VICTOR ROAD 05/07/10
I have found your website and really enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I used to live in Victor Road during the war and went to Foundry Road and Handsworth New Road schools and also remember some your comment makers.
Thanks a lot William (Bill) Devaney

VICTOR ROAD and the SMOG's 12/10/06
I wonder if anyone remembers the Smogs? I lived on the corner (No. 2) Victor Road. These were the two up two down terrace houses. The smog was so bad one night that you (literally) couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Mom Dad and myself were sitting in the kitchen when mother heard a strange noise from the front of the house. She decided to investigate. opening the front door she was faced with the front grill of a bloody great truck!!! What did she do? She screamed and slammed the door! What that was supposed to do I don't know. The driver of the truck had been following the kerb down Lodge Road towards the city. Of course when he got to Victor Road he lost sight of it and gradually moved into Victor Road itself instead of going straight across. The first house was ours (for those that know, there wasn't a number 1) next door to Lewis's the corner shop. The final result was that we got the truck parked and put the driver up for the night. One of the great sounds during the smogs was the conductors on the buses, particularly the 96, often with a white (or nearly white) handerchief shouting "E'are Mate......E'are mate" as he walked backwards along the roadin front of the bus trying to show the driver where the kerb was. I wonder how many of the kids of the time remember the "Wall" at the end of Victor Road. It was only about three to four foot high on the Victor Road side but fell off for what seemed MILES on the Preston Road side. In reality it was about eight to ten foot. It was almost a "Rite of Passage" once you were big enough to "drop" over the wall. It was also a wonderful escape route if your Mom was looking for you! For the Victor Road kids, Kirby Road was always the "Enemy". As the two roads were very similar in size with about the same number of kids the lead up to bonfire night would always see a number of "raids" from each of the groups on the others "store" of bonfire materials. Sometimes they would win, other times us. I remember one bonfire night when the fire got so intense it finally began to blister the paint on Billy and Brian Rourkes house. I don't think his Mom was best pleased. Probably the best part of bonfire night was when the corporation came round and mended the tarmac on the road. They would inevitably put down a very fine smooth finish material that was brilliant for racing Dinky cars on. Ferrari or Masserati, both were the BEST!Just goes to prove, you can take the kid out of the Green, but you can't take the Green out of the kid!.

Patrick Limacher E:Mail
[See also Black Patch 12/10/06]

My Uncle, Aunt & Cousin lived in Victor Rd off Lodge Rd for many years after the war
I worked for him for 12 months 1948-1949.   I came from Handsworth a stone's throw away
 Ken Bibb 29/05/03                  Email :

 I was at Foundry Rd School from 1945-50, and then Handsworth New  Rd, until 1955.
My family lived in Victor Rd, off Lodge Rd. All my family went to both schools, three brothers and three sisters. My father worked at the Austin for years he used to get on a coach at the corner of Foundry Rd for work. His local was the Golden Eagle in Lodge road.  He played darts and domminos for the pub, and won cups and medals. He went to matches at all the local pubs.
When we were little, we had three pence on Saturday, to go to the Saturday afternoon crush at the Green flicks. (Winson Green Picture House) Sunday another threepence for sweets, only 2oz,as they were rationed. At Christmas we were given a free choc-ice by the management of the Winson Green Picture House.
 From the corner of our street we could see the prisoners who waved to us through their windows, we waved back until my father told us they might come for us when they were released, that frightend us so we stopped.
When food was rationed we had our meat from Edgar Potters on the opposite corner to the picture house,also our veggies from Biggs's, also got our penny spec apples from there.
I could ramble on,but I can't really say anything you dont already know. I wish you all the best on your web.
 Maureen Hickin
I remember Mr Hickin he was always dressed smartly as he went to the Golden Eagle and seemed to have a smile on his face. I remember in Victor Road the Sandles ? I use to play with their son and play on the check machines in Lewies corner shop.
Albert Howes