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VILLIERS STREET 22/07/2018  Cafe opposite Winson Green Prison Gates .                                  I wonder if any body has any recollections of the cafe that was opposite Winson Green Prison's original gates in the 50's?
It was originally one of many cafes owned by the Jelf family but my grandfather George Quiney bought it off him sometime after the war and ran it with my Grandmother Alice.
It was on the corner of Villiers Street and Winson Green Road but of course has now been demolished . The Acorn public house was just along the way. Roger Quiney.

VILLIERS STREET   06/08/2011

This cetificate was presented to Laura Williams in 1910


This cetificate was presented to my great grandmother Laura Williams in 1910 from a Mr William George and Mrs C. A. George for helping to nurse their five children who were suffering from Diphtheria, unfortunately all five died, this was obviously a very brave thing to do as she was married with five children herself. My Great Grandmother lived at 34 Villiers Street in the 1911 Census so I am assuming that she lived there in 1910.   I would love to find out who Mr & Mrs George were and where they lived and was wondering if anyone would know of a Mr and Mrs George (presumably living in the same area) in their family history.                                                  Ian Round


BAND OF HOPE Does anyone know anything about the Villiers Street Band Of Hope which I think my wife's Grandmother Ada Pratt attended. I am attaching a certificate of same. Regards Stewart Bissell  25/10/2011

                                    CRADLE ROLL 1913

                                    CRADLE ROLL 1913

CRADLE ROLL Attached is a picture of a Cradle Roll Enrolment at the Winson Green Congregational Church on Sept 7th 1913. I believe my late mother in law, Lilian Dora Mills (nee Pratt), is one of the babies pictured. This may be of interest to others because this could be the first picture (and perhaps only) that show their relation.  I am willing to do a copy of any picture that a person may want if they contact me

After coming across your site many happy memories came flooding back to me of the times I lived in Villiers St in the late 60's early 70's the old "out door" at the bottom of the rd where I had to fetch a pint for my dad in a pop bottle, our back to back house with no kitchen only a sink. Ccooker in living room 1 bedroom and a attic a block of toilets up the alley . The church at the top of the road were I went to B.B. still remember a few people who used to live there also had aunt and uncle who lived in Talbot St surname FORD good old times.    John Tims

My Grandparents (Laura & William Smith), Mother (Vera) and her sister (Rene) lived at 34 Villiers Street (next door to the Newman's) from about 1920 (maybe earlier) up until the late sixties, my nan worked at the
"Soap hole" at one time and my grandfather for Lucas
My grandad drank in the Acorn pub.
My mother is still alive but unfortunately has Alzheimers, Rene lives on the Castle Vale estate,
I am also in touch with my mothers' friend Joyce Moss who now lives in Blackpool.
I would love to hear from anyone who may have memories of them or have any photos of Villiers Street

I would love to contact old friends from my Villiers St days. I lived in Havelock Terrace from my birth in 1951 - 1963. My best friend who lived opposite me was Hilary Brooks, who had sisters Mavis, Jackie and Beryl. Hilarys mum was Hilda and she, like my mum Molly was a widow. I also remember Larry Weston, who had a sister Brenda,Martyn Cockerill from Wellington Street, Joe and Iris Hurst and many other people from Villiers st and Foundry Road School. My sister Barbara is 10 years older than me and also has many friends she would like to trace...can you help.
geraldine kelly (nee Carter) Email:

My Mum, my sister and I lived in Villiers Street until 1963 or 64 when we moved to a council flat in Quinton (on the strength of me passing my 11+..good old Foundry Road School)
What a lot of memories this site brings back...most, but not all of them happy ones... most of us lived in poor housing conditions so its no surprise that times weren't all bright and sunny!
We are 65 and 55 now and we'd love to hear from anyone who remembers us and our mum Molly (who is 88 now) from our time in Villiers Street...1940-1964
Geraldine and Barbara 'Carter   Email:

I was born in 1932 but 2yrs later we moved to Villiers St. there was my sister Audrey 3yrs my senior, Mom and Dad (Charlie and Gladys Stevens). My sister and I went to Foundry Rd school, while Mom and Dad were at work our Grandmother used to mind us, she lived down Merry Hill and owned a newsagents, her name was Mrs. Gardener, it would be interesting if anyone out there remembers her. She used to send us to Blackpatch park to play, give us a penny each in case we got hungry, there was a shop nearby that used to sell bread pudding (fill belly we used to call it) it was somewhere near to Averys, then we would go off to play in the park which seemed to be like hours but as you know it was always safe in those days. I can only recall a few names from the past in that area, there was a Mrs Ward, Smelt, Lashley, near to the park was a fish and chip shop then a coupleof doors away lived two sisters Ada and Nell Richards, pity my sister isn`t here to help with some of the names, sadly she passed away 18months ago.
Living opposite the prison we often saw the black maria taking in the prisoners, one time sticks out vividly in my mind when a prisoner escaped and ran down Villiers St while me and friends were out playing, when we saw him making a run for it down our St. we all skidaddled sharpish thinking he might be coming after us, anyway he disappeared up the middle terrace, we didn`t see him again, I know now that he would have been captured again but as kids we were never told if he had or not so for quite a few days I know I was scared to be out on the street.
I have been in touch with someone from Wellington St. since knowing of your website, a family that I knew 60yrs ago.
There were quite a few of us girls and boys who used to be friends in Villiers St. and wonder if anyone can remember any of them or know of them now, here are their names:-
Dorothy Joiner, Barbara and Beryl Browning, Mavis Brooks, Joyce Moss, Grace Johnson, Vera Smith, Joyce Carter, Pamela Cliff, Maurice and Pauline Burford, Eddy Clark, Freddy Nut, Gordon and Millie Padgett.
That`s all for now Ted, keep up the good work. Thank you Jean Norton(nee Stevens)

 I was born in Villiers St in 1953, later moving to 41 Wellington St.
We moved when I was about 10 but my formative years where at The Green. We lived near Newman's shop and my sister Marie & I were great friends with Vivian Newman.<<<< Where are you now?
Elizabeth Skros  Email:

My mother Hilda, now aged 85, is the youngest member and only surviving member of the Newman family who lived at 32 Villiers Street. She was born in 1918. Her older brothers and sisters were Dorothy, Edward (Ted), May, Alice, Sam Gladys, Violet, Charlie, Albert, and Alf. Alf and his wife Lilian ran the pork butchers and grocers in Foundry Road.
I was born in West Sussex but spent many happy summer holidays with my cousins in Winson Green. My mother has many fond memories of Winson Green.
Geraldine Atkinson  Email:

VILLIERS STREET 23/07/05 I lived in Villiers Street.The picture of the prison shows the back to back my family lived in for many years.
 Does anyone remember the Alldridge family?
 Steve Alldridge   Email: