WILLES ROAD 01/03/2019 Graham was born and lived at 143 Willes Road together with elder brother Bernard and younger sister Barbara. Moved away in 1973 and subsequently moved to South Africa. Mother Laura and second husband Jack moved from Willes Road in the 1970's. Mother Laura was the daughter of Agnes & Bill Lucas of 132 Willes Road.Graham Shaw chrissi.shaw@mweb.co.za


WILLES ROAD 26/10/2014            
I am trying to find an email address for a Richard Rayment who lived in WillesRoad then he went to Austraila in 1960
I lived at no 45 Bacchus Road no 45.
Just came across your site hope someone can help will send you lots of photos & stoires.
Regards Leslie Harrison      leslieharrison32@yahoo.co.uk

WILLES ROAD 10/11/2012
My name is John Binnion and have recently found out that my mother Emily Clarke was born at 133 Willes Road and my father Alfred Binnion was born at 119 Willes Road. Emily's parents were Joseph and Blanche Clarke and their children were George,Lucy,Richard,Kate Amila,James Henry & Emily. The 1911 census showed they had 8 living children and one that had died. Alfred's parents were Frederick and Sarah Binnion and their children were Edith,Fred,Lizzie,Charlie,William, Alfred,Louise & George.
It would be nice to hear from other relatives who may be reading this.  I would like to make contact with Denise Elves whose grandfather was George Clarke. I have tried to contact her through email but with no sucess. So if anyone knows her please can they ask her to email me. I can be contacted at glyniskent@hotmail.com







WILLES ROAD 23/03/2012 and 29/04/2012 and 07/08/2012
Hi I have been looking at your site and talking to my mother (86) who has been reminiscing about her years at Willes Road, some good, some bad, but I thought I should try and record some of them before she forgets completely - that said her long term memory is often much better now than her short term memory.
I was born at Winson Green, but as I was only 3 when I left and we never returned I can't remember living there at all. Anyway as you don't have much on Willes Road I wonder whether you might like to use the following story.
This is a story related to me by my 86 year old mother Thelma nee Eccles who lived at 75 Willes Road, Winson Green with her parents and siblings from the mid 1930s until 1953. Their next door neighbours Arthur and Nellie Sidaway lived at no 77. Arthur worked at the Birmingham Mint and in the Summer of 1947 he and his children went to Upton-on Severn, Worcestershire on the summer works outing. Whilst there his friend took the children on the river in a small rowing boat along with his own child and whilst rowing his friend didn’t see a river boat behind him and their rowing boat was hit and tragically Dennis Sidaway aged 14 and Margaret Sidaway aged 13 died. Mom isn't sure whether the man rowing the boat and his own child perished or not. Mom says that Dennis and Margaret’s parents were a lovely couple who were devastated by their loss, and sometime afterwards Arthur caught his arm in a machine at the Mint and lost his arm up to the shoulder.
Mom was very pleased to leave Willes Road as she said her family had suffered nothing but bad luck and sadness whilst living there, she lost her father Alfred, brother Alfred, sister Louie (whose new husband John (Jack) Nock joined the Royal Engineers after losing his Louie and was blown up whilst diffusing a bomb in El Alamein) and mother Ada to TB. Her brother Les was in the sanatorium (he survived thankfully and carried on living at the address with his wife and sons until his death in the 1980s) and she remembers their doctor, Dr Fraser, a Scot, saying to her "young lady, there has to be a survivor". She said that the horse pulling the funeral hearse used to wait at their house when he was in the road because he was used to stopping there. Mom said  Mrs Marks was the lady who they always called upon to lay people out.
One day mom was walking up the street on her way home from work when Mrs Marks called her to tell her that their older sister Lil, (Lil married in 1933 and left the family home. She wouldn't visit due to the TB, said she was worried for her son's health, probably rightly so, but it didn't stop her from visiting on her own after the funeral!) had been in the house whilst they were at work and had left with a tablecloth full of what Mrs Marks described "breakables" she said Lil was carrying the tablecloth and its contents very carefully and when mom went in the house Lil had taken all of their mothers china off the shelves and out of the cupboards, mom said to me "that's Lil. She was always a swine and mean, don't you trust her if you should see her"! This made me smile as Lil was born in 1911 and I've never met her so I'm not likely to bump into her now. Just shows that even then there was a neighbourhood watch, mom said Mrs Marks saw everything that went on in Willes Road and always reported what she saw.  I do have a photo of mom in her younger days, somewhere, I will scan and send it to you when I sort it out. That's just jogged my memory mom had told me previously that there were several photos of her mom's brothers, unfortunately killed in the Great War, dressed in military uniform in their house and mom doesn't know what happened to these photos, perhaps Lil helped herself to them as well, I'll never know now.
I know it's not a very pretty story, but it's social history.
Regards Josie Davies josiedavies@yahoo.com

I have found the attached photo of my mum, Thelma, taken when she lived at Willes Road, don't know the exact year, but it was before the end of WW2. I have another one taken when she was much younger, can't find it at the mo, it will turn up and when it does I will email a copy to you.
I have also attached a photo of my dad, Joseph Heaney, who also lived at Willes Road following their marriage in 1946 until we moved away in 1953.
Regards Josie (07/08/2012)

                            My Dad, Joseph Heaney,                                                                              My Mum, Thelma

 WILLIES ROAD 29/05/08
I lived in Willes Road from 1940 till 1965. I went to Foundry Road Infants and Junior School and then to Handsworth New Road Secondary School. I was then fortunate enough to pass the 13+ and went to Handsworth Tech. I havent looked back since then. I suppose everyone looks back on their youth with found memories but I think that the Winson Green community was full of warmth and humour. Certainly I feel priveledged to have shared it.
Bernard Shaw    bs004i4921@blueyonder.co.uk

 I have recently found out that my grandfather George Clark lived at 133 Willes Road in 1912. He was 17 at this time and joined The Worcestershire Regiment in December of this year.  His father's name was Joseph and his mother's name was Blanche (nee Cooper)
My grandfather went on to marry my grand mother Emma Carr who lived in Talbot Street, as I have mentioned before.
There doesnt seem to be a lot of information, on your site, about Willes Road, it would be nice to hear from any one with stories about this street especially if they are from this time.

`Grandad' George Clark (standing) C. 1916 Aged approx. 21 years old.    Denise Elves deesue22@gmail.com

`Grandad' George Clark (standing) C. 1916 Aged approx. 21 years old.

Denise Elves deesue22@gmail.com

WILLES ROAD  13/07/04       My name is Tony Thain, I went to Benson Road School from 1947 to 1953 then Handsworth New Road until Easter 1957. I was born in Willes Road .I Have two older brothers and a sister. Does any one out there remember me.Email; AGTHAIN@aol.com