This is Ladywood BUT I have included it because of the mention of many road in our area.                      

As an ex brummie now living in Bewdley I have many memories of Ladywood. I lived in Springhill Passage. Some one was asking about cooks pie shop Spring Hill, I have fond memories of Mr & Mrs Cook as a lad I used to run errands for them and as a treat they would give me one of their famoues meat pies ( lovely jubbly ) as I got older too old to run errands I still called in to see Mr & Mrs Cook then it was time for me to do my national service I still called in when I was on leave. Then when I got married she made our lovely wedding cake and gave it to us as our wedding gift. Mrs Cook was a lovely lovely woman. I also remember Arnalds faggot and pea shop faggot, peas, a slice of bread a spot of vinigar lovely jubbley. Ialso remember Ray Arnald the son of the owners played marbles with him many a time. I also notice that you left a shop off the list of shops on Spring Hill ? Neals grocery shop on the corner of Steward Street and Spring Hill. The black doctor Dr Lewis I also remember him he had a surgery at the top of Ingelby St at the bottom of the entry where my aunt Girty lived. I also noticed on one of the pictures of Spring Hill the church tower was refered to as St Georges ? I think their as been a bit of a mix up ? I think it is St Peters ? the church where I married in George St West. Anyone like a chat ? stay bright. raymond flavell   staybrite@googlemail.com

SPRING HILL PASSAGE 09/02/08                                                                                                                                                       This is Ladywood BUT I have included it because of the mention of many road in our area.
My mom and dad (frisby) 4 brother's and I plus my twin sister (born 1959) lived in Springhill Passage no 23 or no 26 us twins went to Steward St school then on to Camden St school then Ladywood Comp. We moved from Springhill Passage to Crabtree Road no 57.dad worked on the Rotunda. Mom worked at Summerfield Hospital Western Road (our grandad was a patient in there) mom also worked at R-WHITES Western Road we used to play at the reck and also hockley port. I remember going shopping on Springhill with mom and she used to give her co-op number I remember the elderly lady in the veg shop and the faggot and pea shop youngest brother used to go to the roller rink. Mom was born down Prescott St (1920) she also attended Camden St school dad lived in Whitmore St he was born 1916 (warwick) my grandparent's on my moms side came from Aston. Nan also went to Camden St school so did mom's 2 sister's I wish they was alive to enjoy this site it's fantastic.
Frisby  Email : rahumaavis@yahoo.co.uk