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All Saints School (erected 1843) and how it looks today.

ALL SAINTS SCHOOL  Memories and Abbey Street  28/04/2017.                                           I've only just found this site it;s fascinating. My family lived in Abbey Street, I'm the youngest of three sisters Pat, Chris & Marilyn Walford. We all went to All Saints School, I was there until 1965 and remember Stephen Calder, Kenny Strawbridge and Terry Weston so well. Nobody seems to have mentioned the Annex, I can't remember exactly where it was but somewhere in the direction of the Flat, Mr Gaffney taught us there, I recall it being absolutely freezing . I have great memories of the school, Mrs Sharrett giving out Christmas presents to each child, wrapped in blue or pink tissue paper, 'lessons' outside in the playground which involved toy irons and ironing boards.I remember the Nativity Plays really well as I was the narrator and had to use a real microphone from the Pulpit. To this day I can't drink out of a soft plastic beaker without thinking of Mrs Nicklin pouring hot chocolate from a white and blue enamel jug, the memories of the smells and steam in the kitchen are so strong. Oh, and the outdoor corridor on the first floor, I loved that, sometimes going back to class along that corridor I'd see my Mum walking to work and would wave and call. The P.E. classes in the Hall with the 'Apparatus' that looked like scaffolding, the little room at the back of the Hall where we lined up in vest and knickers for our medical tests, the wooden slide outside for the children in Mrs Brookes class - I can still feel the splinters!
We lived on one of the back rows of houses in Abbey Street, back of 62 which was Bill and Margie Lackey at the outdoor. Bill and Alice Arley lived on the other side of the passage and Bill grew prize chrysanthemums with huge flowers which he used to put bags over to keep them pristine. I think my sisters got into trouble for posting bits of grass and sticks through a hole in the Arleys outdoor toilet when Bill was in there!
Brighton Place, was more of a scary place for me though my older sisters played there a lot, what sticks in my mind is watching a child with diphtheria being taken to hospital, swathed in a bright red blanket and a family there where the Mum kept a pet rabbit that wandered freely round the house and stretched out in front of the fire - was it a lady named Joan Randell? 
Good Heavens it's been a long time since I've been back there but this site has made the memories flood back......I don't have any school group photographs, did we have them? I'd love to see them, I can remember quite a lot of names, but not the faces so much of the children in my class, would be good to see what we were all like.
Marilyn Walford - marilynhole@hotmail.com

 ALL SAINTS C of E SCHOOL 02/07/2016                                                                                My name is Victor Lee mentioned in Steven Calder post on 25/02/2011.
I have only just discovered your site.
I lived in (little) Park Road from 1954 to July 1964, not far from All Saints Station and yes 7 o'clock watching the Midland Pullman crossing the bridge over Icknield Street is something I remember too.
Miss Cole was head mistress when I started and I was one of the victims of her policy of forcing left handed people to write with their right hand. A policy changed by Mt Williams but too late for me.
Mr Williams also started the scout group there and he was Skip at the scouts while his wife was Akela at the cubs. Remember going to my first scout rally at Handsworth Park..
Miss McVickers (aka Miss Black Knickers) was evil, in circa 1962 I was ill with yellow jaundice and had 13 weeks off from Christmas to Easter and when I returned I didn't have a desk she thought I had left!
Kenny Strawbridge was my best mate we walked home together I also remember Karl Chapman who's father worked on the buses and knew my father.
We also went to Sunday School at the church and youth club on Wednesday evening which was run by the Sunday School staff but in the Infant School classes and playground.
The main thing I can recall is Christmas circa 1963 the nativity was held in the church and I was in the choir which was on a platform built across the side pews. We had a real live donkey bring Mary into the church as we sang "Little Donkey" Mr Williams did his fruit when the press got hold of the story but the Church was packed, you didn't see real live donkeys in Birmingham in those days.
I also sang in the Church Choir on Sundays and Saturdays at weddings, people paid £1 for the choir and it was split between the choir so when there were 8 there we use to lock the door so we could have half a crown each, two bob post office saving stamp and sixpence for sweets, in the end the vicar used to make up the money to half a crown each if there was more than 8 of us to stop the fighting. Funny what you remember. Regards Victor Lee    victor18031954@hotmail.com

My sister, brother and my self attended All Saints School, I left in 1968 to go to my Secondary School, Handsworth New Rd Girls, my brother left in1970, so it could have closed down till then. My memories of that School were happy ones, The annual school trip to Dudley Zoo for the infant school and then the Zoos in London, Chester, Bristol is what I can remember. The nativity plays in the church, one year it had been filmed for television and a live donkey was used. I remember the Rev Morris, who was the Vicar. I recall most of the teachers others have mentioned, including Mr Jones and Mr Roberts, the head masters, one of them smoked a pipe which I thought gave of a lovely aroma. I can recall Mr Manning could be very hard on pupils, either canning them or giving them a hard thump in their backs, couldn't happen to day. I recall Elaine Mailing, Susan Loxton, Janet Gordon (brother's name was Jeffrey), Wendy and Ian cumberbatch, the Smiths twins, Kevin wall and his twin, Stephen Wolfe, another boy called Robert who had lots of brothers, there was another set of male twins, one of them died in the summer of 1968. There are a number of others I can remember either first name are surnames. All Saints will always be special to me.                      Hilda O'Keeffe  optimise@live.co.uk


School football Team 1950-52 

Thanks to Alfred Rogers for the photo  g.rogers@btinternet.com

Thanks to Alfred Rogers for the photo g.rogers@btinternet.com

Thanks to George Moore for remembering the team members names below.
Back row Terry Daley, John Daley, Alf Rogers,Horace Timbrell, Ronnie Hemmings, Des Boucher
Front row Graham Powell ,George Moore ,Raymond Hall ,John Bailey ,Michael ? Taylor.
George Moore georgemoore771@btinternet.com

I am Steve Calder, I lived in Lodge road from 1954 - 1971 and attended All Saints school from
1959-1965. I remember the original headmistress Miss Cole, her replacement Mr Williams, Miss
Pierce, Mrs Sharratt, Miss McVicar (aka wicked witch). Mr Smith and Mr Manning. I Also remember some of my fellow pupils such as Victor Lee, Steve Meakin, Alan Worth, Terry Weston, Ken Strawbridge Angela Syme, Jeanette Murphy ( my first girlfriend) and Marilyn Walford. Does anyone remember me? It would be great to hear from you if you do.                                              Steve Calder. stephencalder27@yahoo.co.uk

I have been looking at your Brookfields website for some time and have connections with the area - Hockley. I knew the Flat and Lodge Road. My grandmother Theresa Masters lived at 2 Ford Street Hockley and after I was born at Dudley Road hospital in 1952 we all lived there with her for a year. My mom was Florence Masters and had a twin sister Maud they went to All Saints school aboout 1927 onwards and I have a photo I think was taken 1928 - 1930.My mom is the girl at the back far right and Maud is next to her. It also shows 2 very strict looking teachers I wonder if anyone recognises.

My Aunt and uncle Winnie and Harry Phelps also lived in Ford Street and my two cousins Barry and Brian Phelps went to All Saints - I wondered if they were in the photo taken in 1949? Barry would be 10 and Brian about 6.
I was christended at All Saints church in December 1952 and the photo from Sheila Savery on the All Saints Church page looks interesting - does anyone know when that was taken? I would love to hear from anyone who remembers any of these names. My mom married Dick Little and become Florence Little in 1948 and they met in the Abbey pub when he was de-mobbed about 1947.
Thank you Barbara Hanford  barbarahanford@googlemail.com

I have just recently discovered your great site and I thought you might like to include in the SCHOOLS section a photograph of All Saints School, Brookfields taken in 1949. I am the one sitting on the front row, sixth from the left with bows in my hair and white ankle socks.

The Head Mistress was Miss Cole (who incidentally was head teacher when my father attended All Saints a generation before!) I remember a few things about the school like the outside toilets and, of course, the air raid shelters in the school grounds which we were forbidden to go into but often did, and walking in two's to Icknield Street School for our dinner. I attended this school until I was 8 years old as my parents then had enough "points" to get a council house at Castle Bromwich. I lived at 9 Victoria Terrace, Goode Street (sometimes known as 9/28 Goode Street) Hockley, opposite Scribbans'. I have enjoyed reading all the stories on your site regarding The Flat etc. as it brings back many great memories. Many thanks, Loraine Birtles nee Harris lorainebirtles@aol.com

REF Class of 1949  16/01/09
I have recently been browsing your website, when I came across a picture of which I think my late wife was in, it's the photo of 1949 class of All Saints School.
Could anyone tell me if the girl on the front row of the picture second in from the left is Jean Cotton, she used to live in Little park Road, opposite the Welcome P.H. If anyone can confirm that the girl in the picture is Jean cotton, I would appreciate this, once again many thanks
Steve Garratt  stephengarratt@live.co.uk


Left is the play ground, the fence on the right is where All Saints church used to be and  a picture of All Saints School today.

Photos supplied by Paul Gattrell ( 15/12/03)

Photos supplied by Paul Gattrell (15/12/03)

The main School  doors, to the right was the school hall and to the left was
Mrs Pooles and Mrs Brooks 1st class. In front was the stairs to the headmasters room and the other classrooms. I wonder how many people will remember passing though these doors.      corale.hewitt@btinternet.com
Query---- In relation to Ken Aston's comments about the All Saints School doors that I had photographed (does anyone remember these ?) the photo is of the side entrance doors in the grounds sorry for misleading anyone Paul Gattrell Email: carole.hewitt@btinternet.com (04/07/04)



The Queens Coronation celebration in All  Saints School hall 1953.And the Sand pit dedication at All Saints School.
Photos supplied by Pauline Joyce nee Busby                            
Pauline please contact  Nick & Rona Burroughs on nicyrona@hotmail.com they have tried to contact you on your old email address.

ALL SAINTS SCHOOL.                                                                                                                       I lived in Brookfields all my young life our address was 11/1 Rosalie Street.  I was born 29/ 04/ 1942 and went to All Saints  and Barford Road Schools. I was delighted to see your web site, especially the photo of the sand pit at All Saints School. It was my father George Taylor who built it and there is a great picture of him at the opening.
I have tried to contact a few of the people who's e.mail address appears on your web site, but unfortunately they no longer exist.
AT the moment I am in Clearwater in the United States, but am eager to hear of anything concerning Brookfields.                                                                                                                Thank's a lot Anthony (Tony) James Taylor, Email: taylorinclearwater@knology.net

All Saint's School Christmas play; late 1950's

photo thanks to Mary Evans

photo thanks to Mary Evans

Back L to R ? ? ?,Linda Dodson,June Wilkes, Len?, Robert Jones, David Gibson,? ? ?, Jean Cassidy, Maureen Kemp,? ,Susan Evans, Janice Flowers, Mary Evans
Middle two boys; Stuart Relton, Gary?
Sitting ;5th from left Derek Wilson, 3rd from right David Norton?

I have just been told about your amazing website and must thank you so much; I feel as if I've been transported back in time! I feel as if I have seen a ghost; the names, the places...I lived in the area from @ 1955-1969 and attended All Saints School..in fact I'm in the school pantomime photo.. I so remember Black Patch Park, and knew that it had gypsy connections but didn't know the details..I remember the ghost stories about Icknield Street by the cemetary [Roman Soldiers methinks!]..in fact I could go on and on ...thank you SO much for setting up this website..Mo Roe [nee Maureen Kemp]  MROE2@ AOL.COM

Love your pictures & comments. I lived at 113 Prescott Street until 1968 (Camden St. School partially burnt down - by the Caretaker). My Father was Ron Waldron, he was an artist of sailing ships and steam trains.
I used to hang round with Chris Robinson & Pam Holmes both of New Spring Street. I also used to go to
All Saints Junior School. Miss Cole was the Headmistress. My Father said she used to be his Headmistress as well. My teacher was Miss Jaffa. In Camden Street School, Miss Lewis was my English Teacher, Miss Mountford (French), Mr.Holton (Maths), Miss Morris (Music). When I first started Miss Edmunds was the Head. She retired, then there was Miss Warren. I remember the neighbours. Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner, Mr & Mrs OBrien,
Ingrid Waldron-Webb   iggywebb@yahoo.com

My school days at All Saints were horrible, l hated school. l can remember that small sand pit in one of the photo's on my very first day. lt must have been March/April 1949, my earliest memory of life. My mom took me and after about 30mins l ran home. Mom took me back & l played in the sandpit.
The description of Miss. Cole was correct from another entry, she was frightening. l remember her making all the left handed pupils myself included, standing in front of every one in assembly and told we must write right handed, all our moms went to see her and got it reversed.
l also remember a Miss Rowbotham (teacher) feinting in assembly, she just slid down the wall. She was ok after some smelling salts.Roger Bayliss E-mail rogerbayliss1@blueyonder.co.uk

The picture of All Saints school on the Brookfields website, bought back many memories. I was a pupil there from late 1954 until I left for senior school aged 11. (1961). My introduction to All Saints came when my Mom took me to see if she could get me place before my fifth birthday. I started in September 1954, aged four and a half. The headmistress was Miss Cole, a fearsome old dragon. Her stare could strip paint at 50 paces, but from the first time I set foot in the school, Miss Cole took something of a shine to me. The feeling was not mutual, I held her in absolute dread!
The ground floor shown in the photo was the school hall. Strangely the doors shown on the ground floor were hardly ever used, access was had from the side entrance within the grounds of the school. At the end of my first day ‘in the infants’ the teacher a rather fussy woman with lots of black hair and bright red lipstick – what my mother would have called mutton dressed as lamb! She gave my mother glowing reports of my behaviuor on that first day. Ooh, Mrs Aston she gushed. Keith’s been such a good boy! He’s the only one who hasn’t cried for his Mum! Little did she know that my silence was induced, not by happiness or even curiosity, but by sheer terror. The whole class apart from me was occupied by thirty screaming – and I do mean screaming and kicking kids. It was Bedlam! The only reason I didn’t join in with them, was that I had gone through being terrified, and out the other side into shock! Thankfully nowadays this does not happen, as the kids are introduced gradually to school.
Above the hall, and also shown on the Brookfields website photgraph, was Miss Pierces class. She was my teacher from 1959 –60, and was a good teacher at that. The year before, I was in Miss Pardoe’s class. She was just the opposite to Miss Pierce. She had grey hair which she wore in a tight bun. She never smiled, and if you weren’t among her favourites, and I certainly wasn’t! - she’d make your life hell. Makes you wonder why such people choose teaching as a profession. She clearly didn’t like kids, and certainly showed no skill in handling them, other than to bully and subdue. I often thought she’d missed her vocation, with the ending of the war. She’d have made a good Commander of a German Panzer Division! Miss Pardoe taught us in the annexe, for part of the year. Mr Gaffney, who came from Wattville Road School in Handsworth, took over during the latter part of this year, and was I ever glad he did. Like Miss Pierce, he was a task master, but if you worked he was fair. The annexe was in Heaton Street off of the flat, next to Icknield Street School. Icknield Street school is still standing, and is in use as an Asian Community centre, so it is nice to see that the building still fulfills a useful function. My final year was spent in Mr Mannings class. During this year Miss Cole the headmistress retired, and the head's post was taken over by Mr Williams. A tall man with sandy coloured hair.
Some of my mates from that time were: Steven Earl, , Janet Davies, and from Hockley as well as Brookfields, Geoff Stanford, Gordon Smith, Janet Smith - no relation, Patty Humphries, Roy Heritage, Alan Todd, Peter Hinton, Michael Langton.. Brenda Rowley, Christine Waldron and Linda Betts, were other contemporaries of mine from the period. There were of course many others, but these are the ones I remember off the top of my head.
Other friends from the period, but not necessarily attendees of All Saints School were: Tommy Morris, Jeffrey Winter, Roy Taylor, Michael Shiner, Jimmy Badger Pamela and Susan Thorpe, Moira Greer, Kenny Jenkins John and Roger Blower, John Leatherbarrow and Gerard Small.
At the end of the school day, I would walk home, grab a bite to eat, and then go trainspotting. This was done in All Saints Street, a top one of two large brick piers with cap stones, that sit – they are still there – at the entrance to the goods yard. I believe that the yard is now an industrial estate. Both mainline and local service trains ran from Snow Hill, heading for the North. We awaited the King class loco’s, great green leviathans belching smoke and steam. They pulled the express trains, and were a sight to behold. In about 1959. I remember they were starting to be replaced by the first diesels. Does anyone remember the Pullman. Painted sky blue, it passed All Saints Street at 7:01 every week night. I recall that we were as excited by the sight of this diesel when it was new, as we were by the King class steam loco’s. By Ken Aston   ken.aston@astonav.com

I too remember All Saints School in the fifties. As Ken Aston says Miss Cole was a headmistress to be feared but she was also very fair. Mr Williams took over from her and was very fond of Country Dancing, so in the last year in Mr Mannings class eight of us spent time visiting other Birmingham Schools giving demonstrations of Morris dancing. My final memories of Miss Cole though came many years later, it must have been the early seventies. I had moved to Harborne and was on election duty at St Lawrences Church in Court Oak Road, who should walk in to Cast her vote, yes she hadn't changed at all she still instilled that bit of fear. As for trainspotting at the Entrance to the goods yard in All Saints Street, the weighbridge attendant always used to send you running if he found you trying to rock the weighbridge. But he wouldnt mind if you sat on the old rail fence beside the cattle pens, perhaps it was because he knew that parts of it were covered in grease. There were also quite a number of squashed pennies from being placed on the rails for the shunting engines to run over them
by Andy Jarvis


Regarding All Saints School, I, too, remember Miss Pardoe. She looked just like Ken described her, but I am indebted to her because she was the first person to spot my eyesight problem. This resulted in my having to wear glasses, not something I was thrilled about, but which probably avoided worse difficulties in later life. Another teacher I recall was Mrs.Rowbotham, though not with any great affection. As far as the pupils are concerned, I remember (of course) Keith Aston, Steven Earle, Alfred Pendleton (from Paxton Road), Michael (?) Chapman (Wharf Street?) & David (?) Lane, and my memory has been jogged re. Kevin Flynn. Entries on the Friends Reunited website for pupils leaving the school in 1961 (I left for Rookery Road in 1959, but that was my year group) are David Norton, Diane Heath, John Shellis & Carol Smith. I'm sure anyone who was at All Saints remembers that high brick wall at the end of the playground and the railway wagons that slowly moved behind it. I wondered for years what this was all about or whether I'd just imagined it. Then I discovered that there was a lift that took wagons from Hockley goods yard up to the higher level beside the school. These wagons serviced the canal which in turn linked up with places like GKN. I suppose the wagons could have been horse-drawn and the lift hydraulic - hence the name of the nearby pub?
Like Ken, one of my fondest memories of living in Brookfields was trainspotting at Hockley Station, or rather just inside the gates to the goods yard in All Saints Road. The colour and excitement, I suppose, contrasted with what was a largely grey and drab environment. I remember not only coins being put on the rails, but, on at least one occasion, caps as well, which really annoyed the crew of the 'matchbox'. When we were sent to the annexe in Heaton Street (was All Saints overcrowded?), one bonus was the nearby bus depot. This meant we could play on the buses after school.
Ken's right about the flooding problems in Brookfields. I can recall the cellar floor of 6, Rutland Terrace being covered in water. . Gordon.Smith       (see Crabtree Road on the Photographs page)

Six children in our family and we all attended All Saints school, and remember Miss Cole very well, I have not seen anyone mention a teacher called Mr J. Roberts, everyone was terrified of him and my brother John taught me a song does anyone recall it. JONNY ROBERTS WAS A VERY GOOD MAN, HE WENT TO CHURCH ON SUNDAYS HE PRAYED TO GOD TO GIVE HIM STRENGTH TO TAN THE KIDS ON MONDAY'S
I would love to hear from anyone who remembers us Wiggins, there are stll four of us around.
 Margaret Yeates  Email: myeates@blueyonder.co.uk


BROOKFIELDS SCHOOL  23/02/2017                                                                                           Does anyone have any information on Brookfields Junior Boys School (Birmingham )??                     I enclose an old photo of my grandad when he was young in his class!                                                  Julie-Anne Tompkins   Fearn234@aol.com

Does anyone remember the Nichols family of 61 Hingeston Road between about 1910 and 1930. Doris, Horace, Marian, Stanley, Joan, Joyce and Betty all went to Brookfields School. I would love to hear about the school and see pictures of it.  Colin Nichols cbn7k5bw@googlemail.com

BROOKFIELDS SCHOOL                                                                                                                                                                    1953 Coronation Party

Photo contributed by Sheila Savery her younger brother Roger Thomason is the one with a flag & wearing glasses [ back row next to teacher]               Can anyone name any more






CAMDEN STREET SCHOOL 06/10/2018  Hello there, my name is Beverley Brown, I started attending Camden Street School in 1969 until it closed in 1970. I just remember the smell of the freshly polished floors. The lovely assemblies. Going to art classes, being scared of Mrs Bamfield, loving my PE teacher, Mrs Cooper. I remember her being tall, very butch and always in a track suit! I went to school the same time as Jacqui Graham, we moved to Ladywood school together. Those days were fantastic. I had a friend called Hope Stewart, who also went to the same school, we remained good friends, unfortunately Hope died 2008😞
I remember being part of the Christmas plays, which took place in a church round the corner from the school. As a black young girl, I first became aware of political issues, when I wore a “free Angel Davis” badge. This got me and other girls into trouble, as we started wearing our hair in afro’s. I lived at 1 back of 1 Prescott street. We had great neighbors, those days were some of the best of my life.😗
I would love to hear from anyone who remembers being in school at that time, or any aspect of Camden Street School. The memories make me sad, as I cannot go back. Best regards Bev Brown. Buffybrown@btinternet.com

(Camden Street Primary School 1950)

(photo thanks to Jean Bytheway nee Boaz)

(photo thanks to Jean Bytheway nee Boaz)

Visiting your web site today I saw a photograph of Camden Street School pupils taken in 1950, which was added in December, and there I am, standing next to the teacher.
 I couldn’t believe it! I was immediately texting my family! All those little 10/11 year olds looking so prim and proper! I am now 72 and unfortunately I can’t put a name to all the faces but remember the girl on the left with the frills on her dress as Brenda Horton. Other classmates whose names I recall were Ann Irvine, June Perkins, Gloria Naylor, Eileen Price, Margaret Betts, Pamela Bolshaw and Muriel Hope. Are they in the photograph I wonder. I passed the exam for Aston Commercial School and left Camden Street so I lost contact with them all.
Regards Rita Robinson Ex New Spring Street resident.



Camden Street School 1972                                                   Camden Street School 1970s

CAMDEN STREET SCHOOL 30/03/2011                                                                                                                                                         

DANCE 1946



Does anyone remember Miss Dry who taught cookery at Camden St Girls School in the late 50's? Would love to know if she is still alive-unlikely as she would be in her eighties-I told her she was wasting her time teaching girls like us, destined for the factories or the jewelry quarter to make afternoon tea complete with cucumber- rolled sandwiches etc. She told me that one never knew when such skills would be required. She was so right! I ended up as a clergyman's wife!!
Names I remember from then:Janet Gowland [life long friend] Viv Dexter, Christine Short, Sandra Gregory. Miss Oakden[?]taught sewing, Mrs Roberts Geography, Mrs Mountfield was deputy head and the wonderfully calm and graceful Miss Edmunds our head teacher. Does anyone remember Bockleton School Camp?
 Josie Coates -nee Dawes Email: robert.coates3@virgin net

It all started when we moved to Coralie St, new address, new term, new school,.filled with dread my sister Audrey Kavanagh took me to enroll at Camden School it was 1969.  I was twelve years old and excited we met the head mistress Mrs Bamfield who straight away recognized my sister as an ex pupil at Highgate School Mosely where Mrs Bamfield was a teacher .then she said I hope you will be as good a pupil as your sister was .oh dear I had something to live up to. .Anyway I soon settled in and was introduced to this girl who would, as they put it, show me the ropes her name was Susan Murray she was to become my best friend we were inseparable like sisters, we were,.life was good I liked school ,no loved school,.as I was noticed for being artistic which I never realized myself. until one day the headmistress called me and said I want you to go to the decorating shop in Icknield Street here is money go get emulsion paint so I took Susan and we came back with our receipt we were to paint the main entrance way to the school in big bright flowers. The helpers loved it as it was a chance to get out of some lessons I was so proud but did not show it as I didn't want to show how pleased I was to the girls I thought it out for some minuets then decided I chose a pattern that was on the carrier bag can anyone remember the big flowers on the 1960 carrier bags great big flowers of orange blue green pink oh the inspiration. all from the carrier the paint tin was in. before we began we emulsioned the walls the one with the flowers we were proud as this master piece unfolded I had to draw the whole thing first with charcoal so the final touches were done and with great pride and success with Mrs Bamfield I was summoned again with helpers to decorate the wall leading from the big main hall through the double doors outside to playground. yes the theme was autumn this time I collected leaves and drew them on the wall another success we were proud as it was like nothing else that hung on the walls these were hand painted fraises.  Does anyone remember this or was a helper? I know there faces but cannot put names to them.
Next I was asked by the drama teacher to draw a life sized picture of Harold Wilson our then Prime Minister . he was to be talking to a man I did this balancing on a table with my friend holding my legs. then into the school choir we went Susan and myself and all the other girls who wanted to one Christmas in church which was round the corner in George Street West we stood very proud Susan and I as my family all turned out to here us sing all six of them. also in our choir was the now famous singer Jaqui Graham I think Mrs Mountford was the music teacher? a tall gray haired woman with a very funny humor also a small teacher with black hair played the piano for us in school. the music class was facing the heads office also the science room the science teacher was lovely we grew a broad bean and it was good to see who had grown the tallest. the P.E. teacher was a muscle bound woman who had black hair short. we had an English teacher who was very quiet and kind she was ill and later died, we had a collection for her, .then there was the drama teacher I loved her I wanted to be like her when I left school she was to use the word of the time fab. she was fun wore colorful clothes bangles rings necklaces with curly brown hair and red lippy. then a new teacher arrived an art teacher and she was to be our class teacher she had shoulder length hair. I was pleased as this was my favorite lesson when the summer holidays were nearly here Mrs Bamfield asked me how far it was to my house I said Coralie Street through the back entrance of the school she said I will bring some materials to your house after school I want you to make a portfolio of paintings drawings sketches etc .through the holidays then bring them back to me so I did all summer long then when summer was over I gave them to her . she said she wanted to show them to the college I was delighted but then we were moving due to deteriation of our house I didn't tell anyone as I didn't want to believe it ...then one day in the summer we were all packed up to move we left I didn't even say goodbye to anyone we were of to this foreign place called Castle Vale I was not pleased to be leaving my lovely school but as kids you didn't have much say in things especially when a new house was promised and lovely country side although my friendship with Susan Murray lasted for years to come we haven't seen oneanother now for about 28 years I would dearly wish to see her again last I heard she is still in Birmingham I am now in South Wales I would also like to hear from anyone who remembers me or anything I have written some names I remember in my class Barbara George who's picture I once drawed of course Susan Murray. singer Jacqui.Gaham. Catherine Shadlow .Ruby. Eisha Asian girl. Jillian. does anyone remember Wednesday nights of playcentre after school.and the Christmas play at school every ones gone to the moon.and Jaqui Graham always singing Ben?
love Jackie Kavanagh




Photograph from John Solomon.  21/11/05

Photograph from John Solomon. 21/11/05

Standing left -right from the back
Mr Jones sports teacher      Mr Shuring head teacher

? ,   ? ,   Brian Keedwell , Tony Simpson (goal), Thomas Morby, Martin Hems,  ?.

Middle row sitting
?,   Robert Taylor, Roger Franks (with ball), Cliff Pountney   and   John Solomon.

Front row
Kelvin Cox, Ronnie Copper,   ?,  James Hadley.

Photograph from John Solomon21/11/0




Photograph thanks to Josie George nee homer

Photograph thanks to Josie George nee homer

Photograph  thanks to Josie George nee homer

Does anyone remember Mrs Mountford, she was my favourite teacher at Camden Street school.
Maureen  Email: pushkins@eircom.net




Nellie C Foster now Hawkins girl just in on the left with an ink stain on face.  

Albert F Foster 5th from right 2nd row.

Albert F Foster 5th from right 2nd row.

Thomas C Foster with TEDDY BEAR

Thomas C Foster with TEDDY BEAR

William H Foster 6th from right front row

William H Foster 6th from right front row

NOTE   21/08/08
I loved the photos of the Foster Family who went to school at Ellen Street. Is it possible that the owner of the girls photo would remember a girl called Nellie Timmins (my mother) as she was also born in 1914 and went there. I have a photo of her sitting at a desk but it is not clear.
Carol williams     carol.williams@thomasvale.com


ST PAULS SCHOOL                                                                                                           Spencer Street, Jewellery Quarter not in Brookfields but close.

ST PAULS SCHOOL 26/07/2017

I'm writing on behalf of my in-laws Roy and Sheila Cartmell.
Roy Cartmell went to St.Paul's school on Spencer Street from 1941-1953 and lived in Warstone Lane and Sheila his wife maiden name Smallman went to Camden Street School from 1942-1952 she lived in Camden Street .
Please if anyone has heard of them or has any information regarding them or wants to contact them please get in touch. Thank you Davina Cartmell.    dannycartmell@hotmail.com

Can Anyone Remember St Pauls School Spencer Street I Would Love To Here From Anyone From That School Between 1945 And Later.   I Lived In Camden St  Number 150.
Derek Lee       Derekandrene@blueyonder.co.uk                                                                                                                                      

ST PAULS SCHOOL                                                                                                                                                                                             

Mid 1930's Class 6,

Mid 1930's Class 6,

St Pauls C of E Girls School, Spencer Street. Circa 1937
In no particular order Mary Clarke, Thurman, Doris Brookes, Mary Wallace, Joyce Hancocks, June Boneham, Hodgkiss, Wilson or Wilcox.
                                                     Photo with thanks to Jack Slade jackslade@blueyonder.co.uk