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HANDSWORTH  NEW  ROAD SECONDARY MODERN SCHOOL (Girls side of the wall) 07/02/2018                                                                                                                                         My mother, Shirley Ann Roome (maiden name) graduated (Left) in 1954 from Handsworth New Road Secondary Modern Girls School. She speaks fondly of years at this school. She also mentions good friends, Mary Dole, Pat Tomkins and Mary Banfild, (all these were the ladies maiden names.) If anyone remembers my mother or any of her friends I would love to hear from you. Photos would be great! As we are all getting older, it would be lovely to pass on this info to my Mom while I still can.  Barb Taus.  barb305@rogers.com

 HANDSWORTH  NEW  ROAD SECONDARY MODERN SCHOOL (Boys side of the wall) 31/01/2018                                                                                                                                             I used to go to HNR school, anyone remember Mr. Huxley in the mid 50s to the 60s he used to take us for carpentry, well you are bound to find someone that doesn't take to woodwork I had a school chum that actually hated it I was making a small stool and I was quite proud of it, my pal (Frank) was having none of it Mr. Huxley used to walk around the class and give practical advice on how to do things, knowing that the teacher would be around my pal picked up a scrap piece of wood from the off cuts bin to make it look like that he had a project on the go, Mr. Huxley finally caught up with him and said what are you making to which he replied a money box sir Mr. Huxley said how long have you been making that, his reply was priceless he said two years Mr. Huxley did no more than throw it in the bin........... I was howling for hours after and even now I still chuckle to myself thinking about it. certainly was the good old days.                                                      BOB MANN  bob-mann123@outlook.com


Leaving Handsworth New Road School CLASS OF 1959                                                                               Second boy on the front row right hand side is Terry Jordan can anyone name the others.                                Contact Terry on  tandp.jordan17@mypostoffice.co.uk

Leaving Handsworth New Road School CLASS OF 1959                                                                               Second boy on the front row right hand side is Terry Jordan can anyone name the others.                              Contact Terry on  tandp.jordan17@mypostoffice.co.uk

I have been looking for infomation on Handsworth New Road School. It was by chance that after months of looking I came to your web page.
I went to the HNR school from 1974-1979 it was by then a mix school both for boys and girls. I have very found memories from the school days. Our head-master was Mr Gardener. I also remember the following teachers from my days Mr Evans, Mr Hill, Mr White, Mr James Mrs Williams, Mrs Robinson to name a few and Mr Mausam (I think thats how it was spelt)
I know the school has closed and in its place are Flats? I moved to Hertfordshire in 1982, I dont travel to Birmingham as often as I use to due to commitments and circumstances but when I am around I always ask my husband to drive up to the old school and a few moments I see a vision of how things use to be back in the 70's. It gives me great pleasure to read about the school. I look forward to more reading when added by other students,especially anyone from the years I attended the school. I would need to find my reports to see the names of other teachers from my days. I look forward to your reply.
Joshila Summan nee Bhutte joshila_summan@hotmail.co.uk



The photograph is circa 1970, the boys pictured all attended Handsworth New Road Boys Secondary School, they had tried to raise money for a school mini bus by going on a sponsored run around the no.11 bus route the day before.                                                                                      back row left to right Paul Mansell, David Lynock, John Wooton.

front left to right Clive Devit, Martin Potter, Stephen Moore, Andrew Jackson, Robert Hopkins.

Yes we all got round with the occasional breather, I managed 18 miles but unfortunately we did not raise enough money by a long way.        TRACY JACKSON   tj012v7721@blueyonder.co.uk


60/61 team names: trevor humphries..nick name tipper: leslie james goal keeper---john cairns
alan grinham----michael phipps             sent by  michael phipps   mjp48@live.co.uk


Copy of the first year pupils that attended Handsworth New Road school in 1960-61 season. This was the last school photo I have before we moved to New Zealand in July 1961. Others may be able to name some of the others with their first names and/or second names.
Albert Evans Email:moreland.evans@xtra.co.nz
 ALBERT EVANS  please contact michael phipps   mjp48@live.co.uk



Your site is great. I lived in Paxton road untill I got Married (1961) attended All Saints school which my mother was the caretaker. At 11YEARS I  attended  Handsworth New road school left in 1952 enclose a picture taken in my last year at HNR I am the one on the far right sitting down on the picture is Billy Jewel,Tommy Mayo,George Brooks,Ron Fellows,? Finney,Albert Hawkes, and myself Graham Taylor, the others I cannot remember Can any body remember, Graham Taylor (ex Paxton Road) Email: margraypoodles@aol.com

I attended Foundry Road School until my 11th year when I should have gone to Handsworth New Road. Sadly that was in September 1939 and found myself instead evcauated to a village near Evesham. I returned home just after Christmas 1939 because my elder brother had volunteered for the RAF. and didn't want to leave our mum alone during the blitz. I then attended HN.R.S.
I remember the teachers Mr Berryman, 'Slinker' Priest, 'Jammy' Hartley, and especially the teacher of class 3A - Mr H S Mason who taught me how to live, hopefully, wisely. Wonderful days- - - -
There was a beautifully carved shield on the corridor wall outside 3A's classroom inscribed HNRS with the words  "Honour, Nerve, Reliability and Steadfastness.
Comradeship and friendliness of the Winson Green people then was a far cry from todays materialistic population.
John Bird Email: jandm15@btinternet.com

Continually reading comments of pupils of Handsworth Road School that I attended my time was a period of war time 1942-1945 under the regime of teachers. Class 1a George Berryman.2a.Vic Huxley.3a.Mr Mason all had secondry roles in the colloquium, in Art. Woodwork. History. Music.Science.Sport.and Gardening.All added to our general education.
In 1944 there was a change in personal,with the retirement of Mr.Mason,the boys school had its first Lady Teacher,cannot recall heir name,she came to teach general subjects and History,the main subject was U.S.S.R. in its vastness and ideals,this was completly over our heads.
George Berryman was promoted to take charge of 3a,and the responsiblity to educate the following pupils.
Albert Dipple Donald Hearn Gordon Charie Arthur Evans Ronnie Yates Billy Cheadle Leslie Mills
Bernard Whiston George Sankey Ernie Spiller Bert Clackett Charlie Beesley Brian Chapman Roy Freeman John Jones Brian Cox Shawn Bill Billy Birch Colin Tyler Arthur Hatton Raymond Deeley Albert Brennan
Reginal H.S.C. Raymond ? Colin Mills all in our 14th year plus one 11.year old super brain promoted to the top grade named Kenneth Poole who lived in Kent Street North, I hope that the names above brings
back school days good or bad
Good Health to all you Senior Citizens Regards Colin Mills.    Email: cmills9@blueyonder.co.uk


Congratulations on an excellent compilation of our local history...This photo is of the HNR. school production of 'The Scottish Play' in the early 50s. Hartland Robbins played Lady Macbeth ( rear...centre) and I believe Ron Davis and Gordon Spratt are either side of him! Perhaps someone will recognise others. The teacher (producer) was Mr Knowles, who I think had connnections with the Stratford Shakespeare Company. This production was quite successful and I believe toured other schools during the 1950s.                                Derek Weston. EMail:derek@dweston1.wanadoo.co.uk

I am sure that I am in the photograph showing the Scottish Play group. I am sitting on the floor in front of Tommy Knowles right knee. In fact the play was not Macbeth but was the Taming of the shrew.
Bernard Shaw bs004i4921@blueyonder.co.uk


Another photo from the same play above from a different reader.
This one was taken at the final some where in Birmingham I think in Broad Street, I remember the man who took the photo he had a flat board which he held with his hand and on it was like gun powder next thing it was set alight just like a flash gun and the picture was taken and a good one has you can see.
the one you have already have must have been taken on the same day, by the way I think we won the final,
regards  Graham Taylor
E-mail  MARGRAYPOODLES@aol.com

 I attended Handworth New Road School from 1949-1953. Black Patch was used by the school, as I remember being marched down on two occasions, once for an art lesson where we sketched park of the park, and another we went down with a chain link and attempted to "survey" and draw out an area of the park. I didn't line near the Park but remember it well.  
Dennis Mallett  Email: dennis_mallett@talktalk.net

Thanks to Arthur Evans for sending us this cutting. 07/11/06

HELP PLEASE 01/02/10
Some help if possible for I'm trying to find out when did George Liddell died? and if he was married and had children, Would you please be good enough to ask your members if they know anything for me please?
regards   Steve Sheen      steven.sheen@blueyonder.co.uk

The following four photographs were supplied by John Murphy depicting the sporting endeavors of the school.

Physical Training (PT) team / class.

Photograph was taken in the playground out side the Wood Work Classroom?
Does anyone remember why?

Another (PT) photograph (BELOW) this time taken in the main Hall. Names on their chests read:-
from the back left to right.
Bishop, Murphy, Parker.   Mills, Miles, Abbott, Hawkley, Crathorn, Rothero.
?, Field, Hynett, Richardson, ?, Morris, ?.
Front  Stan Watson, ?, ? ?.

Jackie Parker daughter of John Hawkley 4 from the left second row down sends this correspondence 22/01/05
Thank you for updating the site. I have noticed this morning that a new picture has gone on also featuring my dad he is on the left hand side of the picture "Trophy's on Display", my guess is the picture is around 51/52 as the others are from that period and he doesn't look much different. Unfortunately I can't share any stories with you as he died in 1978 and I was only a young girl. I do know he was very sporty and his father was against him following a sporty career. I believe the pictures of him in just shorts are to do with the fact he was a very good gymnast. If anyone has any information on my dad about anything I would be very grateful as myself and my brother have been trying to trace our family history. It is absolutely fantastic to see photos of my dad as I only have one photo of him. It is also nice for my children to see their " Grandad".
Many Thanks  Jackie Parker   E-mail    j_parker@tiscali.co.uk


Back row left to right
?, Ron Hynett, Trevor Howells, John Murphy, ?, Bishop, Doug Hatton, R.Sambrook, R Hudson

Front row left to right
?, Mr Archer, B Feeney, Billy Bambroff, ?.


Back row left to right
Ron Hynet, ?, Brian Russell, ?, Kirkland,
Edwin Dunkey, John Murphy, ? Parker,
Trevor Fields

Middle row left to right
Harry Taylor, George Liddell (Headmaster)
Brian Abbott, Mr Whiting, ?.

Front row left to right
"Tich" Jones, Charlie Coley.  

If you know the missing  names, dates or why the photographs were taken please let us know.

Thanks to Alan Butler for naming the teacher.



Thanks to STAN WATSON  sw012a7434@blueyonder.co.uk  for the photo and information

Left to right: John Hawkley, Bobby Sambrook, Michael Eccles, Mr J Whiting, Mr H Jones, Mr Archer,
Brian Abbott.

Trophies:  Midland Chess Shield        Senior Football Shield       Intermediate Football Cup and the Docker Shield (Cricket) won at the county ground

CHESS 1953? 27/02/05

Standing L-R   ?,  John Hawkley, Mr Jones,    ?     , ?    ,

Seated L-R     ? , Harry Taylor,  ---- Parker

Photograph, thanks to  John Hawkley's daughter  Jackie Parker.


TED RUDGE outside the school he attended between 1950 and 1955 the photograph was taken during the BRMB Radio charity Walkathon ( i.e. 25 miles round the outer circle bus route).



I have very few mementoes from my early years, one that I still have is a wooden table I made whilst a pupil at Handsworth New Road secondary modern School. Our Teacher in the wooden working class room, which was separated from the main school, was Mr Huxley, did I hate this teacher, although I did enjoy as I do today making things, he was a proper Jeckel and Hide character. I must have made this table in 1953-4 before I left in 1955, it took about a term to finish anything we made. Although I dreaded going into Mr Huxleys wood working class, everything he taught me I remember today, I think I was too scared not to remember. Depending on the mood Mr Huxley which always seemed to be a bad mood, depended on whether some poor students wood work would end being thrown across the class room, or if you would be made to stand outside in the play ground for that lesson. I remember one day as lessons started it was my turn to get picked on, he gathered all the pupils arround a work bench, asked me for my wood work, and then used a steel rule on it to see if it had been planed level, which to him it had not, he immediately threw it across the room, and shouted at me to stand outside in the cold, I tried to explain that he had planed my work the previous week to show us how to do it, but he would not let me get my words out and ranted even more, so outside I went. The following weeks lesson all was forgotten and it was someone elses turn. But he certainly got the message over to me and I have never forgotten what he taught us. Remember the Dovetail joints and the Motise and Tenon? How many more of you lads have any mementoes from school?
Alan Butler

You must remember "Jammy" Hartley, Berryman, Little Mr Philips, Mr Eden, he took us for P.T., & Mr Priest the Lab.(Dennis Mallett)

HANDSWORTH NEW ROAD S.M. SCHOOL 04/03/03                                                                                                                                           I went to Benson Road from 1957 till 1961, then Handsworth New Road till Easter 1966, I remember some of my class mate's from H.N.R. Mick Pratt, Kevin Maloanry, Jimmy O'Keffe, Ian Cannon,
Head was Mr Vincent, other staff, G.William's, P McFarland and Mr Hyde.
Roderick Scott    roderick@scott3650.fsnet.co.uk  

 HANDSWORTH NEW ROAD S.M. SCHOOL 25/04/02                                                                                                                         HNR had an annex in the direction of Regal Cinema, Soho Road. Transport cafe on corner opposite school sold delicious tomato dip sanis' for a penny or thick bread tuppence. My nickname at this school was 'Toto'. Came out of french book called En Route.                  Ged Rutter


 Mr Taylor's class c.1958 (Paul Holmes - bottom row, 4th from left) - 42 kids!!!


 RUGBY TEAM 1951 / 2

COLIN ASTON kindly sent us this photograph. Can anyone help confirm the names.
I am sending a picture of our rugby team 1951 / 52 can you identify anyone please?..
Bottom Left seated is George Liddell Head Master the two suits behind him are
(with glasses either Mr Phillips? or Mr Parker?) the other is  Mr Eden the master to the right is Mr Archer. The chap holding the ball is John Durose I'm sitting next to him on his right the chap above me is Alan Cox I wish I could remember the other names to fit the faces David Dunn is there and John Bishop two Bishops well maybe you can help.. Best regards  Colin.                                                              IF you know any of the NAMES  please Contact the site
Thanks to Alan Butler for identifying the two suits.

1st reply I must disagree with Alan Butler re the teacher with the glasses in the photo of the1951/2 rugby team, he was Mr Parker, you never forget the face of the man who gave you six strokes of the cain for trying to be helpful, and boy couldnt he hit, imagine my horror when I started college to find he took science, mind he had to behave himself there. Arthur Evans Email:archieev@hotmail.co.uk      or    margaret.evans40@tesco.net

2nd reply  Thanks  go to Jackie Parker who emailed us to say The boy sitting next to the head master is
John Hawkley her father  He is also on the outdoor picture (Physical Training (PT) team / class. seated bottom right) and the photo (Another (PT)) where he has his name on his chest.



Had a sort out and found this photo  
Back row:. Alan Horton,Robert (Bobby) Sambook (lived  in Vittoria St) ,John Armstrong, ?, Dave Chapman,Horace Timbrell, John Jenkins, Barry Griffin, ?.
      Seated on chairs: (tich) Powell, George Liddell (head Master), Alan Gibbs (from Markby Road), Mr Jones, Kenny Jordan.
      Seated on on floor:. Tommy Loveridge (left), ? (right)                                   (Davie Chapman 01/05/02)

We thank Clive Roach and Eileen Horton for supplying some of the missing name can you  help with the others?

I also worked with Alan Horton in the late 70s and early 80s,who when this photo was taken lived in the same street as me Talbot Street I lived at number 11till 1962/3  we then moved to another part of birmingham.

(Paul Holmes - bottom row, far right.)

The picture was taken at the very posh venue of Metchley Lane playing fields. I think that was the nearest place with a Rugby pitch.
We had to play grammar schools which, in the main, had older and bigger kids than us, 'cos not many secondary modern schools played rugger.   We were tough, though!     (PAUL HOLMES 08/06/02)

HANDSWORTH NEW ROAD S.M. SCHOOL                                                                                                                        

 CLASS 3A 1959

The teacher, Mr Taylor in the centre, myself Richard Raiment  being the 9th from far left in back row.
For years I could remember every ones name and never thought to write them down. Now I can only recall a few.
Could you please place it on the Winston Green web site in the hope some one may see them selves and help me with some of my class mates names.
A few names I can recall are Bertram Clemson, John Howell, Peter Mc Nab, Dennis Dove,
I left Willes Road Winston Green at the age of 14yrs,in 1960 to emigrate to Australia with my parents.
Thanks for your help Richard   Email hrayment@chariot.net.au
The wall in the background, was that the wall that separated the Boys from the Girls???


I would like to leave a message on your school site but am unsure how to do so could you help.
My name was Delia Gould and I went to Foundry Road School and Handsworth Road School from 1947-1955 or there abouts. I remember Mavis Rudge, Nora Johns, Valerie Reap, Jean Meluish anybody who remembers me please get in touch with me at dwoodwardbennett@yahoo.com.

HANDSWORTH NEW ROAD S.M. SCHOOL 13/06/08                                                                                                                         

Class 1/1  taken about 1957/8.

Back Row: L-R Janet Foley, Lynne Walker, Olive Williams, Gillian Keast, Ann Patterson, Errol Jones, Dorothea Ince, Sandra Taylor, Susan Duggan
Next Row: L-R Jacqueline Ashwell, Pamela Frost, Sandra Day, Christine Newman, Diane Ward, Stella Pickett, Diana Robinson, Jacqueline Brown, Margaret Ellis
Second Row: L-R Frances Cowley, Rita Avery, Linda Jackson, Wendy Jackson, Miss Irene Wagstaff, Rita Horton, Linda Rose, Georgina       Beckingham, Barbara Dobbins.
Front Row, L-R Christine Gough, Carol Prosser, Patricia Simmons, Diana Mallard, Valerie Fisher, Ann Sheppard.
          Many thanks to Christine Turton nee Newman and Rita Layton nee Horton for the photo



The Handsworth New Road Girls School 1959 relay team far left is Denise Leigh nee Ashmore.

HANDSWORTH NEW ROAD S.M. SCHOOL 15/02/06                                                                                                                            


Back row left to right:    ?, Marlene Farrington, ?, Christine Bayley, ?, ?, ?,

Middle row left to right: ?, Joan Arrowsmith, Marilyn Riley, Margaret Pitchford, Linda Conlon, ?, Jennifer Jukes, Joan Butler.

Front row left to right: Susan Flint, Susan Cox, Marilyn Smith, Miss Lewis (Headmistress), Margaret Hanchett, ?, Susan Freeman.

Thanks to Martin Hanchett for the photograph

HANDSWORTH NEW ROAD S.M. SCHOOL 14/05/08                                                                                                                                  

Miss Hogarth's class 1947

Front row second from left is me Gwen Cotterill, and I think the girl next to me is Eileen Galazia, not sure of the spelling for Eileen. She lived in Perrott Street and I lived just around the corner in Kitchener Street. Our best friends were Barbara Mee who also lived in Kitchener Street, and June Jones who lived 4 doors away from Eileen in Perrott street.
We have all been friends for 67 years,although we don't live near each other now ,we still keep in touch,I have lived in Australia since 1966. I have found so many people on your site,which I am very gratefull for, please keep it going, very best wishes to you all, I feel as if I have just found a new family.
Yours Truly Gwen Golding [nee] Cotterill  avachat66@yahoo.com.au


I found this old photo of myself Jackie(carnell)Perry and an old friend
Ann Gavin. whom I have been looking for for ages.
It was taken in 1963, when Sandringham House won the inter school cup for Netball. I think the teachers name was Miss Stokes? I am on the right side of the teacher and Ann on the left with shorter hair. Jackie Carnell (29/01/04)       dotmay2003@yahoo.co.uk





(is IN the Hockley district no quite in Winson green but near enough)


I have been looking at your Brookfields website for some time and have connections with the area - Hockley. I knew the Flat and Lodge Road. My grandmother Theresa Masters lived at 2 Ford Street Hockley and after I was born at Dudley Road hospital in 1952 we all lived there with her for a year. My mom was Florence Masters and had a twin sister Maud they went to All Saints school aboout 1927 onwards and I have a photo I think was taken 1928 - 1930.My mom is the girl at the back far right and Maud is next to her. It also shows 2 very strict looking teachers I wonder if anyone recognises.
My Aunt and uncle Winnie and Harry Phelps also lived in Ford Street and my two cousins Barry and Brian Phelps went to All Saints - I wondered if they were in the photo taken in 1949? Barry would be 10 and Brian about 6.
I was christended at All Saints church in December 1952 and the photo from Sheila Savery on the All Saints Church page looks interesting - does anyone know when that was taken? I would love to hear from anyone who remembers any of these names. My mom married Dick Little and become Florence Little in 1948 and they met in the Abbey pub when he was de-mobbed about 1947.
Thank you Barbara Hanford  barbarahanford@googlemail.com

Day outing to Weston from Icknield Street school in 1958-9

I Think this was in first year at Icknield Street (1A) (1959) trip to Weston, definitely Joey Wise at back and my best mate on right Alan Williams, also another of my best mates Trevor Lewis in centre anybody recognise others ?, I know faces but cant put names to them.

Photo thanks to Ken Grinnell  kgbg03800@blueyonder.co.uk


ICKNIELD STREET SCHOOL                                                                                                                                                                               

Class of 1953/54

 Top Row:     ?,?,Ronny Jackson,?,?,?.

Second row: ?,John Hemming,Alan Bushell,??,Barry Slack, Roy Cadman,?,?.

Bottom Row:?,Billy Harris,?,Fred Herbert,?,?,?,Lesley Cole.

Photo thanks to Fred Herbert.

 Football Team 1953/54

op row  left to right:David Tandy,?,?,?,?,?, Roy Cadman, Ronnie jackson,

Bottom row:  ?, John Whiley, Fred Herbert, Keith Bird, John Lennon,  John Clarke, ?.

Photo thanks to Fred Herbert

Fred Herbert (2002) on the left with Roy King.

Through web sites like yours & Friends Reunited we have met up again after 40 years, carry on the good work guys you are doing a  fantastic job.           Best wishes Fred Herbert    Email: fredherbert1@hotmail.com


Boxing team 1953/4

Photo thanks to Fred Herbert who is seated 2nd from right bottom row

Can any one put names to faces

1st reply: I believe the two teachers in the Icknield Street boxing photograph are (L) Joey Wise (R) Reg Urch
Great guy's they were. I was there from 1962 to 1967. Now living in Canada
Walter Williams    Email: w.r.wiiliams@ns.sympatico.ca  (17/01/04)

2nd reply: In the schools photo your source says that the pic of Icknield st school boxing team includes on left teacher (joey) Wise, I am pretty sure it isnt him, its Mr Watson, I dont recall his first name, but Watson was my teacher in the Back classroom in the back (gym) hall, he used to do the square dancing too, i played the accordion a couple of times for the dance class.this would have ben 52 to 55 ish.
Frank Beckstein   Email: frankbck@clara.co.uk (07/07/05)



Is in the Rotten Park District no quite in Winson green but near enough

1935    08/01/07

Photo thanks to Mike Hyde

The Class of 1957

  Photo thanks to Tony Mann

I used to live with my family on Barford road, Railway terrace, my parents were Josie and George Tiernan who was the caretaker at St Patricks School and Church for many years. Lovely site. Thanks.
Mary Tiernan  Email: anthony-quigley@hotmail.com