STEWART STREET.  Ladywood really, but we did not know boundaries.) 03/08/2017                 I started work in 1958 at Prestage Ltd the company carried out work on Vauxhall cars and Bedford.  Prestage's was across the road from the Cross Keys public house. Prestage's had two breakdown trucks the large one  brought the trucks in was a converted fire engine. The Black Smith at that time was called Dennis and he repaired the old leaf springs from trucks.At break time we would fetch bacon and sausage sandwich from Mar Smiths on Spring Hill. I  had a great great uncle who lived in Steward Street.called B Lowe and in 1895 took his wife and 3 daughters to australia by boat. Regards Roger Jarvis.

STEWART STREET Ladywood really but we did not know boundaries 23/02/09
My first memories as a child are of living in STEWARD STREET off SPRING HILL.We lived in two houses in the street, the first was next door to the pub, the CROSS KEYS, where my mother worked as a cleaner, I used to go with her until I started school, I can remember going to the wood yard at the top of POPE STREET with the landlord BERT OVERTHROW for sawdust for the bar room floor. I would help my mother by taking the spittoons to her so she could wash them, I would put the sawdust on the bar floor ready for opening time.The second house was next to PRESTAGES,  where they used to fix cars and I used to pinch the car keys and hide them in the house, but the man who work there always knocked on the door and shout to my mother Robert's got the car keys again, can I have them back. Living in STEWARD STREET was great even with the factories around there, we all played together,  it was a very close community. I remember JOHN MELLOWS,TONY GREEN,  STEWART DYSON and his brother GARY BUSHALL.On Sundays before the pub shut my dad would take his hat off and pass it round the bar to put money in, he would come outside and throw the money in the air, all the kids including me would be waiting for him, and we would all dive in and get some, then it was into MRS PRICES for icecream. I also remember the coalman lived and worked in the next street,his name was MR.GLAZEBROOKE,they kept a donkey,and in the summer his wife would give us a ride for 3 old pence.While playing football one winters day MR.GLAZEBROOK was delivering coal in our street,then all of a sudden the horse fell down on the ice,his front leg's were spread eagled on the road,he could not get up,so all the mum's and dad's shouted us all to get in, and a bit later I heard my mother say that they had to put the horse down, it was such a shame, it was a nice horse.We all went to STEWART STREET school and we would all get a lift to the top of our street with the British rail horse and cart, the horse was called Dolly.  I can remember the baker coming round with his horse and cart selling his bread, and on good Friday he would have HOT CROSS BUNS. Also in the winter at dinner time at STEWART STREET school we would cross over to the Blacksmiths Forge,and talk to the smithies, and get nice and warm round the fire.                                             OH TO LIVE IT ALL AGAIN.

STEWART STREET Ladywood really but we did not know boundaries 13/07/08
I was reading the comments on Brookfields page and noticed  the comments made by Andrew Turner , I knew his mom and his moms family in Steward Street , I lived 3 doors away , I remember Pauline Green as she was my age, we used to fight and fall out over nothing as I remember, kids eh ? I remember John joining the army at about the same time as my eldest brother Billy Humphreys, I think there was another brother or step brother named Doug, I remember him being in the army to, they all seemed to join at around about the same time, 1956/7, sorry to read Mrs Green is no longer with us but hope Pauline and the rest of her family are in good health. Roger Humphreys

STEWART STREET Ladywood really but we did not know boundaries 07/07/08
Great Site my mom nan and uncle used to live in Steward street and up in Norman Street  Winson Green .
Their names were Lillian Green no longer with us, Pauline Green my mom still living in Myddleton Street and John Green.
Regards Andrew Turner

STEWART STREET Ladywood really but we did not know boundaries  11/10/04
Does anyone remember Albert Hands who lived in Steward St in the 1940's he would place bets from his home there, he was widdowed and had a son called Walter (my grandad) he also had a brother nicknamed Bodger who had a connection with boxing his photo was in the window of Wally (Watty) Greens bookmakers on Springhill. I would love to find out more about the family. Louise Hassen.  Email: