip with the children but she was lucky she was'nt injured in the crash just very dirty & shaken up it happened in 1971 Miss Legge was headmistress of the juniors at this time & Miss Protheroe was headmistress of the infant school.  Sheila Savery

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL                                                                                                                 I remember the train crash on return from day- trip to Rhyl, I was a pupil at Benson Road school, also lived right next to school in back to back house 8/115, (now demolished). I have tried for years to get some information about that day. Although it was very sad that we lost two pupils, and the memory of what happened still remains etched in my mind. Does anyone remember that a piller box was put up in the hall and pupils posted money in it to get to the target so we all could go. Some posted more than others I remember putting in three pennys.That was the only time I ever went to the seaside as a child, I was eight. I am now 44 and still see that day as my most happiest and saddest day of my childhood.Thank you Miss Legge & Benson Road School. God Bless the  family's of Katherine and Wayne.                                                                                                                       Well done great site. Clover Hines. Email: klover@hotmail.co.uk

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL                                                                                                                 My name is Tom Byrne, my brother Martin and I were on the train and we have many thoughts we can share with you, interestingly as well my younger sister Catherine was awarded the Wayne and Catherine medal along with a Sikh boy I think in 1974, sadly my sisters medal was stolen in a burglary, I have contacted my Mom and sister aswell as my brother and asked them to gather as much information as they can. My mom is sure she has photos of the medal presentation and of the anxious night waiting outside the school after the crash somewhere in the house but she needs to search a while and 4 house moves since then may mean chasing after momentoes passed onto my other siblings, I will do my best. I also have stayed in contact with my favorite teachers, Fran & Denis Corrigan, sadly Denis died several months ago but Fran is still as lively as ever, they were both on the train with us that fateful day.                                                                                               Please feel free to contact me. Tom Byrne   E-mail : tbyrne@hotmail.co.uk

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL 20/08/06                                                                                                   I have just read the sad news that Dennis Corrigan, former teacher at Benson Road School (1968 - mid 80's) has passed away, his funeral is at Lodge Hill Crematorium on Tues 15th Aug at 1.30pm   . Thank's to Sandra Rees for letting us know. 

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL 18/05/05                                                                                                           Does anyone remember how magical Christmas'at Benson Road school in the 60's were? I remember a big Christmas tree in the infant's entrance. it seemed to be massive and was covered with tinsel & glass balls. I think it had candles on, although that might just be my memory playing tricks on me. we made little displays out of red candles & gold & silver painted twigs. I still remember the smell of the melting wax. I miss those days more than I can ever say.I feel so sorry for today's youth, they think they have it all, with all their 21st century technology,& yet we had more than they could ever imagine, and we had next to nothing.        Mark Arnold   Email: fred2stone@yahoo.co,uk1

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL 13/06/03                                                                                               I was at Benson Road School 1955-62. The headmistress was Miss Legge, whose office was at the top of a spiral staircase. Other teachers were Mr Griffiths (deputy head), Mr Evans (who played the piano - there was a sort of tapestry on the back of the piano showing scenes from Wind In the Willows), Mr Phillips, Miss Ford, Mr Powell. Most of the teachers seemed to have Welsh names - and many of my fellow pupils too. Anyone remember the dreaded "Clinic" on the main road? One of my mates, Christopher Bilbow fell off the wall one lunchtime and cut his head open - I had to take him up to the "Clinic". I hated this place - whenever I went there they gassed me and took out some teeth! Luckily, this didn't happen when I escorted Chris to have his head patched up. For years I've been trying to write a book about growing up in Winson Green in the 50s and 60s - but publishers don't seem interested. Phil Mansell   Email: phil.mansell@newport.ac.uk

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL 09/06/03                                                                                           After coming across this website, I have just been looking at several colour slides that I took when I was doing my final teaching practice at                                                                                                                                                                                                                , February 1965. The children with whose class I was working did such an excellent project on France. This included a huge relief map made either from clay or papier mache, French costume posters made from scraps of material and even a papier mache French loaf of bread. First class work! Anyone happen to remember this? I didn't know at that time that Ozzy Osbourne was "in the area"! Best wishes to everyone.    Anne Elliott (nee Bassindale)     Email: akelliott@shaw.ca


Class photo circa 1951/2 taken at Benson Rd junior & infants school.                                                   I can still remember a few of the pupils names but not the teacher. Can anyone else put names to the faces, my name is Pete Ellis and l'm standing back row centre dressed in black.

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL 14/08/02                                                                                                       My parents were the caretakers at Benson Road school, where I lived from 1940 to 1965. I also attended the school. From 1951 to 1955 I was at Handsworth New Road school. Bob Jones

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL by Stuart Waldron 25/04/02,Stuart states Miss Dumealow was Head Mistress, she, as far as I know, was never head mistress during that period of time, she used to take topclass in the juniors, I know that for a fact as I was in her class during my last year. Miss Legge was head mistress when I started and still head mistress when I left. 


I would just like to put right the following facts about Benson Road School.  The Headmistress was Miss Legge and the Senior Teacher was Miss. Shiner who was replaced by Mr. Taylor.                        At the time I was at school 1949 to 1954 Miss. Dumalow was the Head of the Infants Department and Miss.Danby Earl was the Deputy Head.                                                                                  Think people are confusing the fact that Benson Road was an Infants and Junior School.          Your site is great - many thanks. Winifred Briscoe (Dickson)

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL 17/10/02                                                                                 Photograph taken in the playground 1938 / 39 the ocasion was either Commenwealth or British Empire Day.

Left to right: R.Davies, J.Cox, P.Crisp, S.Adams, B.Gibbs, Ethel Pursehouse, C.Mathews, V.Holland, Robert Buckley, M.Poole.                                                                                  Kneeling:A,Brickles and A.Webb.                                                                                           Photograph from Robert Buckley (anyone who would like to get in touch)                                    Email: robertbuckley@onetel.com

Here is an old photograph taken in Benson Road School in 1917 in the Domestic Duties class (Cookery) my Mother Glady's Carr is third from the left. On the blackboard is written... "Lesson 16. 24th May 17". "To Waste is Criminal".                                                                                 Don't they all look happy? All my mothers sisters and her brother went to Benson Road School.Photograph supplied by COLIN ASTON                                                                   

BENSON ROAD SCHOO 11/03/07                                                                                           Have just been looking through your schools site and have found two photographs taken in Benson Road School in 1917 and 1914-15. These photographs were supplied by Colin Aston whose mother Gladys Carr was featured in them...I think that, maybe, she was my great Aunt! My grandmother was Emma Carr and she had a sister called Gladys. If this is the case I would love to hear from anyone conected with the family.      Thank you.        Denise Elves  deesue22@gmail.com


Here is a school photograph of Benson Rd Year lll. My Mother Glady's Carr is top row 2nd from the end right. The date is about 1914--1915. Between the girls lying down is a small sign "B.Rd.lll". Colin Aston



Another Benson Road school photograph sent in by Barry Broadbent. Barry is sitting on the floor front left.                                                                                                                                               Can anyone tell what year the photograph was taken? or put names to the other pupils and the teacher?

Photo update                                                                                                                                                  After seeing this photo Maureen Harwood sent the following.                                                                               I have been on the website and I recognised the picture of our class, because I have it. I am standing next to the teacher, I am the girl with the dark hair, Maureen Harwood. The girl next to me with the ribbon in her hair is Betty Leesley, from Talbot Street. The girl on the left hand side who is standing with her hands to her side, on her own and with a parting in her hair, is Pauline Mann, from 31 St Michaels Hill, she was my best friend at school, I am looking for her. The girl who is on the forth row, on the far right, works in Benson Road School NOW as the secretary, she has a ribbon in her hair but I forget her name.                                                                                                 Maureen would like anyone who remembers her to get intouch Email: mrh223@hotmail.com

Another photo update 29/05/03                                                                                                             On the photo that Barry Broadbent sent in of the class at Benson Road school I am the girl sitting down on the right hand side with a ribbon in her hair! (I have worked at Benson Primary School as school administrator (fancy name for secretary) since 1979). I was born in Willes Road (where Mom still lives) and attended Benson School and then HNR leaving  in 1958. Sitting two up from me is Maureen Ashwell she is now  secretary at St.Catherine's School in Colmore Row.  That photo must have been taken either late 1948 or early 1949. The teachers name was Miss Jones she had reddish hair and even redder lipstick!     Pam Willis (nee Byfield)  Email: pamela.willis@whsmithnet.co.uk

BENSON ROAD SCHOOL                                                                                                                I left Benson Road School in 1944. At that time I had been in Miss Dumelow's class. Prior to that I was in Miss Green's class. There was also a Mr White who I remember. I seem to recall that the headmaster was a Mr Barlow, but in that I could be mistaken.                                                             David Phillips Email: aberic@telco4u.net



*Note Barford Road is in the Rotten Park District but a lot of people from Winson Green went to school there.


CLASS OF 1955 Taken AUG/SEPT/OCT           29/09/07

ROW 4: BERNARD (BUNNY) PRESSDEE, ALLAN HALL, JOHN ROBINSON, TONY PARKES, T. BACH?, MALCOLM READ, KENNY DURRANT, TONY LOVERIDGE.        ROW 3: DAVE  BAYLEY,  DAVID CLOVES, JOHN ALLEN, TONY CROOK, TONY ROBINSON, HAROLD  EVANS, CHARLIE (DINKY) NEATH, MAURICE CRUICHSHANKS,  N/l .                                                                                                              ROW 2: N/l,  J. FENSOME, M. PEACH, TONY DEAN, ? DEAN (TWINS) , KENNY MILES, N/l, N/l, JOHN CLARSON?, DA VID LONGSTAFF.                                                                   ROW 1: EDWIN CLAYTON, ROY COX, N/l, N/l, (TEACHER) F.J. MARTIN,  JOHN CLEWLEY,  MALCOLM WHEELER,  N/l,  H. BRIGHT.                                                        FLOOR: ALLAN TAYLOR, JOHN ONIONS.
Photograph supplied by Tony Parkes, names compiled by Tony Parkes and Malcolm Read Email mk.read@btinternet.com
 Can anyone fill in the N/I not identified . Please excuse any miss -spelling of names

Extract from school magazine
Christmas Leavers
D.Prichard, M.Peach, AHall, C.Callow, KDurrant, R.Colloff, M.Cruickshanks, M.Wheeler, D.Bayley, R.Beech, ADuthie, W.Lucy, RPerks, C.Scott, J Rose, T.Moxley, T.Strain, M.Walker, A Harris, S.Parker, T.Beard, D.Robbins, C.Crook, AJones, J.Freer, KOrgan, W.Mellor, J lHanson, B.Kirkham, J Davies, ANorth, C.Mould, AMincher, M.Crathorne.

Easter Leavers
KSutton, D.Nobbs, AScott, J.Haywood, H.Lowe, E.Clayton, J Robinson, M.Read, KHodgson, D.Cloves,A Robinson, A Dean, M.Renar, J.Lenton, A Lawrence, R Downing, K Moss, A Wilkins, B.Brusch, RHumphries, B.Phillpots.

Summer Leavers
L.Ward, F.Benson, T.Newbery, P.Cox, J.Glass, RCox, J Howes, T.Willetts, B.Daniels, H.Castello, W.Harris, C.Neath,J Gresty, ACummings, D.Clarke, V.Stephens, E.Varney, D.Breakwell, G.Pickering, T.Westwood, A Lester, G.Layton, RCollins, L.Bird, D.Hood, A Edge, D.Bridle, M.Barton, J.Perry,  D.Longstaff, KMiles, T.Bach, J Clason, AParkes, J Fensome, L.Oldershaw, KRead, D.Bowen, V.Hill, J Clewley, J Gardener, R Pearshouse, A Crook, H.Bright, J Allen, B.Pressdee, A Taylor.

     Barry Sutton ( 1951-55 )      Skating at Wembley                                                                              1st  in Open Challenge Trophy for dancing ( with partner ).
2nd ( silver medal ) - Individual Championship ( B. Isles ).

 FOOTBALL TEAM 1955/56                  29/09/07

Back row left to right: Mr.Edkins, Alan Lowe, Tony Parkes, John Robinson, Donald Robbins, Dennis Nobbs and Mr. Birch.                                                                                                                     Second row: Kenny Sutton, D. Beard, Les. Ward, Harold Evans, Terry Willetts and John Flint.                Seated: Bobby Nash and Tony Crook.                                                                                              Photograph and names supplied by Tony Parkes.

ATHLETICS TEAM 1956                   29/09/07

Back row left to right: Eric Perry,  N/l,  Allan Lowe,  Les.Ward, Bob Nash and B.Moore.               First row: Mr. Birch, John Morton, Ray Pearshouse, Tony Parkes and Mr. Hepburn.              Photograph and names supplied by Tony Parkes.

CLASS of 1954                      15/09/06

Seated on chairs right to left:   David Avery--John Newby--Mr R C Kingscote -- Frank Thornhill--Barry Welch--Mr Peasnall--three unknown Standing R-L behind Dave Avery Brian Clarke--John Whitehouse--unknown--Ken Green the rest unknown
Behind: John Whitehouse R-L  Dave Tipping--Francis Northall --Brian Timmings-- Willmott Richardson--John Underhill--John Merriman-- three unknown Philip Jordon on the end
Back row R-L: Barry Tenby--Bill Walin two unknown Dave Parry-- three unknown
maybe someone else can remember the others
Regards Frank Thornhill  E-mail : thornhilltool@btinternet.com


My mom went to Barford Rd school which is on the border of Winson Green and Rotton Park. At the time she lived at No 54 Winson Street  Winson Green when she left school in 1922 she was 14yrs and 55 days old.                  Best Wishes Clive Roach.  






Teachers 1946 - 1950
Head Teacher Mr Wilcox  then Mr Griffin.
Dept Head       Mr Bradley.
My form teacher Mr Kingscote
Physical Training teacher Miss Fisher
English teacher Mr Hepburn
Music teacher    Mr flavell
History and Swimming teacher Mr Pearsall
Woodwork teacher Mr Morgan.                         Thanks to  Alan Miles  Milesya@ntlworld.com

 BARFORD ROAD SCHOOL 1944--1948              Class 14-1updated 26/09/04                        Photo and naming thanks to Alan Miles  Milesya@ntlworld.com

Back Row L-R:   ?, ? ,? ,? ,? ,? ,? ,? ,'Gassa' Branson
Next Row L-R:   ? , ? ,Eric Martin , ? ,?, ? , ? , Norman Causer, Alan Miles , ? , ? .
Next Row L-R:   ? , Roy Johnson, ? , ? , ? ,Alan Bishop, Ronnie Warrilow , ? , ? , ? , ?.
Next Row L-R:   Stanley Beard, ? , ? , ? , Mr Wilcox (Head Teacher) , ? , ? , ? , ? .
Front Row L-R:   ? , ? , Ronnie Lawrence, ? , ? , ? , ? ,? .
                                           CAN YOU NAME THE OTHER ????s

The team was made up from pupils of the school 1950s

Back Row L-R:  Mr Oscar Allen (Trainer), Stanley Beard, ?,  Ron Willets, Jeffery Sanders, ? , ? , ? Front Row L-R:   Alan Miles, Kenny Warrilow, ? , Ronnie Allan, Jonny Scrannage, ? .
Photo and naming thanks to  Alan Mile    Milesya@ntlworld.com


(not quite in Winson Green but near enough)                                                                                                     Photographs supplied by Linda Daniels (nee DOE) 18/06/03 Email: ladan@blueyonder.co.uk

1920-1921                                                                                  Late 1920s


A photograph  taken during the 1950's. In the third row on the right hand side is me, Eileen Cartwright and on the same row, fourth from the right is my twin sister Doreen Cartwright.         Can anybody else identify themselves or others?                                                                                      If so please contact        angelblu42@hotmail.co.uk                                                                     Thanks and hope to hear from old friends soon.        Eileen Smith (nee Cartwright)




DUDLEY ROAD SCHOOL.    renamed  "Summerfield Centre"  

Dudley Road School a grade 11 listed building the oldest school in Winson Green (STILL STANDING) was built by the Birmingham School Board in 1878 and designed by Martin and Chamberlain. 

DUDLEY ROAD SCHOOL. 30/07/2017  help required about the school                           Hello Ted:  I am hoping that you or someone visiting your site can assist me in finding information about Dudley Road School. I have attached 2 photos of students from the school.  Dudley Road School is identified in the one picture. The photos were probably taken in 1909 or 1910, based upon the ages of my aunts who are pictured.  It would have been just before my Grandparents emigrated to Canada in September, 1910.  Many thanks for any assistance you can provide.  Regards from Canada.   Cheryl Smith.  clsmith@sympatico.ca

DUDLEY ROAD SCHOOL 1909/10  Cheryl Smith photo

DUDLEY ROAD SCHOOL 1909/10 Cheryl Smith photo

DUDLEY ROAD SCHOOL 1909/10.  Cheryl Smith photo

DUDLEY ROAD SCHOOL 1909/10. Cheryl Smith photo

DUDLEY ROAD SCHOOL   11/06/09                                                                                                 Were you EVACUATED to Abberley Parochial School, Worcestershire?????? On Sept. 1st 1939 a number of children were evacuated from Birmingham..... 30 infants from Dudley Road Junior Schools arrived accompanied by three teachers and three helpers. Were you one of those children or among those that arrived dring the war years?                                                                          Abberley school is celebrating its 150th anniversary and we would love to hear from anyone who were evacuated to the village. Please contact Jo Roche 01299 832666  recharge@portopol.fsnet.co.uk

DUDLEY ROAD SCHOOL  12/12/07                                                                                                    

In this photo taken about 1921/22 of Dudley Road School my mother, Elsie May Lowe is in the back row, four in from the left with the white bow in her hair on her right hand side. My mother was born in 1916, so this looks like her first or second year of school. My mother was a twin but her twin brother, Albert Leonard Lowe is not in the picture for some reason. He may have been sick that day or he may have been in another class from my mother. Can anyone else name any of the other pupils from this photo.             Albert Evans Email:moreland.evans@xtra.co.nz



Class of 1950 Thank's to Pauline Joseph for supplying the photos

DUDLEY ROAD SCHOOL                                                                                                                          Class of 1958/9

Class of 1920

Class of 1920

Supplied byLinda Daniels (nee DOE)  Email:  ladan@blueyonder.co.uk







I would like to leave a message on your school site but am un sure how to do so could you help.
My name was Delia Gould and I went to Foundry Road School and Handsworth Road School from 1947-1955 or there abouts. I remember Mavis Rudge, Nora Johns, Valerie Reap, Jean Meluish anybody who remembers me please get in touch with me at    dwoodwardbennett@yahoo.com.

FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL   30/09/10      CLASS OF 1937/38  

Back Row     Jenny Davies, ?, ?, Vera Graham, ?, Eva Fletcher, Katie Dyke, Audrey Stubbs,
                     Babs Jenkins, sylvia Deakin, Jean Pugh, D Smith.
Third Row   John Lissemore, Gordon Bradley, John Edwards, Ron Smith, Frances Erry,Ruth         Jackson, Doreen Barrett, Alec Jilkes, George Stockley, Harold Green, J Stokes, Denis Padget.
Second Row ?, Joan Edwards !, Margaret Rainbow, Joyce Corps, Madge Holmes, Mr Trelore,
                       Cliff Mears, Roy Bickley, Ray James, Dennis Evans, Bernard Smith.
Sitting on floor L-R Alan Keith, Gordon Brindley, ?, Cyril Rotheroe, ?, ?, Ron Hardeman, --- Jukes.
Photograph thanks to Dennis Evans.

One piece of history that is missing from the entries regarding Foundry Rd School is the sad death of a pupil there in about 1955/56. It think his name was Harris and he collapsed and died whilst fighting with another boy called Eric ??(I think it was Scanran or something like) The fight took place in the boys toilets at afternoon playtime. Itwould be nice if someone else remembered him. He was a very thin dark lad with a deformed arm and had a heart defect of some kind. Regards Colin Brown  cwbrown@onvol.net

FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL 14/05/08                                                                                                                                               Staff of 1953
I've just discovered my 1953 school diary which lists the staff as follows:
Miss W M Moyle [Head Teacher]
Mr C V Kirkham [Chief Assistant]
Miss W A Wastell [2nd Post of Responsibility]
Mr R H Lewis
Mr D J Cummings
Mr D G Jenkins
Mr E Cross
Mr G W Thomas
Miss H O Smith
Miss M I Dunn
Miss P A Powell
Mr W J Eames
Mrs D Ridgley [Secretary]
Ted Collins (Meat) Ltd   tedcollins@tedcollins.entadsl.com

FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL  26/03/08                                                                                                                                               FREE DINNERS AND POVERTY
Seeing the picture of Foundry Rd. school dining hall brought back not very fond memories of the time in the late fifties when my mother Betty Ashford worked there as a cook.
I remember making the long walk down Winson Green Rd. with my two sisters during the holidays when the school was open to pupils who received free dinners. We had our dinner with them and I remember the mothers standing along the wall with other children and babies waiting to be fed should there be anything left (which there always was).These children would have gone hungry without the service that was provided by the school and was my first insight into the poverty that existed in the area in which I lived.
Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful site in which to share our stories.
Kindest regards  Jim Ashford   wendyjim29@btinternet.com

FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL 26/03/08                                                                                                                      THE BAKER BOYS 

L to R; Maurice George Baker went to Foundry Road School, in 1947 age six.                                            

Malcolm Danold Baker went to Foundry Road School in 1950 left in 1955 and he also went to Handsworth New Road School and left in 1960.

David Winston Baker went to Foundry Road School in 1947 left in 1953 and went to Handsworth New Road School and finish there in 1958.

David Bakers best friends were Barry Grinnal, Johnny Lawrence, Johnny Masters, and Carol Stansbry from Foundry Road School.  David would love to hear if they are still around.  ukozzy_69@hotmail.co.uk

FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL   14/02/03                                                                                                                  MEDALS  FOR  PERFECT  ATTENDANCE at FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL early 1900's        

My mother Daisy Cherrington lived at 81 Foundry Road and attended Foundry Road School were she was awarded the medals for perfect attendance. The silver medal says awarded to Daisy Cherrington 1904, for eight years perfect attendance. The bronze top left is 1902. The bottom bronze is for 3 sessions of perfect attendance at evening classes.                                                        The jeweler is  P. Vaughton & Sons Gothic works, Birmingham.
 Mother worked for Ward Brothers Jewellers making Lavaliers when she was 14 yrs. old. She used a blowtorch in her mouth to shape the jewellry!                                                                                She came to Canada in 1912 with her widowed mother and her 2 brothers. They arrived in Quebec City aboard the Tunisian, then settled in Hamilton Ont.                                                                    Photograph Daisy Cherringtons daughter Lillian and her husband Ray taken on their 60th wedding anniversary.                                                                                                                                         Kind regards Lillian Alder

FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL                    Class 1/1  of  1953 

The photograph is taken in the infant's playground, the houses in the background are in James Turner Street. The school buildings on the left are the infant's classrooms.                                      The teacher is the very kind and charming Miss Dunn who guided us through our first year in the juniors. I still have a propelling pencil she gave to me, converted from a rifle bullet.                         Back row L-R:  Joyce ?, Rita Jelly, Sylvia Baddeley, David Elliott, Alan Day, Diane Woodman, Royston Brazier, Joey Miles, Raymond Crump, Annette Johnson, Linda Sadler, David Woodman & Michael Williams                                                                                                                                                                                Second Row- L-R: Gloria Jelly, Maureen McBride, Helen Waite, John Varley, David Lowe, David James, Brian Bant, Pat Stansby, Val ? & Linda Jones                                                                                Third Row L-R: Sandra Davies, Susan Holmes, Barbara Holmes, Pamela Ingram, Tony Vincent, David Halford, ? Bellefield, Robert Taylor, Keith Whitehouse, Martin Hewitt, James Holloway, Roger Brown & Michael Devaney                                                                                                                                  Front Row L-R: David Durose, John Farrington, Michael Davenport, the twins are Norman and Leslie Bradshaw with Graham ? in between.

Linda Jones was my dancing partner. Alan Day contracted polio and was removed from school, we never found out if he recovered, I hope he did. John Varley lived in Preston Road and amazingly for the time his dad built his own car called the Varley Special. David James lived in Magdala Street and his dad ran a large mobile grocery van with his name embellishing the sides. Keith Whitehouse was the caretakers son, his house being in Perrott Street. The class shows 42 pupils, numbers not a problem for teachers in those days. Other names in the same year who I remember are John Weston, Dennis Brassington, Edwin Averill, Peter Shakeshaft, Max Lloyd, Margaret Armstrong, Brenda Blaine, John Watson, Colin Dovey & John Grinham.  
James Holloway  james@gwr4111.freeserve.co.uk


FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL                 School Report July 1956

This is all you received at the end of each year.  The comments and results are entirely handwritten by Miss Powell who was our teacher for 2 consecutive years, those were classes 3/1 and 4/1.  I remember being very pleased when I heard she was to be my teacher purely because she was young and a woman. Apart from Miss Dunn my only other teacher in the juniors was Miss Wastell, class 2/1. She was considered quite old and had a stern countenance, but my mom said that I learned more in her class than at any other time in school. The headmistress's signature, Miss Moyle, is a rubber stamp, high tec. in those times.
James Holloway  james@gwr4111.freeserve.co.uk

Christmas party, in I would guess 1955 or 1956. On this photo I'm the one on the far left, back row holding something, directly under the letter H.

Sheila Shell nee Blackwell sheila.shell2@btinternet.com


Interesting to see Foundry Road School Christmas 1956. I was due to be a rabbit in the play but decided I needed to have my tonsils out instead! I left early in 1960, I was in Mr Williams' class at the time.                   Frances Davis  Email: vikingx2002@aol.com



Taken in1953 for the Coronation. I only have the name of the three small girls top
left, they are from left to right: Andrena Pell, Jillian Patterson and Brenda Dovey.                           Martin Hanchett   CAN YOU NAME THE OTHERS.



Back Row L to R.Michael Bubb, Gloria Blaine, Stanley Watson,  Sheila McNabb, Bill Devaney, Linda Garret, Maureen Hickens, Michael Kench, Valerie Inett, John Armstrong, John Jenkins, Pat Simcox.
Next Row L to R. ?, ?, ?, Margaret Vincent, David Chapman, ?, ?, Pat Frost, ?, Ann Simms,?.
Next Row L to R.Stella Turnock , Valerie Barley, ?, Raymond Burrows, Alfred Freeth, John Payne, Barbara Simson, Dina Mills, Barry Griffen, David Grinham, Terry Reed, Beryl Johns, Eileen Horton, Clive Roach, ?, Fred Handcock        (Edward Reece)
Front Row L to R. ?, ?, ?, Keith Wood, Tommy Hudson, David Harris.
Two Girls Sitting. Joan Reeves , ?.

Thanks to David Chapman for the Photograph of Foundry Road School 1949 / 50
Can you help David to fill in the missing names please send them to us.


FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL   06/06/07                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           In the photograph taken at Foundry Rd, 1949 ? sent in by David Chapman, we also had a John Holmes, in that class but I can't put the name to the face its a little while ago now! The girl stood next to me Maureen Hickin befriended me on my first day at the school in 1947 we are still good friends today.           Lynda Harper nee  (Garrett) Email: lynh9@hotmail.com

FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL 01/09/05                                                                                                                                                               One of the little girls on the floor with the sandles on, to the left of the picture is me Joan Reeves.
Joan Freeman(reeves)Email: joan.freeman@sympatico.ca

FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL                                                                                                                                                                                              The school photo was taken at Foundry Rd.school 1950/51. I am sitting on the front row on the right of the group I am the one wearing white pumps. Clive Roach. 

FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL                                                                                                                                                                             Joan Dawson nee Turnock Email: jo@greatfieldhouse.co.uk said 3rd row from back - first on left. Little girl with hair ribbon, dark cardi, white socks and shoes is my sister, Stella Turnock
Can anyone fit Pat Reynolds in the photo she was displaced by Stella Turnock ????      

FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL                                                                                                                             Photograph Foundry road school 1949/50. The missing names .
back row. First position on left is John Deacon.                           
Second row.Third from left is Veronica Nicholson.
Third row. Third from left Brian Wheeler.
Fourth row. girl sitting on right hand side is Margaret Greenaway.
I had a fantastic time at Foundry Road School.great memories.
John Jenkins Email: john.jenkions209@blueyonder.co.uk


I went to Foundry Road school and can remember the headmistress Miss Moyle very well also the staff there was MR CROSS MR KIRKHAM, MR JENKINS, MR DAVIS, MISS POWELL, MISS SMITH also one of the dinner ladies her name was MRS JUNE PAIGE who I still see from time to time.  From Foundry Road I went to HNR those were the good times sadly never to return regards Mary Shurmer nee MALLABAND            Email: maryshurmer@btinternet.com



Florence Ward nee Wiggin.  E:mail royston.b@blueyonder.co.uk
Floss is on the  photo, she is the girl to the right of the two girls in the centre of the photo holding the flowers.


Photo of me (Clive Roach) dancing  taken in the hall at Foundry Rd School (Clive's dance partner contacted us with her name Christine Whiles nee Roe)

Christines story can be found on the Winson Green Road page 15/02/2014

FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL     Red Team                           

Photo of Red Team? Foundry Rd School 1949/50                                                                                                      Back row LtoR Alfred Freeth,Pat Frost, Clive Roach, Billy Devany, Valerie Barley, John Deacon.
Front Row Linda Garrett, David Grinham, Maureen Hickin, Terry Read, Pat Reynolds.              Photos supplied by Clive Roach


Christine Turton (neeNewman) is first on left.
The girl on the far right in the gym slip is (7 years old) RITA HORTON.                                               Photo from Alan Sorrell   28/07/03



Thanks to Maureen Fulford for the photograph. Maureen's mom was a dinner lady at the school

   FOUNDRY ROAD JUNIORS 17/06/05 Photo thanks to Allan Butler (Present school entrance ) 


FOUNDRY ROAD SCHOOL                                                                                                           I was just breezing through the internet and through some whim I looked up my old school, Foundry Road Juniors.

I was there from 1951 to 1954 and remember Miss Moyle, Headmistress, as if it where yesterday. I recall the school having a commerative garden built for the coronation and I think that the school picture was for the opening of that.I can't recognize me in the photo, I was one of the few kids who wore glasses.

How important those formative years were and at that time the school had pretty good standards.
In my case it led on to doing well in business living and working in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada and the US.

I now live in San Diego California where I own my own wine importing company. Not bad for the kid from Markby Road and due in no small means to those years at Foundry Road.

Malcolm (John) Jones    Email: shirazman@sbcglobal.net



  TEACHER Mr Holder
   Back row. John Armstrong, ?, David Harris,?, Barry Griffin, ? .

   Front row.? ? David Grinham ? ? 

Thanks to  Clive Roach for supplying the names can anybody please help with the others.
Thanks to Fred Hancock for naming the teacher