WHARF STREET 09/08/05    Looking for information about Pattersons Buildings, which was in Wharf Street around the 1900's. My Family lived at 16. Martin & Ann Matthews, four Boys, John, Miles, Arthur & Frederick.
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WHARF STREET  (The Floyd family)  01/05/03

It was so nice to go back in time, remembering old schools and streets where I was born.I would like to add some pictures of my family (Floyd), we all lived in Wharf Street for many years.

Myself at the age of two with an old friend, Gillian Patrick

Myself (Lorraine ) a teenagerHazel,

Elsie, Terry, and Brian Floyd

Elsie, Terry, and Brian Floyd

Mom and Dad           (Fred and Elsie Floyd.

My mothers parents, Rose and James Bailey moved to Wharf Street in the late 1800's, Rose passed away in 1951.
My mother Elsie Floyd was born in Wharf Street in 1909 and attended Norton Street school.
I was born in 1952 and attended Benson Road School and Handsworth New Road Secondary Modern School.
I remember the big 'Walkers' removal vans that came out of the street and  can remember some of the vans exploding in the middle of the night.
I also remember "Bradfords Bakery" round the corner in Norton Street where my Auntie (Rose Bailey) and my mother worked.  Rose had an accident working there ( her finger was chopped off).
The Railway pub was a great favourite with my parents and grandparents.
My family and I moved from number 9 Wharf street to Scholfield Tower in Newtown in 1965.
I hope that any old friends of myself or family recognise the photographs and get in touch.
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