WELLINGTON STREET 05/02/2019 I stumbled across this fab site yesterday & have spent some time today reading some of the stories & memories. 
I have just started researching my family tree, having recently sorted though my mom's paperwork. 
I've found out that my paternal grandmother, Alice Prudence Smith was born at 82 Wellington Street in 1893. From what I can gather in the documents I have, the family moved to Suffrage Street in Smethwick (I don't know dates for this) but on her Certificate of Marriage in 1919 her address is listed as 2/130 Aberdeen Street. So the family must have moved back to Winson Green. 
Her mother, my great grandma, was Mary Smith & my great grandad was John James Smith who was a carpenter. 
Alice married my grandad, Thomas Harding & they lived in Handsworth for the rest of their lives. 
My dad & his two brothers lived there too, the eldest, Frank moved South Africa and my dad Thomas & youngest brother Dennis stayed in Handsworth. My brother & I were also brought up in Handsworth. 
If anyone can add anything to my family research, I'd be thrilled. 
I'm so glad I happened upon this site. Val Higton  vhigton@hotmail.com

WELLINGTON STREET 13/01/2018.                                                                                       My nan lived at 110 Wellington Street the name was Harris my granddad died in 1932 so I never knew him but was told he didn't suffer fools and could be quite nasty when he had drink inside of him, my nan on the other hand was very reserved and kept herself to herself, my mom was Edna May one of eight children (there was no TV in those days) she was called Topsie by her mom, and Top by my dad a character that was in a comic I believe.
The stories that come down the line when you are growing up are fascinating.
Speaking to my Uncle Jack who was a gatekeeper at AVERY'S when the war was on they bombed C block (I think) and flattened it must have been crucial to the war effort because he said the very next day they bought in 500 bricklayers to build it back up again.
When the coalman used to bring nan her order I was told to count the number of bags that went down the cellar in case she got fiddled (yes it happened in those days too)
I was told when nan had been burgled they came down through the cellar because nobody bothered to put a lock on it, we soon altered that by putting a chain on the grating.
They were are couple of blips but by and large it was mostly a happy time and more enriched by reading your site please keep up the good work. BOB MANN.  bob-mann123@outlook.com

WELLINGTON STREET. The British Engineer Pub.19/11/2017.                                                  I lived in the pub ‘The British Engineer’ between 1961-65 in Wellington Street just over the road from Kitchener Street. My family name was Cottrell, my parents who ran the pub were names Ray and Irene. My elder sister was names Carol. Unfortunately they have all passed away now and was wondering if anyone remembers my family and the pub? I attended Foundry Road infant/Junior School and my sister went to Handsworth New Road School. We used to play in Black Patch Park and looking at some other people’s comments on your site, I recognise some names, although I was very young, leaving there when I was 9 due to the councils demolition order of the area. The pub was unfortunately flooding and we had to be re-housed. We moved into the newly built council estate at the bottom of Windmill Lane names French Walls. Our old cleaner and good friend names Kate lived in Kitchener Street and as we couldn’t take my dog Bobby with us she kindly looked after him. Does anyone remember my family or have any old photos of the pub? It would be nice to see a photo of it again...  Denise Scott dee.scotty56@gmail.co

WELLINGTON STREET 03/08/2017.                                                                                      Great site. My family lived at 5 Wellington Street in the early 1960s and I spent a lot of time with Gillian Brittain and Wendy Waterhouse. I recall Irwins Newsagents and Briggs Greengrocers and Syd Cleggs the Potatoe Merchants. Would love to see a photo of Wellington Street taken from Winson Green Road which would show my old house. My Dad was a bus driver and drove the 96 bus which used to terminate at the bottom of Wellington Street. The world was very different back then.    John McCreedy        john.mccreedy@live.co.uk 

Number 3 and 5 Wellington Street

Number 3 and 5 Wellington Street

WELLINGTON STREET 22/06/2017.                                                                                             I was raised at 4/56 Wellington Street on one of the yards. Born there in 1958 and left in 1968 when the house was compulsary purchased by the council and we were rehoused in Bartley Green. The house in Wellington Street was owned by my Aunt Mrs Gisbourne. I think the family living at the front number 56 were the Shrawleys. Next door to us on the yard was an elderly lady called Mrs McGinty. As a child I used to walk down to Averys to give my Grandad his lunch. Opposite where we lived was a derelict factory, backing on to the canal. As children we would play in there. I have a memory of it being filled with mirrors, which we took great pleasure in smashing. My best friend at the time was a Jamaican ( I think) lad called Robert (Nunny??) We played on Black Patch where, I think, there was a Witches Hat, Roundabout, Swings and a rocking Dragon, but that may be in my mind only!! I would run away from home and camp on Black Patch, armed with a bottle of pop and a jam sandwich, but always got home in time for bed.                                                               Regards Steve Law    stevelaw@blueyonder.co.uk

No.40 to 56

Wellington Street


back of no 56 Wellington Street just before demolition 27/06/1972


I believe we lived at 6 back of 23 Wellington Street.  my mother would have had 2 of us (a boy and a girl). it was probably in the late 1960's early 1970. her surname was Morgan...children surnames are Jones. Jamaican heritage. If anyone remembers the family who lived there it would be great to share some memories..  Regards maureen jones      maureenj58@googlemail.com

WELLINGTON STREET 12/03/2016    Looking for friends who went to Handsworth New Rd school in 1964 my name is Carol Guest my maiden name was Bailey. I lived in Wellington Street. email address is carolguest@live.co.uk. would love to hear from anyone


Bertram Shuttleworth (BERT)

My mums family lived in several streets over the years in Winson Green. Her father Bertram Shuttleworth also known as Bert. We only have 1 photograph of Bert which I scanned off his pensioners bus pass. He used to earn money by working in all types of different public houses. She recalls him being very musical and self taught, he played the Spoons, Accordion and also The Piano. He enjoyed entertaining people through his music.
Burt was born in 1912 in Birmingham, and never moved out of the Birmingham Areas. He married Sarah Ann Halsey in 1934 and went on to have 8 children 2 of which died as babies.The streets that my mum recalls are Monument Rd, Icknield Street ,Bridge Street West and Wellington Street. Some of the children went to Farm Street infant school then Harry Lucas school.
My mum recalls a couple of pubs my granddad played in, Queens pub, Railway pub, She also recalls a pub under a bridge but not the name ?
I would love to hear off anyone who knew of him or his wife or any of the children in particular of his piano playing etc - feel free to get in touch direct
email anitaszaban@Hotmail.com

I came across your site quite by accident as I was looking at james turner street in the light of the recent tv programme. I had heard a lot about it as both my mum and dad grew up in the area. I am fascinated by the memories of life there years ago. I was wondering if any one remembers my dads family, the Pittaways. father Enoch, mother Amy and children Bernard, Peggy, Alan and Eric (my father).sadly many of them are no longer with us. Bernard had a horrific accident when he was a teenager and died. Enoch passed away not long after. Amy lived into her 80,s. Alan died young due to severe asthma. Eric and Peggy are still with us. my mothers family who lived across the road from the pittaways in a terrace. Dad George Bennett, Lilian Bennett and Daughter Iris. my dad married Iris in the 1950's. sadly we lost mum 18 months ago.
If anyone remembers any of them I can be contacted at joanne.b1964@yahoo.co.uk. look forward to hearing from anyone.

What a great site. I used to live in Wellington Street (18) my grandfather lived at (28) Jack Williams. My father was Albert Williams who had brothers Vincent, John and a sister Annie. My name is Christine had a brother Clifford.
Chris Clarke Bilboe   chrisclarke51@hotmail.co.uk

hi ted your site is great i lived in wellington st from 1967 till demolition i moved about 74 im trying to find a lovely family i was friends with the Brittons. Maureen mom Ray dad divorced and Phillip son and Gillian daughter i would love to get in touch with the family again tried to find Gill but alas she had moved believe Gill worked at Queen Elizabeth hospital Ray used to work at Averys do hope someone on your site can help. Keep up the good work.
 Margaret Watts can be contacted on d.humpage@yahoo.co.uk

My name is Irene Millard I am 68 years old my maiden name was Irene Bates my dads name was James or Jimmy Hilton from Wellington Street Winson Green Birmingham I do beleive I have a sister or 2 on my dads side just wondering if the name Jimmy Hilton is fermilier to you or anyone you know and I would be gratefull if you could let me know thank you Irene     Email: irene2009@hotmail.co.uk

My name is Peter mcginty. I lived at 56 Wellington St  1950 ish-1962. I know Alfie and William(Bill) Freeth, they lived a few doors up from us as did Brian Berrows, David John Underhill, the Armstrong brothers who were great sportsmen. I also remember Pauline and Dorothy Young who live near the Cinema. I went into a Band with Tommy Bruce and the Bruisers as did John Ship from Willes Road we all went to H>N>R. Still friends with Tony Vincent from Vittoria St, in contact with his old neighbour Rita Horton. My brothers Don, John and sisters Melita and Adele are still alive and kicking, it didn't do us much harm living down "The Green" Keep up the good work with this site , I find it quite fascinating and informative.
Kind regards Peter Mcginty  peter.mcginty3@ntlworld.com

It's been a while since I visited the website . This is just to say how pleased I am that the site is still proving to be such a hit with so many people.  I would also be grateful if you would amend the e-mail address on my 2004 entry as I would still love to hear from anyone who remembers Susan Holmes, living in Wellington Street in the late 40's and 50's.
Susan Tolley  sue.tolley@blueyonder.co.uk

My name is Dennis Evans and I was born at 8 Norman Street, Winson Green, in 1929 and lived in that house until 1952 when I married.
I would really love to know if anyone could give me any information about Betty Evans (no relation) from Wellington Street, she had a sister, Minnie, and a brother, Arthur.
Also does anyone know the present whereabouts of my cousin - Joyce Valerie Parry (nee Smith) who was born and lived in Blackford Street, Winson Green from 1934 until about 1952.
I have been able to find the rest of our cousins, but not Joyce, so it would be lovely to find her.
Dennis Evans - denbarevans@cwgsy.net

Great site. We used to live at 22 Wellington Street, my mother was born there in 1921.  My mothers name was Edna my fathers Jim Grinnell. In our house there were my brothers Barry, Ken, Des, Jim and myself Ricky. We were quite lucky in that we only shared the toilet (outside) with a Mrs Ellsmore. We lived next to the picture house and on a Saturday morning so I'am  told, there was a queue. We could hear the film in comfort so to speak and for nowt. We lived there untill around 1965 when we moved to Small Heath exept for my eldest brother barry who still lives in Winson Green.  If any one remembers our lot please get in touch and i'll pass it on to my brothers.  Ricky Grinnell  bluenose2002@live.co.uk

 I have had an orgy of notalgia to-day, reading your great site. I lived near the Picture Palace at the top of Wellington St.(8/24) from approx 1941 until my marriage in 1958, when I later lived at Middleton St Brookfields. My grandparents lived in Murdock Rd. @ no. 36 - Bill & Olive Corbett, so I spent many happy, carefree hours playing in Black Patch park. I remember the RAF balloons in the park during wartime & later I watched my dad play football when the servicemen who survived returned to civvy St There was a bombed site opposite the Wellington St. entrance to the park. We were warned that it was dangerous to play there, but typical of inquisitive children we had to explore among the debris. Mum was furious naturally She was named Doris Corbett (later Young & then later still Evans) & was the third daughter of my grandparents who lived at 36 Murdock Rd. The Jelleys at no. 8 were my Aunt Pat (mums younger sister) & Uncle Ernie with their five children. I was married at Bishop
Pauine Banks nee Young Email: paulinebnk@aol.com

I was born in Wellington Street in 1938 one of four brothers Gordon George Eric and myself. We were known locally as mathew mark luke and john my parents kept an ever open grocery shop next to a public house called the engine and we also kept pigs and chickens in the back yard.I can remember most of the names of our very good neighbours of the time.Our side of the street was in Smethwick and the other side was in birmingham.If anyone wants any specific information about the area 1940 to 1958 please feel free to contact me Regards tony brindle  Email: anthony.brindle@orange.fr

Does any one know the wherabouts of Sylvia Masters she lived at 134 Wellington Street in the 1950-60s. She was my neighbour and good friend.She would be 56yrs old now. She had 2 brothers John and Graham. Her Dad was Tom and mother was Isa. Regards Christine Fox ( nee Aucott)  Email: foxchristine@hotmail.com

LODGE ROAD No32 TRAM photo taken at the terminus in the city but Wellington Street was where its journey began

LODGE ROAD No32 TRAM photo taken at the terminus in the city but Wellington Street was where its journey began

What a great site ..very nostalgic to read about winson green. I used to live in Wellington Street and have good memories.My dad uesd to drive the 96 bus (Lodge Road) had a few free rides on it. Probably that was the naughtiest thing children did then!!!!! Have just seen a photo of my Uncle Harry dressed as father Christmas in the Devon pub.Also a picture of his son Pat (my cousin) Thank you for the memories ,will be a regular user from now on !!!! Christine Aucott (maiden name)  Email: foxchristine@hotmail.com

WELLINGTON STREET 03/11/06   I would like to thank you for a most interesting site, I have added it to my FAVORITES list. I was born and sort of raised in Wellington Street at the top end behind the picture house, my wife was Margaret Lynch before we married, she came out of Kent St. North, so we have both enjoyed your site. It was good to see the photo of the old Picture Place on your site, my mom and dad like many down The Green, were married at Bishop Latimer church, and their wedding photographs were taken on the roof of "The Green" don't ask me why, two men were waving to them from a window in the prison, they were told, the two were Wriggly and Betts who were later hanged at the prison, that was 1924. Like many who have been in touch I am Ex. H.N.R.S.and .played rugby for the school in the first year the school had ever played the game, the two masters responsible were Mr Archer, and Welshman Mr Hunt. I'm mailing you a cutting from The Argus on George Liddle, please note the results of that first years team, I bet many Villa supporters wishes his team had the same. I must disagree with Alan Butler re the teacher with the glasses in the photo of the1951/2 rugby team, he was Mr Parker, you never forget the face of the man who gave you six strokes of the cane for trying to be helpful, and boy couldn't he hit, imagine my horror when I started college to find he took science, mind he had to behave himself there. I will be in touch again soon.
Best wishes to you both, and all who have made the site such a pleasure to visit.
Arthur Evans  Email:  archieev@hotmail.co.uk      or    margaret.evans40@tesco.net

WELLINGTON STREET 22/10/06    Photographs below were sent to us by Shiela Shell nee Blackwell her mother believes they were taken in Wellington Street at the Coronation Street Party 1953?

The photographs sent to you (below) by Shiela Shell of Wellington Street, I'm pretty sure were taken just as you turn into Wellington Street from Franklin Street, the passage way you can see runs behind the houses at the bottom of Franklin Street. the shop, was between Franklin and Villiers Street, later when betting off -course became legal it became Bert Clacket,Turf Accountant, you no longer had too slip your dad's bet to his runner standing in the entry just below Bert's house in Franklin Street.  
Best wishes Archieev Margaret  Evans, E-mail   margaret.evans40@tesco.net   09/05/07


I am looking information on my Grandad and his family his birth is recorded as 2 Back,133 Wellington St Winson Green 1911 can anyone give me any help the family name is Wise. I would love to know about the area then
Thanks Vivian Martin Email: Vivvymartin@yahoo.co.uk

My grandparents lived at 46 Wellinton St. (Jane Elizabeth & Arthur Charles Palser) he was a window cleaner. I loved to go to take the tram from the museum (I think) to visit them.
They had six children, Athur my dad, Harold, Bill, Ada, Lily, And Rose. I've got lots of tales to tell if anyone wants to hear them?
Harry PALSER  Email: jugman6@aol.com

I was born in Wellington Street in 1944 and have many fond memories of Winson Green.
Most of our school holidays were spent either at Blackpatch Park, Summerfield Park or Lighwoods Park, but we had many 'undesignated' playgrounds too. Our house backed onto the railway and this made us very popular with trainspotting friends. We had a back bedroom, which no one ever slept in as it was declared unsafe after a bomb fell nearby during the war, but the window afforded an excellent view of passing trains. For a closer look we would scale the garden wall and, almost always, get told off by Mrs Glew who lived a few doors away and who took it upon herself to police most of Wellington Street and railway property in particuIar. (Like a Pinkerton Agent I suppose). I don't think she was too worried about our safety, but probably feared more for her rhubarb, growing in the adjacent allotment. (My sister, Kate, was not one to resist temptation, but I was a good girl).
The "Soap Hole" was another popular recreation area. This was an excellent place for "kick the can" and football. Some of the boys would dare each other to execute a sort of tightrope walk across the railway bridge which spanned the tarmac, where the rest of us watched from a safe distance. I grew up never questioning why it was called "the Soap Hole", but I don't think soap was being manufactured there in my time.
We had some hairy moments at Black Patch Park too. On one particular occasion my friend, Sandra and I were "pumping" on the swings when I spied the park-keeper on the other side of the brook. I called a warning to Sandra as I scrambled quickly into a sitting position. She must have panicked and loosed the swing falling like a stone onto the ground. I alighted from my swing as soon as I'd got down to a safe level, but Sandra just lay there unmoving with the swing passing to and fro over her unblinking, wide eyes. I thought she must be dead and attempted to drag her back towards the grass just as the parkie approached. "She fell from the swing", I explained (unnecessarily, I suppose). "Serves her bloody right !" he responded and walked away ! Fortunately, Sandra had started to come round by then.
Then there was the time that another friend and I were sitting on the see-saw - backwards (to make it less boring I suppose) - and she suddenly jumped off and the full weight of the see-saw landed on my ankle. She almost had to carry me home and then I didn't speak to her for a day.
On another occasion my sister Kate slipped into the brook whilst we were taking a short cut to the swings. This was strictly forbidden, and we all knew the story of the boy who had impaled himself on the railings, losing a leg, doing the exact same thing. As we had Bess, our dog with us, and she had rather long fur which would get wet and stinky, which would then lead to Mother finding out, Kate had to jump across carrying the dog. Well, Kate did actually get to the other side but landed in the slimy algae. The dog was okay but Kate was in a bit of a state. Mother found out !
I won't tell you about the time John Grinham punched me on the nose whilst we were sitting on the "witches hat" because I probably brought that on myself too.
Looking back I think perhaps we were safer sliding on a tea tray down the railway bank !
Susan Tolley (nee Holmes) Email:  sue.tolley@blueyonder.co.uk

My mother is 85 this year and was brought up in Wellington Street Winson Green, and her sister Kate lived there till she died a few years ago, mom has a lot of memories
Tony Davies  Email: tonydave@blueyopnder.co.uk

Paul Homes has written a fabulous story about his family KHAZ I ---- TOiLET----LAVATORY   well worth a visit, excuse the pun, it's on the Stories page.

I was delighted when my brother directed me to this site. I recognised a few names and would like to know if anyone remembers me. Thanks for the opportunity Ted.
Susan Tolley (nee Holmes) Email: Tsuetolley@aol.com


Clive Roach (THE URCHIN)

Does anyone know this urchin taken in Wellington Street around 1950 outside
Alan Mayo's house. Did I ever look like that? Photo supplied by Clive Roach

Can you help Clive 22/12/07
I have been looking through some old photos and have found this one with me  Clive Roach on the left and 2 others.

Blackpool in 1958 August ????

It was taken in Blackpool in 1958 August [I think]. All 3 were serving in 550 Company RASC (TA) in Harbourne.
(We were in Blackpool on a weekend off from annual camp which was held in Leeds)
I lived in Wellington Street and the other 2 lived in the Dudley Road area or near. If someone remembers who they are please contact me. Thanks Clive Roach  cr012g8930@blueyonder.co.uk

WELLINGTON STREET 31/10/                                                                                                                                                       Black Patch end  Photos supplied by Hilary Richards nee Leighton


Wellington Street Street party for the Silver Jubilee of George V 1935 (I think) ---Paul Holmes 04/06/02.