WOOD GREEN ROAD 07/12/2018  I lived in Wood Green Road from about 1956 (I was five). I had two brothers Peter and Francis, much later we had a sister arrive in 1965 named Catherine.
We knew the Ashford's (33) and the Crutchliy's (31). We all went to St Patricks on the Dudley Road opposite the hospital. I went to Lordswood school and my brothers went to Cardinal Newmans.
I got married to Lesley in 1975 and moved into 33 for about 18 months whilst we saved for a house deposit. I visited the street a few months ago with my brother Pete (he was visiting from Australia). We spoke to the "new" tenants and explained thet we used to live in their house.
Will have a look around the site and post with some other memories. Paul Hipwood paulhipwood@aol.com

WOOD GREEN ROAD 18/11/2018 I have just found your site. I was born in 1954 in Dudley Road hospital and lived in Wood Green Road (no 33) until I was 10 with my brother Jim and sister Carole and our parents Ray and Betty Ashford. My sister lived in Chiswell Road. Wood Green Road ran parallel to West Heath Road and Tudor Street. There were about 40 houses in the street linked by "entries" at the back which gave access to the rear gates. We had a cellar for coal and an outside toilet and I was bathed in front of the fire in a tin bath on a Sunday with "Sing Something Simple" on the radio. I went to Dudley Road Infants and then we moved but my brother went to Portland Road. My sister passed her 11 plus but as we couldn't afford the uniform she didn't take up the place. I am glad that this situation would not arise these days. My dad worked at GKN in Heath Street all his life and retired aged 58. Our next door neighbours were the Crutchleys.
Best wishes Pat Haig (nee Ashford)  pat@tscevents.co.uk