SUMMERHILL STREET 24/03/08  Ladywood really but we did not know boundaries.
As an 83 yr old "new " Surfer, I find the site Informative and touching too. I was born in Summerhill Street in 1924. Back of 72. I attended Nelson Street Infants but due to family break up, went into Summerhill Homes followed by Erdington Cottage Homes and Shenley Fields Cottage Homes. Later attended Hope Street School but finished up back inSummerhill Street and spent the years between 11 and 14 at Stewart Street. A great school. This was later followed by Army Service (22 years) and generally moving around the Country. Have found lots of pleasure reading other peoples comments. Well done to the Site owners.
Albert Grice (known as Sonny)

SUMMERHILL STREET . 09/06./03 Ladywood really but we did not know boundaries.
When I was 15 I lived at 26 Summer Hill Street with my gran, I went to Barford rd school where I spent my last months, In the evening hung around the Birmingham ice rink (outside) so we could hear all the music coming from the inside. There was myself, Tony Brunt, Monty Morgan,Gordon packham,Colin & Billy Jordan and a few others. That was our little patch. We had some great times in those days, I am now 60 years old and still a Teddy boy wishing that I could Rock back THE CLOCK.  Peter Lambert  Email:

SUMMERHILL STREET 07/04/06 Ladywood really but we did not know boundaries.
I lived in Summerhill Street around 1958/59 top end by the roller rink. did anyone remember my dad he drank in the Robin Hood Pub his name was Fred Hichen and his wife Doris always took his dinner to him as he was always in there.... his mates used to call her the blonde bomb shell in them days. My name was Maureen Hitchen I was only 6 years old then. It would be nice to hear from some one who new my mother and father.
Maureen Perks  Email: